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Could i Be pregnant?

okay so i'm after a little bit of help please, gonna be a bit of a long post.

so i first got the depo pova injection in febuary 2008, my husband and i decided we would like a baby but knew it would take a while due to the lentgh of time i was on the injection (2 and a half years) my last injection wore off in August 2010 (18months ago), everything was fine, finally got my periods back in May 2011.

We got married last month 9th June, we were being very carefull during the lead up to the wedding. but over the last few months ive just had feelings i was pregnant but after numerous negative pregnancy tests i wasnt.

so anyways we got married on the 9th June and went on our honeymoon on the 13th, i was due to come on my monthly on 16th june, obviously i didnt want this while i was away in a hot country so i went to the doctors to get the pill to postpone your periods (cant remember what its called but it began wth a "h") i done a pregnancy test at the doctors on the 7th June to double check before taking the tablets and that was also negative, i took my 1st tablet on the 13th june (wednesday) and my last 1 on the 20th June (wednesday) so 1 week, was told my period would start 3 days after taking the last tablet, so along came saturday the 23rd ... no period, it came on sunday 24th June but it wasn't a normal period, i am usually quite hevay the first 2 days then just a noraml period the last 2/3 days but with this one it was just a normal period for the 1st day and a very light brownish/red (more brownish) only when i wiped for the next 3 days.

anyways my "period" ended last week (Wedesday 27th June) but this week i just havnt been feeling right ive had pains in my calfs, lower back and very mid pains in my stomach aswell as my stomach being quite hard and firm and hurting a little when i press in, feelng a little bit sick aswell as a very bad headache now and again, My Husband has been working alot this week so i havnt really seen him much, i've been feeling really emotional, one minute i'm happy the next i just want to cry but i just put that down to not seeing my Husband much. ive also had a increase in Vaginal discharge which i dont usually get unless i am due to come on or i am ovulating.

so ive been telling friends and work collegues how i feel and they laugh and say your not pregnant are you? but now they have really put the thought in my head, i know most of you will say take a test but i just cant bring my self to do it with the let down of soo many negatives, my next period isnt due until 21st July and if my calculations are correct i would of been onvulatiing around 28th May - 1st June which would of only been 1 week brfore i took my last test at the doctors so maybe i wasnt far enough on for it to show up?

arrgghhh i dont know what to do or think, i just cant face another negative test, I havnt told my husband how i feel as all the other times i have told him how i feel then we've taken a test and it was negative he was really disheartened i just dont want to put us through that again.

what do you ladies think? please help xxxx


  • Mammy MooreMammy Moore Posts: 333

    ive also been felling tiered latley despite having my 7 - 8 hours sleep per night and this is wha i find quite wierd when i sit forward and put my belly on my thighs i can feel i very slight vibrating/buzzing in my abdominal area and no my phone wasnt in my pocket lol xxxx

  • Keep testing, no-one can tell if your pregnant or not.

    Also those nasty pills that delay your period seriously mess up your cycles and make you feel dodgy too

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    I'm not sure what to say really. No one can answer the question as to whether you are pregnant or not. The only way to know is to take a test.

    I know how difficult it is, I had 8 months of negative tests before my positive. The not knowing part is often more difficult than getting a negative and being able to move on to the next cycle.



  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    (im no where near even trying to get pregnant so what do i know but ) you need to be brave and take a test. wait til your husband is around a bit more and take it with him. be there for each other, hold each other, tell each other how much you really want it to be positive and gown hurt you've been over the months. Fingers crossed it can be a positive though
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