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Swimming world - while pregnant

Hello everyone,

I'm now 12 weeks and i spoke to my midwife about swimming world and she said that it was a good idea as i want to keep my weight down during pregnancy. i spoke to slimming world and they said that they need a letter from my midwife. My next midwife app isn't for another month and don'twant to wait that long so want to start while i have the motivation now.

I have the books from last year i could use as a guide but wondered if anyone has done slimming world while pregnant and if they reccommended anything different than on the set plans.

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  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    My friend did it successfully but she was told should go to classes, you need to still take into account the usual do's and don'ts with food. Have you got phone number for midwife to ask her to do letter and post it to you?
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    I've done slimming world throughout my pregnancy. I am quite lucky in that my midwife also attends the same class so I just gave permission for class leader to speak to midwife and so haven't had to bother with letters. I would just give your midwife a call though and get her to write a note and then pop in and collect. I think they ask for this as you shouldn't be trying to loose weight whilst pregnant - just maintain and eating healthy. Midwife has to say happy for you to go but if you start loosing week in week out they will tell you to stop the diet or will alter to suit you.

    Basically, plan is exactly the same as for anybody else although they say you can have 2 a and 2 b choices if you feel you need them. And then when you are breastfeeding you can have up to 6 a choices! (Can't wait for that - I LOVE cheese!!!)

    To be honest I've not followed religiously but just used to stop me going totally free range and eating loads of bad stuff just because I'm pregnant! I'm now 34 weeks and not got to the 2 stone gain mark yet which I'm really chuffed about. Def go to the classes though - mine has been so supportive.
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi i was a member before getting pregnant and left when i found out i was expecting but im now desperate to go back! ive eaten rubbish for 12 weeks as it was the only thing i could stomach so i need to do damage control now before it gets worse! im gonna go back on wednesday morning and have the hope it will get me back on track and i won't put on much more for a few months as i can get walking and burn the fat ive gained! regarding the letter-im not seeing my midwife for another 2 weeks so im gonna get a collegue i work with, whose a midwife just not my midwife, to sign it. She wouldn't sign it if she didn't think it would be good for me. Could u not take it to your gp's surgery and leave it for the midwife to sign and then u could pick it once done.

    Im mad but i really can't wait to get back into it! ive tried to follow it on my own but always lose motivation. I need to go to weigh in to keep me on track! im gonna enjoy eating what i want till tuesday then back on it!

    Mother in law had a moan at me yesterday though saying im stupid to be dieting whilst pregnant but i really don't see it as a diet as i can eat practically everything but just have to limit the crap and breads/cereal etc. I think whilst pregnant u get a he a(dairy) but could be wrong!
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Well i finally bit the bullet yesterday and went back! considering what rubbish ive eaten so far this pregnancy and how big my boobs have got the damage wasn't as bad as what i thought! ive put on 15lb but was expecting a lot more! the plan is now to not gain too much more and just maintain but we shall see! leader didn't say anything about a letter from the midwife which is good as i don't see her till 28 weeks! she said i can have extra dairy if i felt i needed it but apart from that follow extra easy the same as before. Im glad i went back and ive got the motivation back knowing im gonna be weighing in every week and if i lose it will be a bonus as i know its just fat and not harming baby.
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    Well done. I know how hard it is going each week but will really help stop you going mad. And the others in my group have been so supportive which has really helped. 

    To be honest I haven't stuck to it 100% but it has just stopped me going mad. Am now 4 days overdue and have gained 2 stone 6 throughout the pregnancy so not too bad (and most of that has been in the last couple of weeks - before that it was generally 1lb a week gain or a few maintains). Can't wait for the week after next when baby will have to be here and I can have slimmer of the week image

  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Lol that wpuld probably be the only time i would ever get slimmer of the week! lol

    yeah my aim is to try and maintain/not gain too much more until closer to the end as i was a stone away from target before getting pregnant so i still have fat to lose. Hoping by being good i can lose some of that fat whilst still gaining baby weight but we shall see!

    im gonna try and still to plan but if i want a treat im gonna have it in moderation!

    well done with ure weight gain, im hoping for something similar this time as with my first i put on 4 stone and don't wanna go there again!got lots of support when i went this morning and its nice to get motivated by it again!
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    I went for my final weigh in last night (am 40 weeks + 6 days and will be induced next thursday so won't be going to class next week) and have gained a total of 2 stone 6.5lb during my whole pregnancy which I am really pleased with. And even better was the fact that this week it was a maintain!!! Which means that I have ended at 14 stone 13.5 and not had to break the 15 stone barrier which I was really chuffed with image 

    Good luck with it all - hope it goes well x x 

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