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Cramping & spotting!

Not sure if i'm getting excited about nothing here, we've been trying for 18 months with no success & DH has a low sperm count so why should this month be any different?

Haven't used ov sticks for last few month but when I have it's been around CD16/17. If that was the case this month.. then on sunday I would've been 6DPO & I had BAD cramps for about an hour or more, then later that evening when I went to the loo I had pink cm and again the next day. Nothing tues or wed but today there's been tiny tiny little spots of red blood when I wipe (sorry)  I've never noticed either of these symptoms before & I never get period pains/cramps.

Also, I can't stop going to the loo!! I'll go & 10 mins later feel like I need to go again! Haven't got sore boobs or anything else! What do you think? Has anyone else had this & got a BFP?


  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265

    sounds good to me!!

  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    I had severe cramping for a couple of hours and a small bleed that lasted 2 days when I had my implantation. Although I just thought it was an irregular period and put it to the back of my mind until 6 weeks later when I found out i was expecting following a week of unexplained

    Dawn x


  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride

    Well, still no sign of AF but i'm trying to hold off testing - i'm not sure when I ovulated so don't want to test too eary & be disapointed. I'm CD32 today  (i'm generally 29-33 days but did have a 42 day once last year!!  I don't feel any different at all but if nothing happens by the morning I may have to do a test as we're going on holiday tomorrow. (i've just been & bought a first response test)  I'm REALLY hoping those cramps were the implantation.

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