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I thought it would be a good idea if we wrote our birth stories in the one place for expectant mums to have a read at. I know I found it helpful to read about other peoples labour to see all the different things that could happen.


  • lbarr10lbarr10 Posts: 586
    My birth story.

    I was due on Saturday 16th April, I had a sweep on the Thursday and the midwife said I was 3cm dilated and she thought I would be in labour pretty soon. I found the sweep uncomfortable and the minute she started I got cramp like feelings in my stomach, I also had my bloody show. On Thursday and Friday night I woke up with contractions but after about an hour they stopped. I was still bleeding a bit over the weekend and felt a tad uncomfortable but didnt feel like I was in labour so was convinced I would have another few days before I met my baby.

    On the Sunday night I woke up about 2-3ish with contractions, they seemed a bit stronger but were coming every 10 mins for about half an hour then they would stop. I went down the stairs and they seemed to start coming closer together about every 6-7 mins but every so often I would go 10-12 mins without one. I woke up hubby and told him I thought I was in labour - cue much panicking from him so much so that I had to calm him down.

    I went in for a bath and the contractions started coming about every 3 mins so decided to phone the hospital. It was about 5.30am at this point. Spoke to the midwife who said to come in as I was on medication for blood clots but to except to be send home as I had only been contracting about 3 hours so probably wasnt dilated enough. I started to feel a bit sick but had a cup of tea and a slice of toast and felt a bti better.

    We got to the hospital about 7 and the contractions were getting more painful but manageable and were still about every 3 minutes except for the odd one about 7 mins apart. I was taken in to be examined after having to give a urine sample (took me ages as I kept getting a contraction) and was told I was 6-7cm dilated and was to be transferred to the delivery room. I started to feel a bit nervous at this point as I was convinced I would be sent home and have a long labour so to find out things had progressed quite quickly was a shock.

    In the delivery room i got changed into my pjs and was feeling fine, I could cope with the contractions using gas and air. Midwife said they would leave me till 10.30 and then if my waters hadn't went they would break them for me. My contractions started to slow down a bit so they put ina drip just in case I needed it to help speed things up. This was the worst pain I had ever felt, well up to that point anyway. The midwife made a total mess of it and hit a nerve while trying to put the drip in ( I still dont have all the feeling back in my hand because of it) After that I was sick for a bit which made me cry. Im always terrible when im sick and being in labour was no exception.

    Due to the medication I was on I couldn't have an epidural for 12 hours after my last injection, which meant I had to wait till 10.30. The pain was getting harder to cope with by this point so I had some diamorphine. I love this stuff, It didnt take away the pain but made me feel like I was detached from it, if that makes sense. Unfortunately it only lasted about 20mins because they had to use the drip as my contractions were slowing down and the baby was getting distressed.

    At 10.30 I was examined again and was only 7 cm so they upped the drip and broke my waters. I found this really painful but think it was cause the midwife done it just as I was getting a contraction. Once my waters broke things seemed to speed up and the pain got alot worse. I was leaning over the top o the bed and all I can remember is the midwife and hubby telling me to breath. Yeah right like its that easy to take deep breadths when your in pain.

    I hate to say it but I was a screamer, I kept screaming that I couldnt do it and that I just wanted to go home. I cried for an epidural or anything to stop the pain but by this time I felt like I had to push. The midwife kept telling me I was only 7cm so wasnt ready to. Well when your body is telling you to push you really dont have a choice. I was examined again and was 10cm so I could start pushing. I had to move onto my back as they kept losing the babies heart beat.

    I started pushing at 12.29 and after the contractions I felt the pushing part was easier as I was actually doing something. After what felt like 5mins Chloe Anne Connor was born at 12.49 weighing 9lbs 7oz. Chloe was placed on me straight away for skin to skin and I burst into tears, she was just perfect. I only had a graze and a small tear so didnt need any stitches. I had the injection to deliver the placenta then got up and had a bath and washed my hair. Then came out to tea and toast ( was the best meal ever)

    I guess I was lucky, I was only in the hospital for 6 hours before Chloe was born and I didnt have a tear and managed mostly on gas and air but I still felt it was such a hard thing to do. I went into labour thinking I would be as mobile as I could, walking about and using the birthing ball. That I would manage with my deep breathing and only take gas and air if I needed it. Unfortunately I couldn't walk about as I was hooked up to monitors (which Im still a bit annoyed at as I didnt think it was necessary). I guess at the end of the day im just glad Chloe was delivered safely.

    Sorry if its a long read but I wanted to put as much in as I could remember.
  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    Here is mine from 'Due in May'

    (oh and i had the same experience with being hooked up to monitors - my regular midwife couldn't believe they monitored me the whole time!)

    Willow Lamorna - born 27.05.12 00:47

    As I said last week I'd been having irregular contractions for a few days, mainly at night and quite painful. This was apparently quite normal but I was finding it frustrating tiring & stressful. After being monitored for high bp on Friday they decided I was fine & sent me home. On Friday night, following a sweep, I went to the birth centre, having had painful contractions every 5 minutes but I was only 2cm so they sent me home (bp normal at this point). On the Saturday lunctime I had another bp check and sweep. I was 4cm and my waters were ready to break but I was not having contractions at this point so they said to wait and see if I went into labour naturally after the sweep. I started getting contractions pretty quickly so we returned to hospital about 6pm. This time they were happy to admit me except my bp had gone really quite high again so I was told to go to the main hospital 20 minutes away.

    By the time we got there I was quite worried. I hadn't wanted to have the baby there and I knew I was going to end up being monitored again, when i find being on my back during a contraction really painful.

    For the first hour or so they monitored me. My contractions slowed a bit due to my anxiety but baby was fine. After a while I asked to be monitored kneeling over the bed a I hated being on my back. At 9.20pm the midwife decided to break my waters to get things going. I thought this would really hurt (thanks OBEM) but it was totally painless and just felt weird as I was leaking water with every contraction. This majory speeded up & intensified the contractions and after a while I started using the gas & air - I was worried it would make me feel sick but it actually helped me regain composure. It felt as if I could still feel the pain but I could cope with it much better.

    By 10.45ish I was really struggling though - my contractions seemed to not go away, instead just peaking horrendously at points. I was examined again and was 7cm, which scared me because I wanted more pain relief but was worried it would be too late and would affect the baby. My hubby was dead against an epidural and I was confused and didn't know what to do for the best. In the end I had some pethedine at about 11.45 and psychologically I think this calmed me down a bit. The contractions were still really intense and painful but I felt a little bit more detached from the pain and stopped over thinking everything.

    It was soon after this that I felt like pushing. I wasn't sure this was right as I thought i was still only 7cm. The pushing stage was actually quite amazing though. I felt totally in control and could feel EVERYTHING - I was really calm by now because I could tell what was going on and also because I was getting a gap between contractions again. I felt myself deliver her head and my hubby watched everything. He said she was trying to cry as soon as her head was out. Her hand was up by her shoulder and this gave me a slight tear but nothing too bad, and then she was delivered, passed between my legs and I was holding her.

    This was all less than an hour after the pethedine and had I known that I would have been panicking like crazy but she breathed and cried immediately and within 15 minutes she was feeding.

    I had some minor stitches and a bath and we were moved to a ward. She has fed really well so far and I was allowed home the next day. She sleeps brilliantly in the day but for some reason is wide awake between about 11pm and 4am so i'll have to look into what we can do about that
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    What a great idea!!

    I've just copied and pasted mine from the Due April thread, thought it would be best to have the fresh version lol.

    I had my daughter Mya Evelyn on the 10.04.12 (I posted it on Sat 14th April). image

    "A week ago last Thurs I had an evening of around 11hrs of contractions, which eventually stopped when I decided to sort my bag out and go to hospital, typical . I was told I was in early Labour which normally starts up a few hours to a few days later. I little guttered as I was ready to meet my LO.

    On the Sunday morning my waters broke, it only trickled out and I couldn't work out if it was my waters of if I was just 'weeing' myself so off to the hospital I went. They confirmed my waters had gone and booked me in for an induction (as baby really needs to come 48hrs later as there isa risk of iinfection).

    Monday night / tuesday morning I was again having contractions but they were quite sporadic (and came to learn later that they were extremely mild )

    I went to the hospital as planned for 0800 was booked in and hooked up to a fetal heart monitor. The Dr's and midwives were concerned as babys heart rate would not return to its 'base' heart rate and was extremely fast. They monitored it for a few hours before deciding to give me a drip to start off labour / proper contractions. It was 18:30 once I was in established labour and contractions were regular, they examined me and I was only 1-2cm dilated but not fully effaced (thinned out). They said they would re-examine me 4hrs later at 22:30 but not to be disheartened if I was no further dilated. This would be due to the thinning and induction labours can usually be 24-48hrs long.

    Things progressed quite rapidly after this. I can really remember everything.

    I started on Gas & Air but the contractions became very strong, so I opted for pethidine (they advised me this would not get rid of the pain just make me sleep between contractions). As I had planned on no pain relief this is what they recommended to start with, then I could move onto epidural if I needed it.

    It wasn't too long later that I was in a lot of pain. My midwife had literally just left the room for her break and the pain became unbearable. I had to ring the buzzer to get someone to come as I decided to have an epidural. Another midwife came rushing into the room but as I was just asking for an epidural I had an intense urge to push!!!! I was told not too and too breath through it (they didn't think baby was coming) . I tried to hold it back but couldn't, the pain was unbelievable!! As I tried to breathe through it my body took over and pushed anyway ( this was the worst part of the whole labour).

    After the contraction my midwife came back into the room and examined me, she could feel babys head and baby was coming!!! I was now allowed to push!!! but too late for any epidural

    The next part of the labour is very sketchy. I remember pushing and being told they could see the head, Hold that Push, Hold the Push!!!

    Baby did get a little stuck and I was told that if it didn't come out in the next couple of pushes I'd have to be cut. I pushed for my life and her head came out. I felt myself tear They asked me if I wanted to touch her head which I did. One last push and she was out!!! A LITTLE GIRL!!!!! I scooped her up straight onto my chest (which was a little difficult as I was all wired up and on all fours).

    I will be honest, it was the worst pain of my life!! It was horrendous but she is worth it. I have quite a high pain threshold but I think that because it was a 'Dry Labour' (waters had broke) which is apparently more painful, an induction which again is more painful and the fact that I was only in established labour for 3hours!!! it was the worst pain imaginable. But I am proud of myself that I have done it.

    Im slowly recovering but very sore below, I had to have 3 layers of stitches!!! and very bruised.

    Hubby had to leave the room at one point as it got to much for him, apparently it was when my body was pushing but I wasn't allowed to. This was the most painful part of the labour, more so than when her head emerged and tore me.

    I don't want to make any of you scared and I'm sure you'll have a much easier time. But if your in the same situation as me, have the pain relief!"
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    my birth story is a bit old as my daughter is 3 now but I like to look back as it goes so quick! Plus it hasn't put me off wanting another one...though it did for a while!

    Due dated: 11th April 2009

    I started having contractions on on Friday 10th April, brilliant I was going to be early or dead on time! Sat on the sofa in the evening while they gradually got more regular watching a bit of telly with fiance, rang my mum about 9ish (fiance didn't drive at the time so she would have to take us to the hospital) for the next 3 hours my contractions came pretty regularly between 5-10 mins apart but not too painful... by about 12:30pm they had slowed right down. mum went home and we went to bed. woke up saturday a bit achy but no more contractions. Family came to visit as it was Easter weekend, by Saturday afternoon, contractions were back again and a bit harder... same thing, around 11:30pm they had fizzled out enough for me to sleep.

    Sunday..... nothing not even a sniff of a contraction!

    Monday (2 days over due), we went for a long walk through the forest and i was getting contractions on and off, reasonably painful but not particularly regular but by the evening they had fizzled out again. We had spoken to the midwives who said just stay put for now but to make an appointment with my GP. We booked an appointment for Wednesday, because I had previously been admitted with sudden swelling and raised BP, he wanted to keep an eye on me. We were hoping we wouldn't need it!!

    Tuesday.... afternoon they were back and harder, I was up until about 1am Wednesday morning when they started to ease off again. I was shattered. I hadn't slept properly in days! Mum stayed over that night and I was up again at 5:45am in more pain...enough to wake me up. My appointment was at 3:30pm but we range the doctors first thing to be seen earlier as we were all fed up of the stop starting by now!! Saw GP at 11am who rang the assessment unit to send me up for a sweep and check up. What ever happened I was having this baby today!!

    We went up at 2pm with minor contractions when i was put on a monitor and examined. I wasn't dilated but my cervix was fully thinned. She did a sweep and told me to go home. well.... we got half way to the car park and I was in so much pain! we rang delivery suit....they had no space at all so told me to go back to the assessment unit....who already had 1 too many and was meant to be closed half an hour ago!! I was told to wander the site for a while and delivery would ring me when they found a space for me. At 4:30pm I was shipped off to the maternity ward as that was the only place available.... i was 4cm dilated! all systems go... or not! Contractions worsened and after a few hours i gave in to gas and air, i had no space to wander round and ther were other patients on the ward so i didn't feel comfortable walking around. At 8:30pm I was finally taken to delivery!!

    Re-examined... 4.5cm.... you have to be kidding me!!! I then got my new midwife and her student which happened to be someone I had know from school! She broke my waters and cleaned up, it didn't hurt just felt a little odd and like I had more space?! she then examined me again and I was 7cm!! more like it!!

    After about an hour it was getting unbareable, i didn't know how to cope! I asked my fiance to go and get a mid wife and told her i needed something else, i was worried about having pethedine because painkillers tend to make be really dopey but it hurt so much i just gave in. between my midwife leaving and coming back with the pain relief (minutes!) i had uncontrolable screams I just knew something was happening! she gave me the pethidine, and i told her i had to push!! she examined me and I was 10cm!!

    I was pretty pants at pushing to start with, I was in such a panic and starting to get confused due to the pethidine kicking in. I had to be put on a monitor (though I don't remember that happening) fairly quickly i was moved onto my side as baby's heart rate kept dropping within seconds i had 2 regstrars, my mid wife the student and my other half in the room the the midwife uttered the words episotomy after the next push..... no chance!! I focused and pushed... heart was out... with her hand by her cheek...comfy! one more push and she was out! 10:46pm Wednesday 15th April 6lb 9oz our beautiful Felicity Lauren Louise was born!

    The excitement didn't stop there sadly.... because the pethidine was given so close to me giving birth wasn't responding and took what seemed like for ever to breath, in the end she had to have oxygen. But she was perfect and healthy and beautifully clean!! because of the position i was in my fiance had to hold my leg up while another reg held the other he hadn't planned on watching the whole thing but after said he was glad he had!

    We got a few minutes just the 3 of us, then I noticed I felt really wet on the bed. I wasn't sure what was going on so got the nurse who had come in to clean up to check, she quickly scooted off to get my midwives.....and half the other medical staff! within a few minutes I had legs in stirrups and being told to suck on gas and air while a doctor lady felt inside my womb....yes womb... where i had less than an hour ago pushed a person out of!! I couldn't deal with the pain but they could tell enough that I had clots that were stuck and I was bleeding a lot. no-one new why because my placenta was whole but I was off to theatre. I had a spinal block but felt really sick, I spent about an hour in recovery because I went into panic and couldn't stop shaking. I eventually got back to the ward at 3:30am Thursday, extremely tired but with my perfect little bundle....needless to say i was not best pleased with the breakfast trolly waking me up at 7am!! the only gutting bit was I missed out on our mums meeting our baby for the first time and seeing her being weighed image

    She is now a happy and healthy 3 year old and was so worth all the drama!!

    Sorry for the long post.... but it was pretty long as the time too lol!
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    elliekate83, Willow is a gorgeous name!!!
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    (Just copied and pasted from Due April 12)

    Anyway, quick update from me. I'm still in hosp and still no baby. I was due to be induced on Monday at 07.30am but due to Bank Hol backlog I didn't go on to the Inducement ward until midday and checked. Cervix closed and really unnaccessable. I was given the first gel pessary at 2pm that afternoon. Checked 6 hours later nothing, still closed shut. They moved me to delivery suite at 9pm, had another check and they decided to give me a 3mg tablet to get things going. Checked 6 hours later at 3am and still no change. I started having contractions at 02.30am but by the time the Dr came round the next morning they had stopped. She said it may have been enough to open cervix to break waters but after 3 vigorous internals to find out cervix still still closed shut and round the back of babys head. She said she preferred me to be dialated by 1-2 cm before she broke my waters as otherwise would possible be unsuccessful. After saying this she STILL to break my waters to speed up the process?!? Needless to say I think the pain of her trying to pull my completely closed cervix round to the front to try was more painful than possibly birth itself!!! I was given gas and air (which just made my voice sound funny) and I had to stop her as I couldn't take it much longer. I was bleeding and really sore afterwards but she decided to give me a 3rd 3mg pessary and see what 6 hours brought. Contractions trailed off after lunch and stopped completely by 3pm. I have continued to spot bleed and i'm in agony with the spd and hips. I was offered another internal by a male DR this time at 5pm but when I said I was spotting he decided not too.

    Then the most scary 15 mins of my life. Baby's heartbeat dissappeared off the monitor and alarms started going off. Her heartbeat had plummetted and they brought an ultrasound scanner in to find it and couldnt!!! It had dropped so low it wouldnt register so they had to manipulate her to bring it back up. She came back round but then my BP sky-rocketed! They monitored me and baby and decided to let me stay in overnight and was moved to a ward. Plan being to check my cervix again today first thing to see if they can still break my waters?! I'm 42 weeks today and they said I cannot go any further baby has to come out today. I tried to discuss a possible section as i feel distressed, baby also and on the grounds of spd but they havent given me an answer yet. I just want my baby safe! I'm still spotting this morning and MW on night is stunned that they didnt take me down yesterday. I've had no more contractions either.

    At moment feel battered and confused and wondering how I got here. But if i'm not offered a section I think I may request one and see what they say.

    Well ladies what an eventful few days!

    After I was refused a section as considered low risk the only option given to me was to have my waters broken under an epidural (as baby distressed, my bp through the roof and cervix closed) so I agreed. Had epi put in and was put on the syntocin drip to start off contractions immediately. Waters broken and contractions started but was in agony. It took them hours and the drip being turned up continuosly to realise that my pain was bad and decided to check the epi...which had not gone in right in the first place! So when they thought i was getting pain relief i actually hadnt had any at all. They had to remove the rest of it and do a 2nd epi, this one failed too as it only numbed my right side not my left so felt everything on that side. They deided to take the 2nd one out and done a 3rd epidural, by this time i was 6cm dialated. I laboured through the night and was told they would re-assess at 8am as the top of my cervix was covering the top of fhe birth canal. Through the night the drip was turned up to max as I was only 8cm by 7am and i desperatley wanted those 2cm!!! Doc came at 8am and i had reached 9cm and told my cervix was still in the way, they were taking me to theatre for a section. So dissapointed. They said they needed to remove the epidural and replace it for a spinal block so they took it out and i couldnt have gas and air on the way. By the time i got to theatre i had dilated the last 1cm and my cervix had moved back!!! They decided to give me a spinal block but it failed so i had to have a second one and baby was lying with her head in my right hip and feet under my left boob so they gave me an episiotomy and used forceps to turn her and then i contracted and pushed her out!!!!!! Emma Selina was born at 10.37am on Thursday 10th May, weiighing 8lbs and half an ounce.

    However it didnt stop placenta wouldnt come away on its own and so had to be forced and then my uterus failed to contract so i haemhorraged on the table. They managed to stop the bleed and i went into recovery.

    Matthew cut her cord and im so made up he did! We were moved onto a ward and settled in. Unfortunately i have an infection and so on antibiotics and having a few complications but on the mend.

    Hopefully some pics will follow and both me and Emma will be discharged soon.

    Lots of love to you all. I'M A MUMMY!!!!!

    Chel and Emma xxxxxx
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    I hope you don't mind me adding mine!

    13/01/10 3 days overdue

    So i was due on the 10th and even though i went overdue it still came as a shock!

    I woke up at 1am with a contraction,went to the loo and got back in bed thinking i would try and get some sleep in between.

    5 minutes later i had another contraction so i came downstairs to start timing them, i didn't wake my partner as he does shift work and i didn't want to disturb him if it wasn't it!

    I timed them and they were every 5 minutes for an hour, i wanted to try and do as much at home as possible. I started to walk around and looked out the window OMG it had snowed and our road is a nightmare to get out of! So i woke my H2B and he was rushing around getting everything ready.

    My contractions had now got more severe and were 2 minutes apart, i was sat on the loo as this was the only place i felt comfy! image I phoned the hospital as i had now had my "show" and even though i know this is normal the sight of the blood freaked me out so after my next contraction we ran to the car.

    Now my contractions were still 2 minutes apart but we now had a 20 min car journey to the hospital IN THE SNOW! It took ages to get there and i was in so much pain.We finally got to the hospital at 3:10am. image

    I somehow managed to get into the hospital inbetween contractions and got shown into the room, the midwife said to me "It looks like you're pushing,let's examine you" So she examined me and i was ...................FULLY DILATED!!!!!!!!

    The midwife told me i could push if i liked but she was going to get the trainee doctor as she hadn't seen any straight forward labours yet!! If my labour was going to be straightforward i didn't mind who watched. imageimage She then said she wouldn't have time to get any pain relief so we just went with it image

    My waters hadn't broke yet and the midwife hadn't said anything about breaking them so i just forgot about it.After a few more pushes i had my beautiful baby girl Sienna Jade at 3:55am

    This was really special as she was born in her waters(caul) and this apparently is extremely rare! I had to have a few stitches which in my opinion was the worst bit!

    Total labour time = 2 hours 55 mins
  • jojomamalacejojomamalace Posts: 286
    And baby number two!


    Now after having such a quick labour last time i convinced myself that i was going to be early with this one, how wrong was I!!!

    I went 9 days over and was so miserable! I also thought it would be similar, ie wake up in the night - wrong again

    On Sunday 28/08/11 we were having a late roast at 2:30 pm when my waters broke(this was strange as my daughter was born in her waters)but i hadn't had any contactions(i had period type pain all weekend after i had a sweep on the friday).

    I phoned the hospital at 2:45 and told them that i had a quick labour last time and could i come in, they said to wait an hour as i hadn't had any contractions, so i washed up our dinner and phoned my mum as she would be having my little girl.Then all of a sudden my contractions came 2 minutes apart image

    We dropped my daughter off and made the journey to the hospital, bizarrely we got there at 3:10 again although this was pm not am!

    I got in the room and the midwife examined me i was really worried that i was going to be disappointed and be 3 cm!

    Luckily i was 8 cm which made me feel better, i then told the midwife that i wanted to push so she told me to, like one of the previous posters i was like REALLY???? At 8cm!!???

    But i went with it! Now when i'm in labour i get a labour voice! Not sure where it comes from(maybe from the pit of my stomach!)but it's like a growl! I naturally have quite a high voice so it's really funny.

    I asked my partner how long he thought it would be and he replied that if my voice was anything to go by it would be soon! image

    I looked at the time and it was 3:40, because my daughter was born at 3:55 i was convinced it would be the same but after a few more pushes at 3:45pm my gorgeous son Leo Sebastian was born.

    total labour time 1 hour 55 minutes!!!!

    I know how lucky i was to have another quick labour and the most scary thing was that i arrived in the hospital at 3:10pm and was sat in my own home at 9pm! image

    Now although i had quick labours the pain was really intense and although i wasn't in labour for hours on end it was by no means easy image

    Really worried for next time, i think i'll camp outside the hospital coz although i love H2B i DO NOT want him delivering the baby!!!!!!
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    What a fab idea for a thread! I have enjoyed reading all of these stories ladies, thanks for sharing image

    Here's mine:

    (Sorry it's long!)

    William was due on 11.11.11. That was a Friday, but luckily he didn't come that day as that day we were having the kitchen ceiling put back up as it had fallen down a few days before! The builder asked me when I was due and when I said today he couldn't believe it as I wasn't really all that big (even though I felt huge!) My midwife had also thought that Baby would be small as my bump was measuring a bit behind - she'd even considered sending me for a growth scan as she thought he'd stopped growing. How wrong everyone was!

    So on the Saturday night some friends of ours came round to keep us company as they thought I must be getting pretty fed up by now, and we watched DVDs. Which was lovely, but I was shattered and they didn't leave till gone 11pm! During that evening I was having Braxton Hicks and I kept going oo and ah and they kept panicking that I was going into labour, but I'd been having BHs for about 3 weeks, which were gradually getting a bit more intense, but which were nothing like the real thing. So we kept laughing at our friends and telling them not to panic.

    So we eventually got to sleep much later than usual. At 2.15am I woke up. This was nothing unusual because these BHs had been waking me up at night for a few weeks. As I was coming to, I felt another pain and it occured to me that this pain was in the bottom of the bump, whereas all my BH pains had been at the top of the bump. I sat up and was just waking my hubby to say, "... I think I'm having a contraction..." when my waters broke in a big whoosh in the bed. I said, "Oooo, I think my waters have broken..." and I ran to the toilet, which was all I could think to do, so that the waters would go down the toilet and not into the mattress. At this point I saw that the waters were pink and also passed the bloody show. By the time I got to the toilet I said, "Oo I think I'm having another contraction, so they came about 3 minutes apart, immediately. My husband got a notebook to write down the times of the contractions so that we could work out how close they were, but by the time he'd found a pen I was already having the next one!

    I sat on the toilet for a while and let the waters run down the loo and I then had the most horrendous urge to poop. Next follows a bit of TMI probably as I had very horrid diarrohea image and couldn't get off the toilet for about 20 minutes with the contractions gradually getting more painful but lots of rather nasty poop flowing! image (Sorry for sharing that bit!)

    When I eventually felt like there was no more poop to come I decided I'd like a bath to ease the pain a bit as I was really quite uncomfortable but my husband felt sure you couldn't have a bath if the waters had already gone so he was trying to look this up in a book while I was leaning over the bath. I was shifting my weight from side to side and really starting to groan at this point but we were prepared for it to be hours yet. As DH was reading the pregnancy book he saw a little box which explained while most labours are really slow some can be really quick so if this, this and this happened (which was happening to me - e.g. pink (blood stained) waters) ring the hospital quick! So he rang them. By this point I was really graoning and screaming and beyond the point of talking. He asked them if they needed to speak to me but they said, "No we can hear her, just bring her in!"

    He frantically packed the car and told me to get dressed. He could hear me moaning on the drive even though the doors were shut! I couldn't get dressed as I was in too much pain by this stage and when he came back in from packing the car he found me on all fours on the landing. At our NCT class they said if you find your wife on all fours, it's time to panic and she's probably transitioning, call an ambulance! This was about 3.15am by now, about an hour after I started, so DH just threw some of his bigger clothes on me and bundled me into the car as quickly as he could. Things get a bit hazy for me from this point as I was a bit out of it! I do remember thought that DH still had his slippers on in the car and had to run back into the house!

    The fresh air on the driveway slowed me down a little and I only had about 5 contractions in the car on a 20 minute journey. When we got to hospital, probably about 3.45am they asked when I started and we said 1 hour and a half ago and they said it was far too early to have come in and they were sure I'd have to go home again. They also told me to stop moaning and making such a fuss and a noise. ETA- They also looked at my pad and said that my waters hadn't gone, it was just the bloody show (because the waters had been blood stained) but I knew the waters had gone, there had been gallons of it! Then they examined me and discovered I was in fact 8cm dilated! They wheeled me to a delivery room, but I didn't know what was going on, as far as I knew they were sending me home again. So I asked a midwife and she said, "You're having the baby!" and I said, "What - now?!"

    I tried some gas and air but I didn't like the mouthpiece as it made me gag and I felt really suffocated on it, so I had one puff but then refused any more. I kept saying, "Please help me!" but I didn't want gas and air and it was too late for anything else. I think by about 5.30-6am (I'm not quite sure of the times as I wasn't totally with it) I had the urge to poo again but I was really scared as I didn't want a repeat performance of what had happened at home and it took the midwives a while to convince me this was the baby coming and I really did have to push this time. They examined me a couple of times and the first time they said I wasn't ready but the next I was 10cm so they made DH grab a leg which he wasn't thrilled about about and I started to push.

    I pushed for a long time. I just couldn't get him out. The midwife wasn't very kind to me and she said, "If we have to get the doctors in here to give you some assistance they will laugh at you!" Charming! I wish she knew the end of this story... After about 1 hour and a half to two hours of pushing they gave me an episiotomy, which I was glad to accept by this point. The midwives changed shift and a really nice encouraging midwife came in and said I'd have him out in just a couple more pushes and once I believed I could do it, I did!

    William was born at 7.54am on 13.11.11 weighing 9lb 6oz.

    He was huge! No one could believe it, and even though I'd had a quick labour (5hours 40mins in total) that's why I couldn't get him out. As well as the cut I tore really badly; I had a third degree tear into the back passage. After he was born they took me to theatre almost straight away, where I had to have a spinal block for the operation to stitch and mesh me back together which took about an hour. I've also recently found out that the damage was so bad that I won't be able to have another natural delivery. image If I got pregnant again I'd have to have a planned c-section. So the colateral damage was pretty horrific. But the labour was ok. And he is worth every second of it image
  • Stef141Stef141 Posts: 75
    This is a lovely thread and so nice to read all the different experiences people have had. Here's mine:

    I was due on 13/11/11 but was told from the beginning that I wouldn't be allowed to go full term because of my diabetes and would be monitored closely throughout my pregnancy because we generally have larger babies.

    On 26/10/11 had a check up and scan at the hospital and was told to come back on the friday, so went back on the friday and got a sweep but was told they didn't think it would do much because baby still seemed quite high up. So had an appointment made for the Monday to get another scan and a further sweep if nothing had happened. Had some discomfort over the weekend but nothing major so went back on Monday 31/10 for my scan etc. After my scan consultant did a further sweep and told me to go home, get something for dinner and come back because they were going to induce me, don't think she was too impressed that I asked if I could come back on the Tuesday and they could do it then because it was Halloween today and I'd made a load of buns for the trick or treaters which I needed to give them lol. So went home, got something to eat and phoned my mum so she could get on the next boat to Scotland from Belfast then went back to the hospital that evening.

    They hooked me up to a monitor for a good 45mins before they gave me the pessary because babies heart rate and mine were too high and we both needed to calm down, eventually got the pessary which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, 30mins later nothing had happened and oh was sent home. The pain started 45mins after this and I didn't get much sleep all night, felt like I couldn't move it was so sore, even trying to roll over in the bed was excruciating. also felt like I really needed the toilet but everytime I went into the bathroom I would get half way to the toilet seat and have to stand up again because it was too painful. Finally managed to get some sleep at about 3am because the pain had faded but was woken at 5am to be examined by a dr, had only dialated to 1cm so have to have a second pessary inserted after they had monitored baby. Again had to be monitored for a good 45 mins because the baby wasn't moving enough and the heart rate was a little slow but soon woke up and I got the 2nd lot which was incredibly sore. Midwife told me I could phone OH and they would let him in before visiting hours since I'd had a rough night, so called him at about 6.30 actually nearly killed oh when after I told him this he said oh but I've got things I need to do first, I'll be in later! He finally arrived at 9.30!

    Was examined again at 10 and told the consultant would be round to see me before 12 so if I could refrain from eating that would be good, hadn't had breakfast at this stage because the idea of food was making me wretch, pain was just as bad as it had been during the night and to be honest I just wanted it over with. Consultant came round at 12.30 and examined me, I was still only 1cm and baby wasn't engaged, when she was checking my cervix she could push the babies head with her finger and it would move away. She felt there wasn't any point in trying to induce me for a third time because the baby was still too high up and there was a high likelyhood that if I did get fully dialated the babies shoulders would get stuck and they would have to do an emergency section so had to make a choice if I wanted 3rd lot or if I wanted section. Decided enough was enough and picked a section.

    Within 45mins all my bloods had been taken and I'd had needles inserted in both hands for drips to be attached as my sugar levels kept dropping dramatically and they would need to hook me up to glucose & insulin drips to ensure I wouldn't pass out since I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything. Was taken down to theatre for about 2pm but had to wait ages for my blood tests to come back and then an emergency section was taken in in front of me so was just before 4pm when I was taken into the operating room.

    My beautiful daughter Ella Rose arrived at 4.18pm on 01/11/11, weighed an impressive 9lb 9oz and was perfect. I lost a lot of blood during my section and Ella had to have tests run on her because of my diabetes so we didn't get out of the recovery room until 5am on 02/11. I also had a reaction to the anaesthetic and kept being sick but felt fine afterwards, kept thinking it was because I was so hungry as I hadn't eaten anything in 24hrs took the anti sickness jag tho and I was fine after that.

    I had no pain from my section at all, my wound healed perfectly and I was up and about the morning after I had her feeling good as new, discharged on the friday evening and did the shopping in Tesco that night. I'll def have a section next time, don't think I could go through being induced again!
  • my birth stories

    baby 1- due date 27/07/07

    woke up on Sunday morning of the 15th July, felt something different. can't describe the feeling but I wasn't my usual. spent most of the day at my sisters house with the family as it was a beautiful sunny day. was uneasy all day but said nothing as i didn't want to cause any worrying. i went home late afternoon and had a friend round for her bday curry. had a nice chat then I decided to have an early night.

    I went upto my room and at about 9pm i started getting period pain like cramps and pain at my lower back. i didn't think much of it for a start but after an hr or so i started to watch the clock, the pains were every 20 min. I thought to myself surely this isn't contractions. I even googled it to see what other peoples experiences were. I waited a while longer then at midnight I went to the toilet and had my show. so i woke up my mum ( i was living with her at the time) and phoned the midwife. I was told to come in and she would check me out. so my sister and mum came with me, got there at 1am, was in an hour with the midwife who did all the checks, gave me an internal and decided to keep me in. just after 4am i was put through to the labour room and i had a natural birth, no gas and air. baby girl was born at 6.09am 6lb 8 1/2 oz image

    baby number 2-due date 20/04/11

    it was friday 21st Jan 2011. I had a busy and stressful day, with the car in the garage and me having an appointment 15 miles from home i had my sister running me around and using buses. after my appointment i got the bus back to my home town. got off the bus and it was raining so i decided not to do the 30min walk bk home and went into my work to call my sister to collect me. she picked me up at 3pm on her way to collect the kids from school. she took me home and she came in for coffee and a chat about my day. she went home about 4.30pm. I read my emails and went to the toilet before starting supper. I went upto the toilet had a pee and wiped, there was alot of bloody discharge but for some reason i thought nothing of it, so i sorted myself out and was about to leave the bathroom when i thought i needed to do something else. so i sat back down gave a little push and thought ok, this is coming from the front!!! TMI time...... so i had a look in the mirror and could see something protuding from my privates so i went straight onto the phone to the midwife, who unfortunetly couldn't help as i was 27 weeks pregnant and i needed to phone the midwives in another town 45 miles away. I phoned my mum and husband b4 calling the midwife. phoned the midwife who was a complete and utter cow and said if i need an ambulance to phone one, accused me of lying about what i could see. so i phoned the ambulance, we left the house at 6pm. phoned hubby to tell him i was on the way to hospital so he could meet me there. i arrived at the hospital at 7pm. they checked me over and i was fully dilated but due to baby being breech i had to have a csection. baby boy was born at 8.20pm 2lb 7oz. he spent 9 weeks in hospital but is doing great, at the corrected age of 13 months he can walk, this is much sooner than his siter did.

    Baby 3- due date 13/8/2012

    still cooking!!!!! its been a worrying pregnancy but i've been on regular check ups and all well so far image
  • GemNic13GemNic13 Posts: 534
    Awwww, this is probably my favourite thread of all - I love birth stories!

    Here is mine...

    I was due on 25th December 2011, but the little lady didn't want to wait that long (and quite honestly, neither did I!)

    I was all for Lily popping along sooner than her due date right from the beginning. It sounds awful, but I'd managed to do so well with eating healthily and looking after myself that I really didn't want to end up with loads of stretch marks! Luckily she obliged and arrived at 38 weeks exactly (Sunday 11th December 2011) and I only ended up with a couple of little marks image

    OK, so Friday night was my works Xmas do, so I went out for a meal with my work friends followed with a bit of dancing. Lovely evening! The next morning I felt a short sharp pain right at the bottom of my tummy, practically in my lady-parts, which literally lasted a second or two and then went. I now realise that this must have been Lily dropping into place, but at the time I was just thinking ???????Ooooh, that was a bit odd...??????? Now, I had never felt Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the whole pregnancy even though I know I probably did have tightenings, so I thought it might have been one of those at the time. I didn't happen again so I just forgot about it basically. We had a bit of a hectic day on the Saturday messing about doing last minute things for the baby and for Christmas so we ended up going to bed quite late that night.

    I woke up with the strangest feeling on Sunday morning... It was 5.30am and my waters broke, waking me up. I can only describe it like pouring water out of a small necked bottle - it felt like a trickle with a -glugging' to counter the liquid coming out. Seriously the strangest feeling I have ever had in all my life!! Anyway, feeling the trickle, I shot out of bed (mostly because the last thing I wanted to do was change the bedding at that time in the morning) and my waters just gushed. I woke up my DH in a slight panic to get me a towel as every time I moved there was more liquid (Thankfully we have wooden flooring in the bedroom) and he responded with...

    ???????Are you sure you aren't just wee-ing????????

    Charming! ???????Erm... No! I'm pretty sure it's my waters...???????

    So we rang the labour ward and they asked us to come in. We did and we were sent home (entirely expected) as I wasn't contracting. They booked me in for induction at 8am the next morning (Monday) in case nothing happens in the meantime. The midwife felt my bump for baby's position and she could only feel her shoulders moving as her head was so far into my pelvis. We went home and rang the parents to let them know what was going on, then went out for breakfast (Yay image ). I started to feel very faint tightenings at about 11am and they were coming every 10 minutes or so for about an hour, but then they stopped. Later that afternoon we decided to have a little sleep (as you do on a Sunday!) DH went straight to sleep but I just couldn't settle so mooched about for a bit, making sure my bag was packed and we had everything ready. At almost exactly 2.30pm my contractions started. I felt a pop or a crack type sensation at the bottom of my back and immediately had a contraction. It wasn't really strong, but I knew exactly what it was as soon as it happened so I woke up DH. Then they started coming every 7-10 minutes so DH ran me a bath. In I got and felt quite happy bobbing in the bath for about half an hour or so, still contracting every 5-7 minutes or so. They were gradually getting worse/stronger/more intense so I decided that I should probably wash my hair and get myself sorted. By about 4 o'clock my contractions were coming about 4 minutes apart, but were only lasting about 30 seconds. We rang the labour ward and the woman actually tutted down the phone at me and told me to take some paracetamol if I was in pain, because if my contractions aren't lasting a minute then I'm not in established labour and I shouldn't come in. I'd had 2 contractions whilst I was on the phone, but I'm not really a screamer so just breathed them through because they weren't lasting very long. The woman on the phone said ???????Well they can't be that bad because you can still talk on the phone.??????? Oh. My. God! I don't think I've ever wanted to punch anyone as much as I wanted to punch her right then. At this point I'm beginning to feel a bit pathetic- I normally have a pretty high pain threshold so all through pregnancy I'd figured that I would be ok- but I was starting to feel like I wasn't coping particularly well and getting a bit panicky about the fact that first labours are expected to last +12 hours and I was only an hour and a half in and already feeling like this.

    I got off the phone and was struggling to dry my hair because the contractions are now coming every 2-3 minutes, but still not lasting. I'd taken the paracetamol but was not feeling any benefit at all and was starting to feel more than a little bit cross at the bloody woman on the phone for patronising me. At about 4.15pm I suddenly had a really bad need to poop (Sorry if TMI) -cue DH telling me I couldn't go because needing a poop meant the baby was coming (ha ha!). After arguing the toss I just got cross and said it was tough and I just had to go, and thankfully there was no baby drama! Anyway by 4.30pm I was practically in tears because I felt like I was constantly contracting so DH rang the labour ward again and told them we were coming in. We live literally 7 minutes drive from the hospital and I had 3 contractions in the car on the way there, and 3 more walking up to the labour ward from the car park!

    By the time we got into the labour ward it was almost 5pm, they took me straight into a delivery suite and examined me. I was 5cm dilated image and my cervix was paper thin, so I was told it wouldn't be long and was given gas and air. They hooked me up to the monitoring machines and DH took great pleasure in telling me that I was about to have a contraction before it came! By 6.10pm I was fully dilated and was told to push. I wasn't given very long to push by myself, because the baby's heartbeat was dropping so much during my pushes/contractions that they were worried about her. I was told that if I didn't push her out within half an hour they were going to have to get the doctor in for an assisted delivery. They took the gas and air away from me and told me to push as hard as I could. I had 3 more pushes and they brought in the doctor and said she needed to be out NOW. The doctor used the dreaded forceps with an episiotomy.

    Lily was delivered at 6.50pm, weighing 7lb exactly. My DH told me after the fact that all of a sudden the room was full of people and there was a mad rush to get the baby out. She had the umbilical cord wrapped around her leg and every time I pushed it was cutting off her oxygen supply apparently. I had an injection to deliver the afterbirth and then I was stitched back up whilst Lily was being cleaned up and weighed.

    Labour time from waters breaking - 13hours 20mins

    Labour time from contractions to birth - 4hours 20mins

    Whilst it was hard going at the time and really intense, it is so quickly forgotten and worth every single second. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Only ideally without an episiotomy/forceps. And not for another couple of years...

  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    Aaaawww I'm not even pregnant yet and I love this reading all the stories! More please!!!!!!! image x
  • Tigger1978Tigger1978 Posts: 235
    Pasted from Due in June 2012.

    Holly born on 16th June at 06.50am.

    Hello ladies. Here is my birth story , sorry its so long have tried to keep to the facts but it did go on a bit, lol!!

    I was taken in to be induced at 2pm on the Wednesday and basically was given the full course of 3 pessaries at about 3.30pm, 10pm and 7am. Each time I had really bad period cramps which subsided after about 4 hours so essentially they did nothing! Another lady in my ward was 7cm dilated 3 hours after her 2nd one and was rushed to labour suite so I was just unlucky!! They then left me overnight and examined me 24 hours after the 3rd one. Luckily they deemed that it would be safe to break my waters as I was 1cm (otherwise would have been failed induction and C-section) - so after waiting all morning was transferred from the antenatal ward to labour suite at 2pm on Friday - 48 hours after my initial admission!!

    When I got to labour suite I told the midwife I was really anxious about getting the Oxytocin drip as my perception was that I would be in severe pain immediately and not be able to move around. Your baby's heart rate needs to be constantly monitored for your whole labour in this situation so you have belts strapped to your tummy. She was AMAZING and we discussed positions I could get into. I had to move within the vicinity of the monitor but could be on the birthing ball, standing up, on all 4s over the back of the bed I just couldn't walk too far. She would unplug it for me to go to the loo but that was about it. So the doctor came and broke my waters which was a little painful but I used gas and air to keep me calm. Then they started the drip, increasing the dose every 30 minutes. My body totally rebelled I was at the full dose and it was 6.20pm before I felt any contractions at all! They then picked up steadily. To begin with I was on the ball then leant over the back of the bed and most of the pain was in my back; I got OH to rub the small of my back REALLY hard when I had a contraction and the midwife gave him some massage oil with essential oils to assist. I wish we had had some kind of roller massager with us to save his poor hands. I also sucked down gas like there was no tomorrow and was repeating calming mantras to myself in my head and trying to visualise being calm and quiet and focusing on breathing like I was taught in yoga / hypnobirthing CDs. I was examined and was 4-5cm dilated.....then hit a mental wall shortly after. I knew I had another 4odd hours to go before being fully dilated as they want you to progress at about 1cm per hour and I decided I could not cope for that amount of time with the same pain levels. Perhaps not knowing the time scale would have made a difference and I can understand why they teach in Hypnobirthing that you aren't told how many cm you are. It was definitely a mental barrier for me and I had some Diamorphine. It helped enormously and I would still say I was in a lot of pain but could totally cope with it. Its hard to recall the pain you really do forget quickly but my OH tells me it was pretty bad!!

    By about 4.30am I was ready to push. Again, I chose to be on all 4s over the back of the bed, the midwife then changed to me lying on my side and her lifting my leg into a scissor like position to push. The baby's head crowned after about an hour, the midwife said the baby would be here with a few more pushes and she started preparing for the arrival........then everything stopped! The baby's head would not fully deliver despite full on pushing for another hour and a wee episiotomy to give her more room. I have since found out it was because my contractions essentially stopped, they were coming every 10 minutes and had lost their force so I was pushing with all my might and getting nowhere. We ended up with a wee ventouse to assist and finally with 2 more pushes our beautiful girl was born at 06.50 on the Saturday after a 13ish hour labour (from 1st contraction)! Luckily throughout all the drama her heart rate remained constant and she was none the worse for it. She didn't have a cone head either, lol! We were both so overwhelmed we didn't even cry much to begin with we were just stunned and relieved she was okay. They'd had to get me on my back for the ventouse so although they put her on my chest it was an awkward position and I couldn't get a good look at her for ages - I just kept saying -is she okay, I can't see her, is she okay'. Turns out my poor wee eyes were all swollen, bruised and bloodshot from pushing for far too long so that was not helping me focus. But I didn't care she was here and she was perfect. I just needed a tiny stitch so not too bad at all.

    So all was well until my placenta would not deliver! I ended up in theatre to get it removed with a spinal block, catheter etc - all that after no epidural! I also lost 1???? litres of blood so was very unwell for a couple of days and needed blood transfusions back up on the ward. But by then I had my perfect wee girl and 48 hours later was feeling much better so it was worth every second. I ended up in hospital for 3 nights but had heaps of breastfeeding advice and support so in a way it ended up for the best. She has been home 4 days now and is sleeping and feeding well and is just the most perfect and sweetest baby ever. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The way I see it, out of 13 hours I probably had 6 odd hours of real pain to get my gorgeous baby. Can't argue with that!

    My labour must haves.....

    Drinks - ribena and water; took coconut water which is good for electrolyte replacement but didn't drink it for some reason

    Ice cubes - these were available in the labour suite and I was crunching away at them heaps

    Hand held fan - me and OH were madly fanning me when I got too hot and bothered, loved it!

    Hot packs and massager for my back in early stages

    Lip balm
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    Sounds like you had a bit of an ordeal tigger, just noticing you said about ohs hands when massaging you and wishing you had something he could use instead and thought that if there's a next time might be handy to pack tennis balls? Sounds random but our midwife suggested it and I found it really helped if my back was sore and meant hubby could apply more pressure without hurting either of us xx
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