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  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Useful Abbreviations:

    TTC - Trying to Conceive

    BD - Baby dance (sex)

    DTD - Do the deed (sex)

    CD - Cycle Day (First day of your period is day 1)

    AF - Aunty Flo (Your period, also know as the Witch!)

    OV - Ovulation

    OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

    DPO - Days Past Ovulation

    BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result)

    BFN - Big Fat Negative

    PUPO - Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

    SS - Symptom Spotting

    CM - Cervical Mucus

    EWCM - Egg-White Cervical Mucus (Most fertile type)

    POAS - Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy test)

    IC - Internet Cheapie

    CBFM - ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

    FF - Fertility Friend (An online fertility monitor)
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Hi girls

    I have taken over from Doobie for a while, so please feel free to let me know if I have your CD wrong!

    Please be patient with me as I will take some time to get my head round it x x

    Lots of luck and baby dust to all - WE WANT BFPS!!!!

    Claire x x
  • LR82LR82 Posts: 639

    Can u add me pls?

    I have been on the pill for about 10 years on and off. I finished my last pack last sun then hubby & I have decided to TTC!!!

    We have only been married since April but I will be 30 in oct and hubby 35 this year. We both feel ready.

    I have always had very irregular periods so im guessing may take some time.

    Thank you

    Laura xx
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Hi Laura

    Yes I can add you, have you had AF yet?

    If your not sure what CD you are, we can add you as unsure for now?

    Welcome, and hope your stay here is a short one image
  • LR82LR82 Posts: 639
    yes currently have af but best add me as unsure for now. i'll keep u posted. thank u!! good luck all xx
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    I'm 1days past ov. In the 2 week wait now. Always the lOngest 2 weeks. Thanks for doing this and keeping it going. Back to hospital today for my second appt. think they are just taking day 21 blOods. Baby dust everyone x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    welcome new joiners!

    I've done pregancy test this morning, and BFN although it is now 16 days after ovulation, but I think it is the progesterone suppositaries that I am taking that means I have not had AF yet, when usally i get AF 10 days after ov. I have started to spot though.

    So at least clomid and progesterone seems to work in that it makes me ovulate and increased my luteal phase, but still not pregnant.

    So I have 2 more months supply of clomid and progesterone supplement to take, and if not pregnant by end of July, we will do IVF. We are waiting for the PCT (primary care trust) to say whether they will fund 1 round for us at a london hospital. But as we are going away on hols for 1 week in August and 1 week in September, it may be that I wait till we are back from hols and then do IVF on our return.

  • MrsW-HMrsW-H Posts: 136
    Hey girls,

    Welcome to our newcomers!

    Dudders I just saw your post on the old thread. So sorry to hear things aren't looking good at the moment, but when you feel ready we're all here for you xx

    Mubee I just all excited and thought you said you tested and had a BFP!! At least it looks as though your treatment is having some affect on your cycle. Do you know when you will hear back from the PCT? I hope that having a plan is making you feel a bit more in control of it all.

    Well still in the 2ww here - it seems to have been going on forever this month!! I'm SS like crazy, but trying to resist the urge to test until after AF would have been due (this weekend). I've got my best friend staying from sat until tues so at least that will take my mind of it all! Thank god for keeping busy!

    Any news from anyone else?

  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    Hi all, thanks for starting the new thread Claire.

    I've been a bit absent this month, having been able to try as much as Hubby fell down the stairs and cracked his ribs, he has been in agony!!

    Will probably disappear for a while now as MIL has been diagnosed with cancer this week, after weeks of tests and being messed about. Hopefully early stages and can be treated with surgery. So i think TTC will sort of be forgotten until we know more about what is happening.

    I'll check back in when things are a bit clearer, and hopefully I will come back to more BFPs!!!

    Good luck ladies xx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    good luck to you Blenkiboo!

    mrsW-H, sorry, i reread my post and have edited. Sweet of you to get excited though.

    I wonder if MrsMacF is OK? Have not heard from her for a little while and last time she wrote she was feeling symptoms of pregnancy!

    Hope everyone is ok.

  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    I'm a two-week waiter, too! CD26 DPO 8
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    Had my appointment today been prescribed clomid to use next cycle but husband is probably away on a course the week I'll be ov'ing image
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    MrsLewistobe, I suggesst you maybe start taking your clomid the next month when your hubby is back? would that not be better, so that you don't take it for no reason as it would be a pity to waste one month. How many month have you been given?

  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Thank you so much for the new thread I really appreciate it.

    I thought that about MrsMac. Fingers crossed xxx
  • julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606 New bride
    I'm after your opinion ladies image I'm on CD 33. My last two cycles were 34 days long then 32 days long. I have had what I think are period pains for the last few days, convinced AF had got me bit nothing yet. I only ever usually get pains just before it begins. Sooooo when would you test? I know it's highly likely that AF is on her way but I'm letting my imagination get away with me image
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    Only been given 1 month for now and have to go back the day after finishing it for scans. Huby is going to try and cancel course so that he is here
  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767
    Think I'm cd42 and 16dpo now so if you could update please. Sorry to hear your news blenkiboo hope all goes well.

    I was sick on sat morning so took test but bfn. Had the most strange cramps yesterday, like period pain but lower in my pelvis, they were so strong I hardly got any sleep they just started after I'd been in bed for half an hour and continued for a good couple of hours. Still have a dull pain today so I assume it's just af on her way. Although obviously I googled pelvic pain early pregnancy and got loads of stories, so did another test after work today and it's negative don't know why we do it to ourselves!! Need to take my mind of it now and stop ss!

    Julie I'd maybe wait until the weekend but as you can see I haven't taken my own advice image

  • Marbs11Marbs11 Posts: 392
    How many does are the ov tests supposed to show? I first got a positive on Sunday then again Monday and yesterday, I thought it was only for a day? It's also getting to me a bit at the moment feel like I'm sitting still all the time so I don't ruin what could be doing down there and it's so frustrating, at first I was really confident thinking the stick says positive so us trying must be gonna work this time. We've been off the pill since November and I'm so impatient image how long have all you ladies been trying for? Do you find that ov tests help you?

    Lots of baby dust to you all x
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Marbs I don't know if theres a strict rule as to how long your lh surge should last. Most ov sticks tell you to stop testing after 1st positive. I had two days of smiley faces this cycle, first time I can remember that happening for me, I'm on clomid (first cycle) so hoping its a good sign.

    As for do I find them useful, I have used them on and off (also used a fertility monitor) over the last 16 months, I had stopped using them, I found I was focussing too much on those and they didn't help me relax about things. The consultant has asked me to use them again though so... I'm doing my best this time though, not to worry to much. Been super relaxed, bd every other day since AF finished and going to carry on until AF arrives.

    Good luck and baby dust x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    Marbs, for the test to be a positive, it needs to be darker or the same colour, not lighter than the test line. So you may see lines for more than one day, but it should only be darker for 1 time.

    hope this helps.

  • hayleyr2751hayleyr2751 Posts: 455
    Hi Ladies,

    Hope you are all keeping well?.

    Just a little story for you... I have just found out that two of my friends who have both been trying for babies for over 5 years have got pregnant one has polysystic ovaries and the other has only one tube and they have both now fallen pregnant. They both said thye think the fact they had given up on trying and just enjoyed themselves relaxed and forgot about monitoring their cycles etc helped them get pregnant.

    I just wanted to say ladies try not to give up hope and keep trying it can happen and is so worth the wait.

    Bucket loads of babydust to you all xxxx
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.

    Can you take me off the list for now please.

    My first round of Clomid didn't make me ovulate and there is potentially a problem with one aspect of hubby's SA. Although our gp is prepared to continue Clomid, he wants to repeat hubby's SA and refer us for ivf if it's the same, which basically no one in our area qualifies for on the nhs. So as we could end up waiting another three months just to end up going privately anyway, we've decided to start that journey now. It will be baby steps to start with and may still just end with us taking Clomid anyway, but I'd rather hear what a specialist has to say than wait around not getting anywhere while we wait on the nhs. So, first blood test on Friday to check my ovarian reserve and then a follow up with the consultant next week.

    I'll still be around keeping an eye on you all! And of course I'll keep you up to date, but while we're treading water like this, there's no point worrying about what cycle day it is!

    Baby dust to you all xx
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Ah dudders big hug and thinking about you, hope everything works out for you. Xx
  • Nainai3007Nainai3007 Posts: 11
    Hey Millscm1,

    Doing a great job so far!! I did put an update on the old thread but don't think it's been picked up.

    So I'm currently cd21 & 8dpo.

    Many thanks and baby dust to all xxx
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi girls!

    Thanks for thinking about me!

    I'm back to CD 2 unfortunatley image I've just not had much chance to get on here as I go on holiday in 2 days, so I have been working loads of extra hours to build up some flexi.

    Duddders, sorry to hear that the clomid didn't work first time round for you. We have been looking into IVF this past week too, and I really don't see how we would be able to afford it, we just don't have that amount of spare money image
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    Hubby has cancelled his course which means next month will be our first clomid cycle. Told my boss today as will be going to the hosp almost once a week for the next month at least and she was great. Turned out it took her 3 years so there is definitely hope!
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    mrslewistobe - that's so great that your boss is so understanding, at least now you can go the hospital for all your scans and not worry or stress.

    mrsMacF - sorry to hear you are on CD2

    Dudders - there is still hope, be positive, it will happen, and i also have more faith in private consultants.

    Well, my update is that I am CD2, so the clomid and progesterone has not helped, but the good news is that I called the hospital and explained that I was still waiting to hear if our PCT would fund our IVF treatment. The lady said said that even if the letter arrives today, which is unlikely, the first appointmetn is in August, so a 3 months waiting list from when the funding is confirmed, which could be months! BUT if we decide to go self-funded, then the next available appointment is on 11 June! so I made an appointment for self-funded as I cannot wait for 3 months after a letter which could be December and still get a NO from the PCT funding. We are in a lucky position that we can try ivf by paying ourselves, so a few weeks and I see that consultant that we saw 1 week ago to discuss details of the IVF and then I assume we wait for my next cycle end of June or beginning of July and start IVF in July!! I am excited. In August we are away for 1 week and in September too, so maybe with all this, there is some hope.

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Can you add me please? I'm CD14. Sorry to hear about your mother in law blenkiboo.

    Best of luck with everything Dudders.

    In terms of baby stories, my cousin had been desperately trying for 10 years and had no luck. She has PCOS and she'd been trying fertility treatments for a few years. Then her sister fell pregnant within a few months of trying, which she was chuffed about, but obviously hard for her. Then a few months later, she fell pregnant and last month she gave birth to a little boy.

    Baby dust to all. xx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Dudders, sending you big hugs but don't lose faith hun!x
  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767
    Dudders sending you hugs too, nice to hear a few good stories about people getting pregnant after a long time trying. And good to see some progress on the ivf front for a few of you too. Had a spot of blood yesterday so assume af is about to appear so was feeling quite low this morning so it's nice to come on here and see everyone else's stories. It just all seems so cruel sometimes image

    But looks like af will be here just for when I go on holiday, so that will be great image

    Does anyone know what implications are of getting nhs treatment if you have tests privately? And how much private tests cost, I guess it differs?

    Baby dust everyone x
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