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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor Question

Hey image I have had a read through the booklet & it says that it will ask for the first test on day 6 of your cycle, I am on day 3 so have still got my period & i was wondering what you do if on day 6 you still have AF as I can't see anything in the info book about it? Do you still test or leave it untill you have stopped compleatly & carry on from there? I know its silly but I would rather avoid an icky test & a wasted stick if I can help it but equally I don't want to mess up the testing. Thank you for your help ladies. image


  • JinJinJinJin Posts: 129


  • JinJinJinJin Posts: 129

    Any idea ladies? 


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    In your first month, I would test from day 6. Some ladies ovulate really early in a cycle. Once you know where you more or less ovulate, you can adjust it the following cycle (fingers crossed you won't need to!)

    Hope that helps

  • JinJinJinJin Posts: 129

    Thanks Pickle, It does help image yes all fingers & toes crossed lol! image

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