9 day old awake all night


Just wondering if anybody has any advice. My LO is 9 days old and we are struggling with the sleeping at night times. She is feeding every 3-4 hours although sometimes only 2hours between feeds. However, every night so far we have had her awake for an hour before a feed (e.g. last night she fed at 2.30am then went to sleep but woke at 3.30am but didn't want feed until 4.30am). Between 3.30am-4.30am she just will not sleep no matter what we try. I want to try and get this sorted before it becomes a habit for her as has happened last 4 nights now but don't know what to do to settle her and get her to sleep. 


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    Have you tried swaddling her? Sometimes they want the extra security and swaddling is simialr to what they were used to inside you. With regards to feeding is she breast or bottle fed? That could make a difference as she may be waking up hungry if breast fed as the milk digests a lot quicker than formula. Maybe speak to your midwife for some advice too. It's difficult at that age as babies don't know the difference between day and night.

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    Hi it will take a while for babies to learn the difference between day and night. Where is baby sleeping? As Caitlin would not sleep in crib initially but would moses basket. At night i kept it dark and would feed then place to sleep. In these first few days it is really important that you do get sleep in the daytime

    there is information on the isis website, infant sleep information source
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    We have been swaddling her since we brought her home at "night time" to try and make the difference between night and day. She is formula fed with a bit of breast milk being given that I am expressing (although this isn't much so we give her this during the day and the formula at night time. Having said that the info says she will prob want 6 feeds a day but she is having more like 8! Midwife is coming back again on Tuesday so will make sure I ask her then and then my health visitor starts coming from Thursday so hopefully between them they will be able to give me some advice.

    She is sleeping in her moses basket right next to our bed and make sure all her feeds are in the dark (or as dark as possible). Not sure whether to try and just leave her and see if she can soothe herself back to sleep as she doesn't seem to want anything - happy to sit in the dark and stare and it is not a hysterical cry when she wakes up.

    Hopefully the number of visitors will start to reduce soon and so we can get more organised. I know its probably too soon for a routine but we are going to start with bathtime and bed routine from Monday as want to try and get a bit more sorted before hubby goes back to work the next week.

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    Babies don't learn the difference between night & day until they are about 6 weeks old. All she knows is feed me, change me, cuddle me, talk to me etc etc lol

    Having said that, babies do learn from cues so introducing a very simple routine at bedtime will definately help her learn that this means bedtime. The early weeks are so hard, specially when you have a constant stream of visitors wanting cuddles. I would also say if she's awake during the night & not crying , leave her if you can. She'll drift back off to sleep again. X
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    I don't think it's ever too early to start a routine, even just a very loose one. It definitely helped us as Chloe used to take quite a while to settle at bedtime - never crying but just awake and not wanting anything. Now when she wakes up early evening (any time between 5:30 and 7, she is making it later herself gradually) we have a little chat and sing while the bath runs, a nice splash, then more singing while I rub her with lotion and put clean babygro on, then feed downstairs and she falls asleep on me. I go to bed at about ten, put her down and she gradually stirs for bedtime feed as I get ready for bed, and at this point I put her in her grobag (she hated being swaddled!).

    I know it is so hard whilst your body adjusts to such a different routine but you will get used to it and Esme will too! But if she is awake and not fussing just try to rest. Chloe used to wake up at 6 for a feed then talk to herself and grunt away til next feed at 10 so I would pop her in her room and go back to bed for much needed sleep, don't feel guilty if you do this, she will be fine!

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    Actually thinking back i was trying to breast feed contnuously from 8pm to 4am some nights for first 2 weeks. Once hv said not realistic we put in more of a routine. Would bath and change into new vest and babygro and wind down. I would go up to bed for feed around 10ish and then settle her. If Esme is just laying in the dark settled leave her after all she would have been used to being awakr on the dark imside you. Sorry for typos
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    Babies need to be fed 8-12 times in 24 hours not 6 times, what information said that?

    The latest evidence says swaddling is bad for babies, physically it's not good for their hips and neurologically its not good for them as it encourages than to sleep more when really they should be feeding. It also increases the risk of cot death as it can lead to over-heating so it's not recommended anymore.

    If she's crying she probably either wants feeding, changing, or a cuddle. Babies that age don't know how to be greedy, if she's hungry, she's hungry. She could well be having a growth spurt so she's asking you for food.

    Good luck! x

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    Thanks ladies for your advice. Think the sleep deprivation was getting a bit much!!! I know she will be awake during the nights but on one occasion I could feel myself falling asleep whilst holding her which obviously isn't safe.

    We have done bathtime the last 2nights before bed and she has been a lot better - her awake time at nights has just been for feeding which is great. Just have to ask the midwife tomorrow about how much she is having. Breastfeeding didn't work for us so she is just on formula and the tin says she should have 6 bottles a day of 3 to 4 oz. The last 2 days though she has had 9 and today we are at half 10 and she has already had 5 (starting at midnight) 4 of which were 4oz and 1 which was 2oz!!!! 

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