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Anyone had/have Fibroids?

Hi, I have just been told I need to go in for an operation for suspected fibroids. Scared about it as the doc said they are going to look at it to see what they are dealing with. I'm freaking out in case it's a sinister lump but the doc said to keep trying for a baby and I don't think she would have said that if there was a possibility of cancer or anything. Has anyone had any lumps removed from uterus?


  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Hi Sputnik, I have been told I have fibroids after our fertility investigations. They originally suspected a cyst so did an MRI and discovered it was just fibroids. Have they done an MRI for you? The doc said they're not going to remove mine as it wouldn't stop me conceiving or cause me problems in pregnancy. I know my cousin has them and has had two healthy babies. My boss has some removed last year and was up and dancing at my wedding a week later.
  • Sputnik123Sputnik123 Posts: 186
    They just the HSG scan and saw a filling defect and said they suspect a fibroid but are just going straight in with hysterscopy to see what they are dealing with and if they can cut it out then they will. I thought that maybe they would do an ultrasound or MRI to see it properly before knocking me out completely and doing a procedure. Apparently mine is near the cervix so it could be hindering conception. I kind of just wish they had a better map before going in image

    She told me to keep ttc but now I'm not even so sure about that as apparently fibroids can grow due to the hormones from pregnancy so if I did fall pregnant how would a baby get past the fibroid!?! I might go talk to my gp.
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    To be honest when we were waiting to see if it was a cyst etc (before discovering it was a fibroid) we stopped trying for a month until we knew for sure we were ok to continue. Good luck.
  • Sputnik123Sputnik123 Posts: 186
    Yeah makes sense although I had just ov'd before I got results but I doubt I'll get BFP this month anyway. Gotta stop looking things up online!
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