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Missing pill break right before TTC?

Hi all,

Hubby and I have decided that I'll come off the pill when I come to the end of my current 6 month supply (August).  I'm now on my penultimate back image but realised my week break will have my birthday in the middle of it.  I don't want to have a withdrawal bleed during my romantic weekend birthday break image Ordinarily I'd just start taking the next pack and miss the withdrawal bleed but as this will mean starting my final pack, I'm worried I could mess up my system and cause it to take longer for OV and to get real AF.  Has anyone had any experience of this?  Did it affect you? 

I've been waiting so long to come off the pill, I really don't want to mess up my cycle anymore than it already is?!


  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    I don't think it will make any difference to be honest foz. I took two lots back to back before stopping. I didn't have a withdrawal bleed, but then I hadn't on the pill breaks for about a year prior. Af turned up 5 weeks later. It all went a bit haywire after that, but I have since found out I have pcos so I don't think it would cause you a problem. The only thing most docs advise is not to stop mid pack and to finish the pack otherwise you might have some breakthrough bleeding. Good luck, hope the journey is short and sweet image
  • Foz140607Foz140607 Posts: 419

    Thanks Dudders.  Fingers crossed it will all be ok.  I had a long pill break a few year ago after coming out of a relationship and periods went back to normal straight away...but then the break was due to the end of a relationship not TTC!  It would be just my luck that it'll take ages this time and I'm so excited...6 weeks and counting until TTC image

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