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Could I be pregnant?.

Hey everyone

Haven't been on here in a while! Hope everyone is well!

Me and hubby aren't TTC, came off the pill at the beginning of the year due to a few issues.  Waited about 6 weeks for a period.  I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago (when i was about 20 I think - I am almost 34).  Been on the Pill for many years but before or when I have had a break from the Pill my periods have been few and far between, sometimes going months without one.  However, this time after stopping the pill my cycles seem to be quite normal, anything from 29-33 days.  I think I have had the signs of ovulation too.

On Sunday I started what I thought was my period, but it only lasted a day, was very light, more brownish then red (sorry if TMI).  Thought it was just the start of it, so didnt really panic as found this is how my periods usually start, ie, very light for a couple of days and then the full flow!  Then Monday, nothing, not even the slightest bit of anything! Then Tuesday morning woke up and went to the loo and thought it was starting again although very light.  Then last night/today nothing again.  Im confused.  I have a very slight ache down below plus the usual moodiness like I am going to come on.  It is now 34 days since day 1 of my last period.  

Me and my hubby were using condoms, but the last couple of months we haven't been and using the withdrawal method - yes I know this isn't the most reliable form of contraception but we have never had a situation where it's been close, if you know what I mean.

So now I am wondering if perhaps we haven't been as careful as we thought and I am panicking I am pregnant.  

Has anyone else had anything similar?  

Thanks for reading 



  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    All I can suggest is taking a pregnancy test ASAP - impossible to know otherwise. Hope everything is OK x

  • Test is the only way....

  • there maybe other changes with your body to look out for, i have a history of low HCG levels ( hormone that the test looks for to see if your preg ) so i dont show up as a positive till around 8 weeks preg ! your nipples and boobs may feel weird or tingle too and you may become more hormonal than usual. good luck hun x

  • MrsL1978MrsL1978 Posts: 94
    Thanks for the replies ladies.

    I did a test last night which was negative! I am relieved but a little part of me was disappointed!!

    Came on today properly today too so all the sorry for nothing!!!

  • amoricksenamoricksen Posts: 347

    I was just gonna say that it sounds like you could be pregnant until i saw your last post. Sounds exactly what happened to me (I have PCOS too but I was trying to conceive).

    I also took a test and it was negative but obviously took it too soon as turns out i was. I would assume you are not as you have now had a full period etc, but if that doesnt last, might be best to try another test just to be sure.

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