42 and just Pregnant

Hi ladies, Im 42 and have just very happily found out that we're having a baby. Its just that I cant tell everyone yet and I feel quite alone with my wonderfull news. When I had my other 2 children (now almost 20 and 17) all my friends were having babies too, so I dont know where to go nowdays for the companionship that I used to rely so much on.

I live in hertfordshire so would also love a coffee buddy to maybe meet up with to share everything baby.

Am I the only older mum out here??

Claire xx


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    Hi Claire, I'm an old mum. 40 this year with a 2 year old and contemplating number 2.

    Sadly I don't live anywhere near Hertfordshire, I am west yorkshire based. But I am on here most days.

    Congrats again on the pregnancy and I hope your not feeling too ill with it, I had horrendous Morning sickness all the way through with my daughter.

    Dawn x


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi Claire,


    I'm a young mum to be myself but I just wanted to recommend Netmums to you. They have a scheme called meet-a-mum and you can arrange to meet up with other local mums for coffee and a chat.

    Also, you will meet loads of other mums at your antenatal classes. Sign up to every club you can find for after the baby is here and you'll be fine. Baby message, mum and baby groups, etc,


    Good luck!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    Hi Claire

    Congratulations.  I am 35 so a little younger but by no means a young mum.  I have a little girl almost 6 months and we would like another.  I have met a lot of other mums at local children's centre, initially at baby massage and then an under 1's group.  NCT run bumps and babes groups all over the country too for both pregnant ladies and parents so could be worth looking for some there.

  • MrsCMrsC Posts: 71
    Hi Claire

    I'm 38 with a 17 year old, 4 year old (starting school this September) and a 3 year old and just abt to try for my number 4.

    I've suffered with severe morning sickness and my previous pregnancies and during the last one this required hospitalisation for several weeks.

    I must be mad wanting to go through all that again!!!

    You're certainly not alone.

    Judith x
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