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  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Flower, I think it will possibly depend on your gp. My gp is happy to continue with what the nhs can do for us alongside seeking private tests, but it's not necessarily the same everywhere. I haven't done tons of research into cost as there's only two clinics in sensible travelling distance and the only comparable cost I have is on the semen analysis. The clinic I spoke to when we first found out how long we'd have to wait for hubby's appointment was £160. The clinic I am going to tomorrow is £100. I know in some areas I found it could be as low as £70 but it depends where you are! The blood test I'm having tomorrow is £85 which is for AMH which is an indicator of ovarian reserve. It will then be £150 to see the consultant to discuss the results of that and the results of the bloods and SA the nhs has done (my gp was happy to provide print outs of the results for me to take along). It's quite probable that they'll recommend an hsg for me to check my tubes which is £160 which makes sense if I'm taking Clomid to make me ovulate. It's worth finding out if the private place will want to repeat tests or will take your nhs results as some can be a bit funny about it because they want tests they've done themselves. Going from there, who knows! They did suggest that ivf would be in the ball park of £5k. Hope this gives you some useful info flower xx
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    It amazes me how different health authorities and docs etc are across this country. I had to have every test under the sun before I got clomid, but at least I know that the only problem is slightly low hormone levels. From start to finish it took 6 months, 3 of those were repeated day 21 bloods at gps before referral. In the 3 months under the consultant I had a hsg, pelvic ultrasound and an MRI as well as further day 21 bloods. We're now 1 month into clomid and waiting to see if our first month has been successful. My hubby's sa was done at gps request and we didn't need an appointment, we delivered it to the lab for analysis and 6 weeks ( took longer because it was over Xmas) we had results. I find it ludicrous that some of you have to wait for an appointment, for an sa, forcing you to go private. The rules and way infertility/ fertility difficulties and treatments are provided and managed across the country should be equal.

    Good luck everyone. Sorry rant over x
  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    Well I'm cd18 now and my temp hasn't really shifted yet and not had a positive opk yet either. My cycle is usually around 31 days so for my luteal phase to be at least 12 days then I would need to ovulate tomorrow! :-/ not looking good but we'll see x
  • julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606
    On cd35 now ( last two cycles were 34 and 32) everyday day convinced AF is about to strike. I'm sure it's just my body playing cruel tricks on me, but every day AF doesn't arrive I get my hopes up ( trying not to tho ) image
  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767
    Thanks dudders, that gives me something to start with, you never know nhs might be quicker in our area but who knows. I have to go for day 21 bloods again in a few weeks so I'll chat to the dr after that and see what she says.

  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Hi girls

    So so sorry I haven't had a chance to update this the last couple of days! Promise I'll do it tomorrow ?????????

    Claire x
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Hi everyone. Thansks to Claire for taking over the thread and to Doobie for the previous one.

    Sounds like a few of us are having a bit of a tough time with this TTC malarky! Hope things start looking up and a few more of us get our BFPs!

    Both my husband and I have had our first test results back and both were not great. We've now been refered to the fertility unit at the hospital. Unfortuantely they lost our referral and I've been past from pillar to post for the last month then yesterday I got some good news - there has been a cancellation next Thurs and we've got our first proper appoinment to discuss where we go next. Hoping that brings some hope and some idea as to what path we'll be travelling on.

    JJ xxx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Good luck with the appointment next week MrsJones.x
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    All updated for now, please let me know if I've missed you off or calculated your days wrong!

    CD24 for me and I'm SS already, had an almighty wave of nausea yest afternoon, which would only resolve after some crackers. But still felt sicky for a while! I remember that feeling from when I was pregnant last time!

    Hubby is hopeful this month will be lucky, but I really don't wanna get my hopes up as it took 10 cycles with my LO and this is month 1 for us this time round!

    Not gonna test until CD33, if I get that far, as my prev cycles have been 33 and 28!

    Baby dust to all and lets hope we get some BFP's soon!!

    Also, good luck to those having tests

    Claire x x
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Good luck mrs jones, good luck with tests.

    Cd 21 for me, 9 days until AF due. Fingers crossed the witch stays away.

    Baby dust, have a fab jubilee weekend everyone xx
  • julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606
    Well girls its cd36 and still no AF. Last cycles were 34 days then 32 so I had expected it to arrive before now. Off to the shop before I go home from work to buy a test. Im sure its just AF playing games with me, but want to test just so I know either way. Wish me luck! Oh, does anyone know if sainsburys sell the clearblue digital tests? image
  • MrsW-HMrsW-H Posts: 136
    Hey girls,

    Hope you are all ok. Julie it's sound hopeful for you, so have my fingers crossed firmly for you. Claire it sounds like there's a few symptoms for you too. I'm still trying to resist SS but have been terrible for it this month for some reason image

    Lots of plans for this weekend so that should distract me, and if there's still no sign of AF on weds I might brave a test...

    Hope you all enjoy the lovely long weekend!


    P.s. Julie I think most supermarkets stock them so would be surprised if Sainsburys don't - keep us posted! image
  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767
    Good luck mrs j! Fingers crossed you then know where to go and what happens next x
  • Whoah...Part 6 already!

    Hi ladies, Its been a while, i haven't read through everything, but I do hope everyone is OK and that babydust is spreading like wildfire for all the TTCers!

    I don't know where I am at the moment, my cycle seems to be 30-33 days at times, so ignore my ticker below. I do know that my af still hasn't arrived, I was due on 24th-25th May and I got nothing, she didn't even spot! I took a frer on what I believe to be 9dpo, 10dpo, 12dpo & 16dpo (26th May)and they were all BFN's. Haven't taken one since, got back from Portugal this morning, went for a 5night break, so didn't really get the chance to test. Going to test tomorrow and see what happens, not much symptoms, getting the cramps, sore boobs only when touched and had a terrible flu that has ended in a nasty dry cough, thats it... to be honest i'm not even sure because in April i felt i had all the symptoms under the sun and then af showed up! I pray this is it finally! But just holding out for now...too scared to test in case of disappointment, either way i will have to see a doctor on why my af is a no show!

    Hope it is going well for you ladies! xxx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Fingers crossed for you Julie, hope you get a BFP!

    I am also CD24 Claire and I am trying my hardest not to SS because I did last month and AF came BUT for the last 2 days I've had very mild cramping (not like AF) and also a pulling sensation when I cough... I must stop now!!! image
  • Hey Girlies... I got a BFP.....WOOOHOOO! I could not resist getting a test, i told myself I would wait until tomorrow.....but no!

    I didn't believe it at first, but there it was a 2nd line.....who knew a single line could make you feel so relieved and sooo happy at the same time! I want to explode! I kinda knew it would be, but didn't want to be disappointed. I am officially about 5weeks+1 day (if i go by my calculations).

    I just pray that you all get the same joy very soon! I'm sending out some BFP luck & Babydust to you all!

  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Huge congrats! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Congratulations! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months.x
  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767
    Congrats! We haven't had one for a while so fingers crossed its the first of many x
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Yay congrats lady! Whoop whoop!

    Good luck Julie and keep us posted!!

    Hopefully we will have a few bfps over the next few days/weeks!!

  • julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606
    Well, I did the test and got a BFN image I think I knew it would be but still a bit disappointed. Not sure whether to retest in the morning or just leave it and wait for AF? Which i hope turns up soooon!

    Congratulations to lady!! As someone who has just had a negative, I can imagine how lovely that second line must have been!! Iv taken some of that baby dust you sprinkled and got my fingers crossed for next month! image
  • bella141414bella141414 Posts: 473

    I'm new but been reading a lot of the posts on here. I really didn't realise TTC was so hard! Been taking on board all the tips you ladies have been given out. Finding myself getting addictive to this chat posts!

    I got married 14.5.1- I'm 24 and husband 30. Jointly decided to stop taking the pill on April21st. Got af on 23rd April. I was on Yasmin for around 4 years. No problems and no problems with periods. However I stopped the pill no spotting or bleeding. Expected AF 21st May but nothing. Some cramping but nothing major.

    Curiosity got the better of me and I did I test on Thursdays first thing. Didn't think it would be positive after just coming off the pill. It was confirmed with a bfn.

    Is this normal to have such a wait until my Af comes? Sorry if this is a repeated question but tried to have a look and struggled.

    Congratulations to all the BFP, really gives me goosebumps when I read all the posts.

    Any advice would be lovely.

    Thank you image X
  • julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606
    Iv re done a test this morning ( just to be extra sure ) and it's a definite BFN. So now just waiting for pesky AF to arrive! Had stomach pains for days and days, got sore lady lumps, and today iv woken up with a monstrous spot on my head so hopefully il be back to CD1 and ready to start again soon!

    Hi bella image

    I came off microgynon and waited 42 days for my period, then next one was 34 days, then 32. I'm currently on day 37 waiting for my next one!

    Iv read that people wait a variety of times to get their AF back, sometimes many months. I think it's just your body getting used to its own rhythm again.

    Good luck with your ttc journey! X
  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    I'm confused girls... Last few months my cycle has been 31 days I'm currently on cd20! My temp has consistently been 36.2-36.4 all month! Yesterday it went down to 36.1 which I thought might be lh surge but now it's back to 36.3! Opks have said negative, so am I yet to ovulate? Wish it was simple x
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Hey, can you put me at CD2 please? Just popping over to the petri dish thread as well - great name!
  • katyh1982katyh1982 Posts: 505
    Bella, When I came off the pill I came back regular straight away but I'm pretty sure that for the first few months I wasn't ovulating (as after 3 months I started getting PMT, cramps and zits which I hadn't with the first few) so it did take a while to get back to normal. I asked my GP about this and she said that it can take up to a year for your proper cycle to return after your last pill. However I got my BFP this month after 5 months ttc and 10 months off the pill so hang in there!!!
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Luce, they say that a shift of .2 is a sign of ovulation - however I found that through the month I had many shifts of .2+

    Is this your first month charting temperature?

    Keep going with the temp chart though as opk's dont always work for everyone and/or you could have missed your surge.

    If your temp remains high for 6 days then you will know that you did ovulate

  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924
    Hey can you add me to the list please. I'm CD11 at the moment, I came off the pill in April got married 2 weeks ago today and we decided to ttc on our honeymoon! Hoping it won't take too long for a BFP but the majority of my friends have had trouble conceiving so preparing myself for it to take up to a year.

    Baby dust to everyone x
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    I need to stop symptom spotting! The past couple of days Ive had waves of nausea in the morning to the extent of running to the toilet. My boobs are really sore and my areolas are much darker than normal. I'm exhausted as well. Silly me decided to poas this morning but got a bfn. Af not due until Tuesday so I should know better not to start poas, I've been doing this long enough! Oh well not ha all tear symptoms before so keep fingers crossed! Failing a bfp clomid next month ...
  • MrsLexiJonesMrsLexiJones Posts: 293
    I'm in the 2 week wait again!! image

    Fingers crossed!

    Congrats to the BFP's and baby dust to EVERYONE image x
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