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Vitex help

Hi ladies! I wondered whether you could help me with taking vitex & your success stories on it! I'm now on cd 48, my previous 3 cycles were regular but now they've gone weird again, also my temp doesn't increase! My question is when do I start taking it, how much of it do I take & for how long? I mentioned vitex to the dr & she just looked at me strange & had never heard of it! Was going to get some from h & b today image x


  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265


    do you mean agnus castus?

    i took it for a while but the capsules used to make me want to puke as they tasted so disgusting!! i took the tincture for a while before clomid

    you're supposed to take it up until ov then stop, but not sure how you're going to know if you don't get a temp shift.

    you could use opks, or cm monitoring i suppose



  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    You take it from your AF till after your ovulate and start again when you start your next AF.  I am not sure how many you need to take, but have a look on the bottle. I have heard it does take a few months for it to work, sometimes 6. I did take it for a couple, and stopped as it made no difference, but I wished I had been told earlier that it was not a fast acting herb and maybe persevered.

    Do not take it in conjunction with Clomid though.


  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    Ok thanks ladies! You defo have to wait for af coz I'm not sure when that will be, I was hoping I'd be able to kick start it all again with vitex? I've got a low dose one yesterday but haven't started them yet! Thanks for your help anyway image x
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