Is anyone else planning/considering having their baby baptised/christened? My husband and I were both baptised and I personally attended Sunday school as a child and whilst I admit we do not attend church in a regular basis currently, it is my intention to teach Isla about god, Jesus, the true meaning of Easter, Christmas etc. When she is old enough I would like to take her to church/Sunday school. We are meeting with the minister of our local church next week but my mum has warned us that he'll come down hard on us for not attending church. He refused to marry us as we didn't at that time live in the parish (we do now and had every intention of moving back to the area - our flat was on the market at the time) and even though my parents lived in the parish, I'd been brought up here, was a member of the church and attended it and it's sunday school as a child. After my mums warning I'm really fretting about this meeting as I don't want to be ridiculed. I personally don't feel I have to attend church every sunday to have belief. I've now also contacted the minister of the church where we married as he was always so friendly and welcoming even though we weren't from the area. Just wondered what other people's opinions/experiences are? On a separate line, who are you inviting and are you doing anything following the ceremony? Do you have a family gown to use?x


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    We have to attend church regularly in the run up to the christening (much like we did for the wedding as it wasn't our parish) and also notify the minister of our parish that Chloe is to be christened elsewhere (again like tgd wedding) and that is all. I'm sure you won't be ridiculed, you will be fine. You'd not the first and won't be the last set if patents they meet in you'd situation. As for gowns my parents still have mine but it has got a yellowy tinge to it with being stored so won't be using that but I intend to have a traditional gown for Chloe for the service and will then probably get a white party type dress for afterwards so she can play etc without ruining it. I want tgd gown to be a new family heirloom if that makes sense.

    We have hired our local cricket club function room afterwards and will put in a buffet and some sort of entertainment for the children (thinking a puppet show/clown) and some music (not paying out for a dj though!!!!)

    We are inviting immediate family but to be fair that is 60+ people!! Chloe will have four godparents, two of each sex, they are my brother, my sister in law and two of my cousins.

    We have a meeting with the minister in 18th August to discuss things but in any event the christening is booked for 14th October when Chloe will be 25 weeks.

    So worrying aside have you decided on godparents, who you would invite etc? I'm so excited about it!

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    We aren't at the moment as for me I couldnt do a big family thing since losing my dad, might sound selfish but if Caitlin wants to be when older then we would do it. My best friend is getting her daughter baptised at our church, doesnt live in the parish and they have been open to her coming. The minister at the church where she got married and had her son christened wont do it as they no longer live in the parish despite the connection to that church.

    I have been to some with just 20 close family and others with friends and family up to 100 people so people go with both ends.

    The ones been invited to have all had something after even if just coffee and cake
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    We're going to have willow christened, not sure yet if at our local church our the one we got married at, although i'm more likely to attend the one we got married at. Both ministers are lovely & I think just glad to get people inn the churches.

    We have a family down ago will probably use that. Haven't chosen God parents yet though. We both have two sisters & a bro so could be,awkward esp as 3 of the sisters have been a bit useless with her. Might,just choose friends...

    Definitely would have a party after as some people would travel quite far for it but would rather not have that at ours due to space

    Lots,to think about still
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    Ellie my friend had friends coz she said brothers and sisters will be aunts and uncles anyway
  • Thanks for your advice ladies, I was feeling fine about it all until my mum said that so we'll see what happens on Tuesday. I'll certainly update you all.

    Godparents we're not quite sure, I personally want to choose someone who will always be in her life so probably family rather than friends. My god mother was a friend of my mum and I don't think they've been in contact for the last 20years. I thnk my younger brother would definitely be one as he's the only one of all our siblings without children and to be honest is unlikely to have any so I think it would mean a lot to him and I know he'd take it seriously.

    We were thinking about going to the local golf club after, friends of ours are caterers there do hoping they could help us out at a reasonable price. Invite wise I'm just not sure how far to extend it. Obviously immediate friends and family but thereafter I'm not sure, we had 120 at our wedding and I don't fancy a repeat of that!!

    I asked my mum about a gown last night and she said we didn't have gowns but a shawl which all 3 of us were christened in and she showed me it and it's beautiful, we'll def be using it.

    This might be a stupid question but do you buy a christening gift for your own baby? I really want to buy her a bracelet that she can have when she's older but can wear as a child on special occasions, those expandable ones if you know what I mean. I was going to get one for her 1st Christmas but maybe her christening is more appropriate x
  • The minister who married us has said he'd be delighted to baptise Isla for us, phew x
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    It is tricky with numbers as like you say it can easily be a repeat of wedding numbers. If family as god parents then less need to invite friends. Good luck and good news from minister
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    William was christened when he was 9 weeks. We just had close family and godparents to the cricket club for a buffet afterwards. About 35 peope. Friends for godparents because aunts and uncles already have a role. For godparents just bear in mind for a boy it's (at least) 2 godfathers, one godmother, for a girl it's (at least) 2 godmothers, one godfather. Our vicar was very supportive even though we don't go to church regularly. In fact we arranged it all by email. We even skyped in one of William's godfathers who lives in Japan! It was a wonderful day xx
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    We had a naming ceremony for Jake at a local pub which we had hired out. It was a lovely country place. I wrote a script we had three readings and instead of god parents we asked all the family to support him but that I picked a job for each close family member which was relevent to them eg my sister to teach him about music because she is in a brass band. I cried reading the script when I talked about my grandparents who have died but everyone said how wonderful and personal it was. We also had a finger print tree too. There were about 40 people there.
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