Sorry tmi - 1st period after birth???

So I got my 1st period 10weeks and 4days after I gave birth (which was 2weeks ago today). And I still have it!!!!!!! I started the pill on the same day as my period came, as advised. It was a really heavy period! Then Last sat it appeared to have stopped, so sat night me & hubby did 'the naughty' lol, then a few hours later I started to bleed again. It wasn't too heavy until today, and it's full blown again ! Did anyone else find this, is this normal? I don't want to go to the dr's if it is but on the same hand I don't want to leave it if it's not normal. Thank you x


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    I got my 1st period about 2 weeks ago, it was a bit heavier for the first 2 days then it tailed off. I would maybe go and see the doctor if it gets heavier. It could be to do with the pill. I'm not too sure, I'm not allowed on the pill so don't know if it could cause it or not.
  • Hmmm I'm trying to remember mine! I remember it was really really heavy to the point I was changing every hour or so as it started running down my legs (sorry tmi!!) and it lasted longer than normal. But it didn't stop and then return. I started back on the pill too. Maybe it's just your body's was of readjusting back to normal. If it carries on though I would go and see your doc just for reassurance x
  • I wouldnt worry about it. Im not on the pill but when i had my first period, it went on for about 2 and a half weeks and the flow was very up and down (sorry if TMI). I lost count of how many sanitary towels i went through.

    After having a couple of periods, they have now gone back to  how they were before i had my LO.

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    Thank you ladies. Fingers crossed it goes soon!!! Lol x
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    Mine was the same. Very heavy, all over the place, lasted for ages and then came back about 10 days later! Dr said it was just my body getting back to normal. Like anything, speak to your doc if you are still worried x
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    Thank you, 

    I've had a horrendous migrain today and think it could be the pill :-/ I did get migrains before pregnancy and was taken off the pill for that reason. Im thinking I may have to re think the contraception. Hmmm baby no. 2.......... Lol only kidding image

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    I was told could not take combined pill due to migraines so was swapped onto mini pill and then only got couple a year rather than several a month. Any progestron only contraception is better for migraines
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    They have

    tried me on the mini pill & implant (which is basically the same) but they sent my hormones craaaaaazy!!!! So I'm thinking the coil without hormones, I really don't want to resort to condoms image
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    Funnily enough I had this same issue afte raving my daughter, some 3 and a bit years ago! I had a bit of a traumatic birth so I was never really sure where birth bleed stopped and first period started but it was just on off heavy of ages, I can't have the pill, mini pill sent hormones bonkers and didn't fancy condoms so got the mirena but it wasn't until 6 month after, I had to wait 3 months post birth to have it fitted. It's been pretty good, had it almost 3 years so can't be that bad!
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    I was on Cerazette before TTC but came off it because it made me such a monster!!

    I had no bleeding whilst taking it and after stopping it (mid packet) had a period about 6 weeks later. It was a really heavy one but that wasn't surprising after not having one for so long. But everyones different so I'd def say go and check it with doctor if you're worried.

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    Sorry-wrong thread!! Damn baby brain!
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    Thank you ladies, 


    I might think about the mirena coil, I'm just worried wont agree

    I just finished my first pill packet and now have my proper period, plus major PMT!!! Not good with a teething baby, I'm trying so hard not to go off on one and keep reminding myself it's hormones lol. x

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