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Tips for TTC,I'm new to all of this! :)

I've been off the pill for 18months now & my cycles are back to every 28days. On the reccomendation of friends I've stocked up on folic acid,pregna care & omega3. Got zinc tablet for the boy! & downloaded PeriodPlus on my iphone to track ovulation.
Any other tips would be muchly appriciated!

Yesterday was the first day of my period & this is the first month we are offically trying to conceive! eeek!


  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    My top tip would be to not worry too much about dates & times of ovulation at first & just to focus on having great sex! It sounds like your body is totally ready so just relax and enjoy it rather than getting stressed if things don't happen immediately. We conceived on 4th go & the only thing I did differently was not focusing on ttc & justhaving fun. everyone is different though.

    Good luck with it.
  • Dont get bogged down with temping, checking ovulation, just make sure you know when it is roughly with your app and just have fun!

    Dont symptom spot and drive yourself insane, dont test like mad from stupid times like 6 days past your ovulation, everyones different but on average you wont get a BFP till after at least 10 days past....


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    If your pregnacare contains folic acid you dont need to take both together. As others have said try to have fun with ttc bd every few days to keep sperm levels topped up as they can live up to a week inside you.
  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    Thanks ladies. The wedding is in 50 days so I'll be caught up with that for the next two months, but want to be sure I'm still doing what I/we can to help the process...

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