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Best starter steriliser kit and breast pump

Hi girls, wondered if anyone had any opinions or advice on steriliser stuff, is it better to get a kit or buy seperates, electric or microwave, best deals etc and also the same kind of info on electric breast pumps. thanks! image


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi i got everything Avent the breast pump is great I really recommend it so i got Avent bottles and microwave steriliser. Got the sterilisr on offer for ??10 and the home starter kit bottles for ??12

    I havent really found need for electric steriliser as microwave done in 6 mins

    Have been pleased with the bottles too
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    Thanks cebpickle! image
  • lbarr10lbarr10 Posts: 586
    Hi, I use all tommee tipper stuff. Got the manual breast pump on offer for ??10 and the microwave steriliser as well. Really like the bottles, we have a few anti colic ones which are good.
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    Thanks lbarr10 image
  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Like cebpickle, I'm all avent except we have th electric steam steriliser and not the microwave one.I really like it and obviously it fits all avent bottles and stuff perfectly.

    Just a precautionary word, avent have brought out some new bottles, and I'm not sure if all the current accessories fitmthem as they are a different design - something to look into.

    I've been very with my avent stuff - I got good deals of kiddicare.

    An electric breast pump is better than a manual one! Less hassle, easier, but more expensive
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    Thanks MrsQM2, i think im leaning more towards an electric steriliser and had looked at the Avent one, thanks for the tip about the new bottles etc, I'll definitely look into that image
  • coco1981coco1981 Posts: 246
    I have the tommy tippee electric steriliser which I've been really pleased with - very quick and easy. For some reason I felt funny about putting baby's bottles, etc in a microwave (just me being weird!)

    I have the medela swing breast pump which has been fab. I use it every day and it's very comfortable and effective. Can highly recommend.
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    Don't buy a manual breast pump, they are very time consuming and after sitting pumping milk off for half an hour each side, very painful on your arms

    Dawn x


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