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Double buggy advice!

Hi guys. Wondering if anyone has any experience of any double buggies, good or bad, that they can share!?

We have been looking to see whats out there today and already confused and have a headache from it all! lol

we already have a graco car seat so looked at the 2 tandem buggys that they do. The graco stadium duo seems the better one due to weight, storage etc but there are still some problems. 1 length-it is very long and we would need to be able to take it down a narrow alley way and them do a 90???? turn into our gate. Due to the length i don't think this would be possible! 2 - if u have the car seat on the back seat u can not recline the front. If our lo was older this wouldn't be a problem but she will only be 22 months when this one is born and will still want to nap so will be impossible for her to do sitting upright!

we have thwn looked at and really liked the baby jogger city mini double and although expensive looks the most suitable but u can not attach a car seat (would be a pain but i could live with it) and it is too wide to get through my back door, although would probably be fine to get down the alleyway!

The last one we liked was the hauck tandem duet, which the older child sits underneath close to the floor. My sister has a car seat which will fit onto it but we are worried that our 22 month old won't like the bottom seat and it will be a tight fit! This would fit through our back door and gate!

its annoying as no stores close to us have these buggys on display so think we will have to take a day trip to kiddicare! has anyone got any experience of these buggys or any others that they have found really good?

Thanks in advance!


  • HollybrideHollybride Posts: 50
    My ds was 21 mo when dd was born.

    I can 100% say the phil and ted (we had sport) is the best I've used.

    It gets off and on busses and around shops etc just like a single.

    We were given a side by side one can't remember what it was called it had 'city elite' in the title and it was dreadful! Wouldn't even fit in my front door.

    We bought a cosatto duo side by side (bro & sis) for going on holiday in September and the folding joint had snapped by December so it wouldn't stay uptight at one side.

    I bought the phil and ted second hand and used it a lot really, every day, we don't drive so it was well worked. I replaced the inner tubes once. I used it 3 years before I put it on eBay and made what I had bought it for. The newbon cocoon is really good for lifting in and out when the lo is sleeping too.
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I can't really comment as not used as a double but just want to echo the above re phil and teds. We have got the vibe - again bought off Ebay and has been brill (although my LO not here yet have used with nephew to get my dog used to it and am sure will use for baby and nephew very soon!)
  • HollybrideHollybride Posts: 50
    We used ours with our niece too while i was still pregnant. It really is the best.
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    When we have a second baby, I really really want the bugaboo donkey (although not a tandem), but looks amazeballs!! Just got to convince hubby it's worth it, still cost £800+ second hand on eBay! image
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399

    thanks for all ure replies. We looked at the phil and teds but thought it was quite big and we are not really keen on 3 wheelers but think we might have to have another look. I love the donkey too but really can't justify the price! lol going to john lewis with my mum sunday to see if they have the baby jogger on display.

    I don't drive at the mo but starting lessons in a few weeks but its hard trying to find something suitable for buses etc! there was a lady on the bus yesterday with a basic mothercare side by side and looked up the width and was wider than the baby jogger so atleast i know it would fit on a bus! im just thinking the tandems will be too long for a bus.

    Its just confusing figuring out what would be best! lol
  • jojomamalacejojomamalace Posts: 286
    I have the Obaby Xi tandem, its a replica of the phil n teds but much cheaper, it comes with most stuff included(rather than paying all seperately like Phil n Teds)

    There is 19 months between my two and this has been great,i didn't get it til my little one was 3 months but not sure i would want to put a newborn in it(slightly unprotected)although on one review a lady had bought the phil n teds newborn cocoon and used this with it(if i had another this is prob what i would do)

    I hated 3 wheelers but i actually love this one now, it's been great and i have used it a lot as we only have one car.

    Good luck image
  • jojomamalacejojomamalace Posts: 286
    Also i was really worried as mu baby got older that my toddler would not sit underneath(she is very independent and likes being in charge)but she loves it and i often find her sat in the hall in the seat reading her books!!! image
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Ohh just looked at that buggy as not seen it before and it does look promising as a cheaper version of the phil and teds! definately think a trip to kiddicare is needed! does it attach a car seat at all? ive got a cocoon from graco that i could use whilst new born. Im just worried that my then 22 month old is not going to like being underneath! does the bottom seat recline?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    hi Kiddicare are good about people trying the pushchairs etc to see how work and also have 10% off all pushchairs at moment.

    Look at things like brake my cousin has an out and about double pushchair and I could not do the brake in flip flops
  • Carlan1985Carlan1985 Posts: 29
    Hi i used mclaren double buggy it was great, my lo was 14 mnths wen 2nd was born, it was light and folded neatly 4 storage only cost £175 image
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399

    just thought id update encase anyone else out there was looking for double buggy recommendations!

    well after a trip to kiddicare we have finally settled on and purchased the baby jogger city mini double! i love it! have taken it it the lical shops with just my lo in and its so easy to push and steer! we've got a cocoon for when the newborn arrives as it will be a winter baby so it will keep them snug! my lo loves being in it and looks so comfy! going to get a few accessories to go with it ie cup holder, buggy clips and maybe belly bar. U can also get a car seat adapter for it but decided against it as it is a big metal bar and is hard to put on and off so would have to keep it on when we wouldn't always need it as i use the bus alot so baby would be in the cocoon. It fits through our back gate with no problems and through a normal sized door. IM very pleased we got it and would recommend it!

    Whilst in kiddicare we also looked at some more tandems but they were all very long and heavy and i would struggle to get it on the bus! the hauck duett was a lovely looking buggy but there was no headroom for lo once she was in the bottom and car seat or pram was attached to the top. We looked up lots of reviews and they all had the same problem so decided against it which was a shame as it was nice to have the car seat/pram option. It was just a bit poorly designed i think. Would maybe work if toddler was small but my lo is tall for her age. Also on kiddicare website it says its compatible with a normal hauck car seat when in fact its not at all! u have to buy a special car seat that has the right attachments! kiddicare do not stock them and the only one we could find is on a website called precious little ones and u buy it as a travel system with the right carseat included! we couldn't find anywhere that sold it separately!

    We also looked at the classic phil and teds but were warned about it tipping if the toddler is on the bottom and u take the car seat/cocoon off the top as the back will be too heavy. For this reason we decided against it as i didn't want the worry. I know people who have it and love it though but its just something to think about.

    Anyway sorry about the extra long post but just thought id share incase anyone else is currently looking at doubles.
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