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Unsure if Pregnant...

Hi Girls

I've woken up this morning wondering if I could be pregnant and now I can't get the idea out of my head so I wanted some advice!

But basically I got my period roughly 2 weeks early and it only bled for 3 days, now 20 days later I've been noticing some funny lower abdomen 'feelings' not cramps, more a heavy sensation about a week ago and I've woken up feeling a bit nauseous although I'm not sure if this is all psychological!

We have been using protection (condoms admittedly) and we haven't noticed any tears etc - we also have 2 other children both from failed pill attempts (yes seriously, I know I should know this by now) but each of those pregnancies took me by surprise for various reasons... Any suggestions? I don't want to run straight out and do a pregnancy test as I did one too early with my son and we didn't find out we were pregnant with him until I was 8 weeks gone as I assumed I wasn't as the test came back negative... Grr...


  • Take a test....they are cheap enough! There really isnt any other way is there!
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Really, take the test. If you are pregnant from when you think, there's no chance to get a false negative.

    Go take a test!
  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551

    Hey girls,

    I just wanted to update and also vent... well I did a test when you all advised me too and it came back negative image 5 tests later I was certain that it was definitely negativeimage

    So I put it to the back of my mind and tried to forget about it, then I started bleeding, about 2 weeks late for when my period was supposed to be due! And only about half a day... again, I put it to the back of my mind and convinced myself that if the test was negative then it was right...

    I'm now late with my NEXT period, I went to the doctors this morning with my big long list of symptoms (they've grown to include boob pain, massive appetite yet I've lost about half a stone in weight, major irritability (could just be that I'm a pain in the behind, lol!) Exhaustion, serious nausea, heartburn has now started up oh and I have a big swollen belly as well!!!

    Still have a negative pregnancy test, the docs are having me do a blood test next Monday (the earliest they can fit me in) and I'll have to wait another week for the results... so by the time I find out I could be as far along as 9 weeks!!!

    So I was just wondering if anyone else has had any experience like this when pregnant? Or know if someone has? Everyone always says that the pregnancy tests are so reliable but you can't really argue with my list of symptoms - although if I'm not pregnant, what the hell is wrong with me! LOL!

    Anyway ladies, I'm sorry, I'm just banging on about nothing really! I don't want to talk to my friends about this because I don't want to get their hopes up, but it's really hard thinking you may or may not be pregnant!

    Any comments would be appreciated girls, if only to get my mind off it image


  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    Gosh, I don't really know what to say!

    A friend of mine had about 3 periods after she got pregnant, so she got a shock at her ultrasound when she found out she was quite a bit further along than she thought.

    As for the negative test though, you do hear of women getting them & still being pregnant.

    If you are pregnant how do you feel about another baby?

  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551

    I know, it's a tough one, I'm not expecting anyone to have answers I'm just frustrated and venting!

    Really? 3 periods? Wow, that gives me hope image

    Yes, I've been reading tons of stories online that sound like mine, it's just frustrating having to wait!

    I'd be ecstatic if we were pregnant with another baby!

  • MrsL1978MrsL1978 Posts: 94

    I dont have any experience with what you are describing but it does seem like you could be pregnant, even though you have had negative tests.  Did the doctor examine you? 

    One of my friends carried on  having light periods when she was pregnant.  When she found out, they arranged a dating scan because of the few days of bleeding here and there and it turned out she was 16 weeks pregnant! 

    Your doctors should have the blood result by mid to end of next week so I would give them a ring, I wouldnt wait a week for the result!!!

    Keep us posted!

  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551

    No, my doctors don't generally examine you, they just send you off for blood tests!

    I'm loving hearing about other people and peoples friends who have light periods/negative pregnancy tests too, it makes me feel a bit happier about it all!

    Blimey though, 16 weeks pregnant and not knowing it - scary!

    Well they said it would be a week, but when I get the bloods taken on Monday I might just beg them for a quicker result! According to the NHS website it can take up to 3 weeks sometimes!!!

    Of course I will... in 2 weeks!

  • amoricksenamoricksen Posts: 347

    I had the same/similar symptoms to you but I was getting positive results. Have you tried different types of test? Maybe they would give you a different result.

  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551

    I've tried all the tests that are on the market at the moment! What I have are definitely pregnancy symptoms... the only problem is the symptoms are fairly innocuous really and could be attributed to a ton of other things too!

  • I don't want to disappoint you but I was experiencing the exact same thing as you around a year ago. I had ALL the symptoms of being pregnant along with a late period when I'm normally as regular as clock work. I was convinced Iudt be pregnant despite various negative tests. I held off but eventually went to the doctors who agreed I certainly sounded pregnant. He did the blood test but that came back negative. It was only then I realised the tests must have been right and I wasn't pregnant. It was only then that the symptoms subsided and my period came. Our bodies are funny things! I think cos I thought I was pregnant my mind tricked my body into thinking it was and every little twinge, wee or sneeze I put down to being pregnant, this then fuelled the fact that I thought I was and my body carried on with more symptoms.

    I hope you are pregnant if this is something you want but I wanted to tell you my experience so if you're not, u know ur not the only one xx
  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551

    Hey LittlePea,

    No, don't be silly sweet, this is the sort of thing I am looking for, I am realistic and I don't want to run away with myself if I'm not pregnant! Did the doctor not suggest looking into it further or did they just conclude that it was your body being a bit funny?

    I know what you mean about every twinge etc being pregnant, because pregnancy symptoms are fairly random it's so easy to attribute everything to being pregnant even when you're not!

    I just spent all night up and throwing up constantly so if I'm not pregnant I hope the doctor can tell me what is wrong as this really isn't nice! image


  • FloFlo Posts: 432
    Unfortunately pregnancy symptoms also overlap with the symptoms of a cyst. Clear follicular cysts are just eggs that keep growing and don't leave the ovary, because of this the body can get confused and the ovaries don't bother releasing any other eggs, and then the hormones start reacting in the same way as if you were pregnant. It generally ends up popping which can cause you to feel sick, be sick, or experience sharp pain. Sometimes you can find you have a really bad period, other times other than feeling pregnant for a bit you wouldn't know you'd even had a cyst in the first place. They aren't anything to worry about, and are really common, but they are also the most common cause of missed periods (after pregnancy obviously!!!)

    Hope you get a positive answer though honey. I'm not saying that this is what you have (hope you are pregnant if that's what you want), but whatever happens try not to worry and I hope you feel better soon x
  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    My Period was really late in our first month of trying after stopping pill. I thought my cycles were messed up- turns out I was pregnant. I did about 6 pregnancy tests which were all negative...then I got a positive one on 29th June (last period 1st may!)!

    Had a an early scan this week & I'm only 6weeks 6days. Still can't believe it...

    The heavy feeling in your stomach- this is the exact feeling I had when I tested & got a positive.

    Good luck xx
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