Hypnobirthing Experiences

hi ladies

A friend has recommended hypnobirthing to me and I've been looking into it. I find it fascinating and hubby and I are seriously considering booking some classes.

Just wondering if anyone has been to classes and is ready for birth or has already given birth and has a birth story to share?

For anyone interested this is the website for the Hypnobirthing Institute.


I've watched some amazing videos online. It looks so peaceful.


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  • I didn't attend classes, but I did buy and read a Hypnobirthing book.

    I used the techniques during labour and found them really helpful. I only used a TENS machine and gas and air during labour and all was going to plan until baby started getting distressed, so I ended up having a C-Section.
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    I'm glad you found the book useful. Hubby and I are going to book onto a course and you get the book and CD included in your course material. I'm really excited about it!
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    I used the CD and really enjoyed it. I managed with no pain relief.
  • MrsBatenowMrsBatenow Posts: 227
    I did a course and it was the most amazing thing I have ever done! I had a home birth and my daughter was a whopping 9lbs!!! I was so calm and relaxed and breathed her out which meant I needed no stitches. I would completely recommend hypnobirthing, when you go on the course and read all the material its such a logical way to give birth I just can't believe more women don't try it and midwives don't recommend it to all their patients. I've got to say though when we tried the deep breathing, mind blank relaxation thing I could never completely switch off which made me think it wouldn't work for me when the time came but it really did. Anyway, what I'm saying is it was a truly amazing experience compared to my first hospital birth, if you want me to answer any of your questions just ask or send me a pm. Go for it and good luck xx
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    I did holistic birthing classes that included yoga, breathing, positions for labour, anatomy, and self hypnosis and relaxation.

    I'd recommend them to anyone as even though my labour didn't go to plan they really helped me! http://www.thelazydaisychain.co.uk/Bumps/birth.html

    As far as the hypnobirthing goes I also breathed my baby out and it was incredible. I felt everything and could tell exactly what was happening and no-one spoke to me. Hubby & midwife just let me get on with it and made sure everything was ok down the other end. I think that must have been linked to the hypnosis & relaxation as I was in the zone image

    Transition was a different matter though! Nothing could save me there I HATED it!

    Edit to say labour didn't go to plan as I wanted the baby at home in a pool and ended up having her in hospital wired up to a monitor and an IV. The labour itself was fine 3.5 hours after my waters were broken, beautiful healthy baby, home the same day image
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    I was so calm and relaxed and breathed her out which meant I needed no stitches.

  • honeybee1981honeybee1981 Posts: 302
    I attended a course a couple of weeks ago, and baby is due "towards end of July" (one of the things they teach in hypnobirthing is not to focus too much on a fixed due date!!)

    MrsBatenow you have reassured me somewhat as I've been practicing the breathing and relaxations since the course and like you, feel like I'm not really switching off and therefore I've been worrying that it means it won't work, so very reassuring to hear that you experienced the same thing and it did work!

    Since the course my hubby has become a huge advocate of hypnobirthing, he seriously can't understand why all women don't do it!

    Obviously I've yet to experience putting it to the test but I think the fact that I am now actually excited and looking forward to the birth(whereas when I first found out I was pregnant, I was immediately terrified by the thought of it) says a lot in itself!
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    I'm so glad some of you have found the course useful. I've read quite a few birth stories and the hypnobirthing ones sound so wonderfully inspiring and calm, if mine is only half like them, I'd be over the moon.

    Did you all go on Hypnobirthing Insitute courses? Those are the ones I'm looking at.

    This story is just wonderful:

  • honeybee1981honeybee1981 Posts: 302
    Hi picklepick - where abouts do you live? If you are in London then I would recommend www.thehypnobirthingcentre.co.uk - Katherine Graves is great image
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    Aww thanks but I'm in Manchester! I've found a practicioner that I like, just waiting for course date details.
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374

    is it a group class that you are looking at? Im Bolton based (close enough to Manc) and have sent out a few emails to practicioners but so far they are only offering one on one sessions. Thats not to say we wont do it.. but classes would be cheaper im sure! I think they do them at Stepping Hill hospital, is that what you are looking at?

    I am part way through the book at the mo, someone randomly recommended it to me and I am gripped!!

    My concern is that my hubby works shifts so group classes might not suit anyway, but one to one sounds so intense!
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    This is the practitioner I've found Dawn.

    She does group sessions in Sale. I agree, I didn't like the sound of one-on-one sessions either.

    She seems quite flexible so perhaps you could explain your situation and see if she can work with you. She also told me she's starting Tues eve sessions soon too. She already does Thurs eve and Sat morns.

  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    Thanks for that. I will drop her a line! Good luck x
  • MrsBatenowMrsBatenow Posts: 227
    I asked my midwife about hypnobirthing and she knew a midwife who ran courses, she charged £100 for 4 sessions including cd and book(she followed Marie Mongan's method). Def the best £100 I have ever spent!

    I'd recommend buying a birthing/gym ball to practice on at home as I spent a lot of my labour bouncing on it and it can help get your baby in the right position just before birth.

    Also drinking raspberry tea everyday from around 32( or it could be 34) weeks is worth trying, apparently it helps tone your uterus which can speed up the second stage of labour (my labour was 3 hours)!!!

    My hypnobirth midwife also did aromatherapy and gave us all bath oils that were a mix if clary sage and lavender, clary sage can help induce labour but i just felt really relaxed using the oils in the bath.

    If you're thinking of hypnobirthing seriously consider a home birth as you are so much more relaxed at home which makes hypno easier! I was bouncing on my ball, watching An Idiot Abroad with a glass of wine whilst in labour! I then spent a lit of time in the bath while the midwives sat having a cuppa with my mum.

    I found in the transition stage where you really feel like youre losing control(and the plot) I had to listen to the affirmation cd to concentrate and stop panicking. If you haven't had a baby before this is the point when you think you can't handle it and panic. I had gas and air at this point to take the edge off.

    Sorry if im going on a bit u just want everyone to do hypnobirthing!!! X
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    ooh im in! starting in July in Sale picklepic!
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Ooooh woooo me too!! What day are you going? Maybe we'll meet!! haha image
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    7 July, 21 28 and 5 August. You in? image
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    I'll be seeing you on the 7th then imageimage
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    thats great Laura. See you then! image
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