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Hi, I just wanted to ask anyone who has ended up having a c section for any advice or information you may have. I'm 37+4 and baby is breech. We have tried everything to get her to turn but it seems baby is wedged in my pelvis and so the consultant doesn't think we have much chance of baby turning now. I have therefore reluctantly been given a provisional date for a c section at 39 weeks. Can anyone who has had a c-section give me any advice? What was the recovery like? Did it effect breast feeding or have you been able to do this? Anything that can make things easier in the days following the operation? I had my heart set on a natural, water birth but I am slowly accepting that I have to do what is safest for baby. Hope everyone is doing well. Xxx


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I didnt have c section but my cousin did she said her biggest regret was trying to do too much too quickly to get home but ended up delaying her recovery. She was breast feeding ok but dont be afraid of ringing for the midwives to pass you the baby to feed initially.

    Do ensure home is as ready as it can be
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308

    I had an emergency c-sec and looking back I am perfectly happy with that outcome! I'd been in labour 24hrs and not progressing past 6cm and in a lot of pain!

    I had my section at 2.49am do for the rest of that day I was in quite a bit of pain, they got me out if bed that evening and I was walking to the toilet in the night etc. it is sore but you can deal with it! I was home after a few days and although I was climbing the walls to get home, looking back, I'm glad I had those few days just me and bubba as we managed to bond nicely! I did bf for a few days but LO couldn't latch on so we ended up on the bottle!

    However, once I got home I started to overdo it a bit and ended up with an infection so rested up for a few days and was fine! I was out walking with the pram after 6 days and back to normal after a week! Hubby and I had sex for first time 12 days afterwards!

    All in all it was fine, I'll be opting for c-sec with my next one defo! I've heard so many horror stories from my friends having natural birth!

    It's not all bad and as long as your baby arrives safe and sound, that's all that matters, good luck

    Claire x x
  • I had an emergency c-sec after as my LO turned the wrong way and then tilted her head back and then started getting distressed.

    I had her on the Thurs afternoon and the following morning they got me out of bed to take a shower and I went home on the Sat.

    Breastfeeding was fine but my advice would be to take it easy as much as possible as this will help you heal and recover quicker. Ask partner, family and friends for as much help as possible.

    The thing I found most frustrating was that I wasn't allowed to lift my baby out of the cot whilst in hospital, so every time she cries I had to buzz a midwife. The other thing was that I had to wear surgical stockings for 6 weeks after the c-sec!!
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Oh yeah, as above, that was the worse bit - not being able to lift her out of the cot for the first day!

    I didn't wear stockings but had to inject clexane (blood thinner) for 6 weeks afterwards, although I stopped after 2 as it was getting so painful and I was very mobile! (naughty I know!!)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your replies, it is really good to hear some positive experiences and get some idea of what to expect.

    Hopefully it wont be as bad as I first imagined but I just felt a bit lost as you go through natural births so much in antenatal classes and only do the minimum on cesarean sections so it is a bit frustrating when things don't go to plan. That is one thing I am learning very quickly though, nothing with babies quite seems to go to plan!

    Another question, I was looking at cesarean belts to protect the area in mothercare the other day. Is this something anyone used or is it just another waste of money?

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, this site is so good to be able to get first hand information about things!

    Hope you are all doing well and enjoying being mums xx

  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Being a mummy is the best feeling in the world - my LO is 8 months old now and we have started trying for number 2!!

    I didn't bother buying a cesarean band but just used maternity bump bands that I wore in pregnancy - hit them off eBay really cheap! They seemed to do the job pretty well!

    Alot of people don't get the birth they wanted or planned but we wouldn't change our bubbas for anything! I wanted a natural birth with defo no epidural or c-sec (I didn't read that chapter in the book!) but obv ended up with both, which at the time, I was desperate for an epidural and was so happy when they said I'd be having a section!

    X x
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    I too had hoped for a lovely Waterbirth but ended up with emergency c section. Yes the recovery can be slow but I would just stress that u shouldn't overdo it. I felt quite good in week 2 and def overdone it one day which set me back a fair bit.

    I found sleeping quite unconfy but then u don't do much of that anyway lol.

    I had no problems with Breastfeeding - just make sure u are comfy before baby latches on otherwise it can be quite difficult to adjust yourself.

    My baby is now 6.5 weeks and I feel almost back to normal. Worst part for me was not bring able to go for walks with buggy at the beginning and being able to drive.

    At the end of the day everyone is in pain after childbirth - at least we do not have stitches and pain below to worry about.

    One thing to add - if u have private healthcare you may be about to have the section done privately! Or you can claim hospital benefit for staying in hospital. I got ??200 per night on my policy!!

    Good luck. Xx
  • coco1981coco1981 Posts: 246

    My baby was breech throughout my pregnancy and we tried all sorts to turn him round (unsuccessfully!) I had been keen for a natural waterbirth and was a little disappointed at having to have a section, although they definitely have their advantages. The downsides as far as I can tell are that you don't get to experience a natural birth, the baby can be a little more sleepy for a while afterwards if it wasn't quite ready to come out and people say that breastfeeding can be slower to establish. 

    However, I think there are many, many positives such as knowing exactly what day your baby will be born (we went out for a lovely dinner the night before), you wont have to go past your due date with all the potential risks that brings, you will maintain your pelvic floor, continence, etc. No stitches down below or any of the uncertainty that comes with a natural labour (e.g. epidural, forceps, distressed baby, episeotomy, etc).

    I was in hospital from Friday morning until Sunday evening, although I could have gone home sooner if I had chosen to. This meant that we had lots of bonding time, masses of help with breastfeeding (which we're still doing exclusively three months down the line), and time to get back onto my feet gradually. They were able to put a cot onto the side of the bed that I could lean over to get baby out from, although I would definitely recommend ringing the bell to get lots of help from the midwives as they are fab (changed most of the dirty nappies for me overnight!)

    I didn't have to wear stockings or have injections to thin the blood once I was at home - this may vary by region or perhaps because my section was an elective rather than emergency? I didn't drive for six weeks, although I felt physically able to much sooner than this. I enjoyed not having to drive as it meant I could concentrate on baby and breastfeeding for a good while without the stress of dragging prams, car seats, etc around the place!

    Overall I thought the experience was a very positive one and I don't think the pain or limitations are any worse than from a natural birth. Good luck!! x

  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Like others above, I wasn't planning on a section, but had to have one, my bp was high and induction didn't work - no problems, no pain, just a little clinical if anything! Not being able to pick him up on the first day was sad, but I also missed out on the meconium nappies! I kept to the six weeksof clexane, but had a lovely bruised tummy to show for it! I did ditch the socks after two weeks though!

    My advice would be..... Milk it!!

    Whilst I've looked after myself since having William, I hoovered up for the first time after 8 weeks!! Hubby didn't seem to realise that i had slowly got back to doing everything else bar the hoovering!!

    Hope everything goes well for you xx
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339

    I had an c-section after failed induction, decision was made at 730 on a friday night and within an hour my baby was born, I was up walking withing 12 hours and discharged less than 48 hours after.
    I carried baby out of the hospital in car chair, i managed my stairs at home no problems (3 storey house) i had very minimal pain, i only took pain killers on a night and first thing on a morning just incase pain came during the night and to get me through the day, and I only did that for about 5days.
    if i ever had another baby i would choose c-section (as i would have to be induced due to medical reasons) x

  • LauraD79LauraD79 Posts: 238
    I am the same as millscm1 - I thought I may have already replied to the thread when I read her response! I was 25 hours into labour, 10cm and pushing, but bubs wasn't flexing his head and got stuck. I went into theatre at midnight and he was born at 12.20am. I had a PPH and lost 2 litres of blood in theatre after the birth, which was terrifying at the time but I was in the right place for them to help me.

    I ended up in high dependency but was moved to my room at 3pm that afternoon. It was painful, but I can't help thinking some of it was because I was stiff and being over cautious about every move! I was up using the toilet that night with the nurses help, but they had to do the feeds for the first couple of nights (we ended up with formula as I wasnt lactating and baby couldn't latch - but was told this would have been the same if it had been a natural birth)

    . My issue was that I just hadn't prepared for it. I was in hospital for 5 days and was climbing the walls too. I also had the injections but told to do it for 8 days (which the hubby did for me!). I also overdid it when I first got home from hospital (did all the night feeds, cleaning, no bed rest, on my own with bubs during the day right from the start etc) and was readmitted after 3 days due to fluid leaking internally, but I was much better after 2 days bed rest.

    I found getting in and out of bed difficult (can only describe it as a really bad muscle strain type of feeling!) and I couldn't lie on my side for a few weeks. But, you quickly learn to adapt.

    Despite the complications and the initial post delivery pain, I am very happy with the outcome, and would defo have an elective C if we had more kids in the future.

    bubs is now nearly 13 weeks and my scar is AMAZING! Very low and very pale. I had the dissolvable stitches and it is so neat. Stitches/staples wasnt something I had thought about or even considered but would influence my decision in the future when choosing a hospital!
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    I had a cat-1 c section with my daughter at 38+3. I got to 10cm dilated but she was back-to-back & stuck. They decided the only course of action was a c section, then my daughter's heart rate plummeted & it became an emergency - rushing down corridors, people everywhere, the works. My daughter was fine but the experience took a while to get over, from a mental point of view.

    Physically I was fine within 5 weeks & only have a slight scar to show for it.

    My son however was a ventouse delivery (with cut) & was far worse a recovery than my c section. I ended up in tears from the pain, I couldn't go to the toilet properly, couldn't sit, walk - it was awful. I wish now I'd gone for another c section (which I was offered) & if I had a third (which we aren't planning) I'd push for a c section.

    Breast feeding wise, I struggled with both. C section you have stomach pain & can't lift easily, natural birth if you had a cut or tear you can't get comfortable!

    I had wanted a water birth too with both, but circumstances conspired & in the end both my children were delivered in the safest way for them, which is all that matters.

  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126

    Feeding-wise babies are more mucousy following c-section as they haven't had the fluid squeezed out by going through the birth canal, whihc can make feeding difficult as it's hard for baby to feed with mucous in it's throat. Once they've spat/sneezed it out it's much better. Also, your milk is slower to come in following a section. But as long as you keep stimulating your breast and keep trying to put the baby to the breat it will come in.

    The midwives are there to help you and should help you to position the baby in a way that is comfortable for you.

    Where I am women stay in hospital for 2 nights following c-section. You rest in bed on the first day, then the next morning they take your catheter out and help you to get out of bed and help you to have a shower.

    Recovery is 6 weeks. You should not drive for 6 weeks and if you do your insurance is void. If you feel you are able to drive you can get your GP to write a letter for your insurance company saying you are fit to drive.

    Oh and you will still bleed vaginally following a section, like a heavy period, and can last 2 weeks.

    Good luck image


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