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  • Happy Easter everyone hope everyone is well. Any news yet Bumpy? xXx
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    Hi mummies! My daughter arrived Saturday morning at just before 3am - the day I was due to be induced. Long story but I arrived in the nick of time at hospital at 2.35am and no one believed me when I said that baby was coming. My notes officially say spontaneous birth which lasted total of 40 minutes including stage three but I think it was more like 4 hours in reality. I did call hospital at 11.30pm but as contractions were irregular they suggested stay at home and have a bath.

    We're all great only got home this afternoon as I've had trouble feeding so they kept us in. It all seems like a crazy dream at the moment image

    Hope everyone, and all the March babies are well x
  • Aw congratulations Bumpy glad ur little girl has arrived safely any names yet? OMG what a quick labour glad it all went well image xXx
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    Congrats everyone!!!!

    I have not been on here very much, as tired and getting used to it all. Nightmare with breastfeeding and nipples almost raw....and now moving on to formula and trying to reduce milk production.


  • Hi congrats bumpy! and Mrs G. i have been busy too with Toby also for some reason my laptop has not let me go on the forum so today tryng hubbys laptop and works!  ive had probs with recovering from tear been getting worse n been on antibiotics n now am on stronger painkillers, so annoying that feeling worse ev day not better n hurts to sit and feed him which is not great n cant go anywhere as hurts to walk. how are you all recovering and finding first weeks? night feeds are shattering because he takes an hour to take bottle then half an hour to burp/settle and sometimes wants food every 2-3 hours,  was a nitemare yest he didn't want to nap all day i thought you must be tired i am! image had quite a few visitors but i cannot wait to be able to leave house! tried a couple of tiny walks just across road to stream by us and hurts so much more after wish i hadn't bothered!!  how r u all finding being a mummy?  i have had a few tears more because frustrated sore all the time and did find it hard first day alone yesterday as when had hubby off if i wanted i could nap in afternoon and think oh well he can see to him if he wakes! no hope of that now! Mubee sounds like you have tried your best, i tried but didnt happen and i was too ill in hospital to want to persist later found out i couldnt have done anywhere because what antibiotics i was on, but think i would've really struggled if had to have done all feeding myself even if had had an ok birth. did everyone have someone to help like other half for first 2 wks? x

  • Hi Springbride2012 sorry 2 hear ur still sore I am also still a bit tender and had a few teary moments think its mainly because of my labour not going to plan and being sore. Sometimes getting teary during the night when feeding Cameron and he won't burp and then when he does he's sometimes sick. This is my hubby's last week off back 2 work on Monday so he's had 3 weeks with him 2 weeks holiday and a week paternity. Don't know how I'm feeling about him going back to work, been good him being off as I can't drive for 6 weeks well 3 now thinking bout going to docs and getting a fit note for insurance think I'll drive myself mad if I'm stuck in the house for another 3 weeks. Took Cameron out a walk last friday was only about half a mile but ended up so sore that evening xXx
  • Hi MrsGallacher, yeah i know that feeling as i am stuck in most time! went to visit his family at weekend but was uncomfy sitting in car!!  i cannot drive until finish my tablets i have on Saturday this week, plus my car decided not to start for hubby asbeen sat there few wks in cold! so gotta sort that... i won't be driving far when can that's for sure but be nice to drive to family nearby with toby as cannot walk anywhere!! does get better being with baby on own, first day i found hard, he cried lots n brought up milk n got a rash on face (all checked now n is normal apparently!!) think cos had both of us looking after him he got lots attention one can be busy/ eat/ shower/ relax for bit n other do the checking/attending to him, n when just me i thought god he is demanding or a smallperson had about 2 lots of 30 mins to myself all day n had to quickly try n wash up his bottles n eatin that time!! realised now i don't have to run to him n pick him up when cries, if ive just starting eating or im finishng sorting washing or something he just has to wait, he is never left hungry or anthing or usually cries cos fighthing going to sleep n wantsmore attention after a bottle but i cannot be attached to him all day or he will get used to it! have you or anyone else using thread seen that is facebook group for yayb mummies?  I added on facebook a lady called Katie Walker and she added me to group (is a thread on here called yayw facebook groups) is good as lots mummies on there for tips n chatting.  If anyone wants to add me on facebook my name is Lorraine Fear, be nice to put a face to name! image and see babies! image

  • MrsGallcher - how often is Cameron feeding? are you managing to get much sleep at night/in day? x

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    Hi ladies, sorry been so busy haven't had time to come on here. Little Evie is amazing but I'm struggling with feeding. At moment am breast, formula feeding and expressing so feel like I'm forever feeding and had a few nightmare nights. On the verge of giving up with Breast feeding but trying to give it a few more days.

    Sorry ro hear you're sore still Springbride, I had a second degree tear. It's getting better everyday but like most of you its still uncomfy to walk too far or sit down but is getting much better.

    I'm also finding the night feeds shattering. Just think a few weeks ago we were all home bored with our feet up wishing the babies would hurry up. Wouldnt change a thing, except I wish had put my feet up for longer before she came!

    Hubby went back Monday so it was tough but my mum is round the corner and been helping with washing and cleaning. Think I'd be lost without her!

    I haven't had time for Facebook but I'll try adding you Springbride when I get the chance. Would be good to share photos!

    Hope everyone and the little ones are well xx
  • that would be good Bumpy! i tend to stick on laptop first thing n do quick checks when i can get him to sleep for a bit so i don't feel like i'm going mad, have found myself talking to him lots! he was up 11-12 and 3-530 last night the 7-10 this morn i managed to get ina 10-11 nap tho before he woke again haven't been doing day sleeps but i felt shattered this morn! catches up with you i think when its bits of 2 hour sleeps here n there nwhen he woke at 3this morn i felt like zombie n knew wdnt be a quick feed i would be hours till settled him! do they settle quicker after breastfeeding? think his pattern is to be awake for few hours on early morning feed... just when i wana give hima bottle and go back to sleep! image is your hubby able to do one night feed with expressed milk to help u bumpy? i try n get Chris to help me but i usually end up awake as well and making the bottle, doing nappy, helping him get him back to off to sleep so end up awake same amount of time when not me doing feed, he manages to sleep through when it is my turn though haha. is hard to fit all in cleaning etc i had a good go yest at cleaning n clothes washing, decluttering et c had spurt of energy n then mini walk in sun but bit more relaxed day today!! although is so much wana do around flat still, n feel lazy if i sit when he is sleeping... i know i should be resting a bit though to help the healing! i dont know how i filled my days before he came tv n eating made each day go so quick n now i think ooh i might have a whole hour he will be asleep what shall i do!! but end up washing his bottles n sorting clothes wash out or grabbing a shower n next thing know hes crying for food again, wants feed 1.5-2 hours during day n takes an hour! xx

  • also been trying to go to bed in good tine by 10 to get a sleep in before his 11 ish feed, but he usually is still wide awake then making noise! or if is asleep by 10/10.30 im enjoying fact can sit with husband n watch tv n have a chat as toby usually grizzles all evening after 7/8pm feed so when is goes quiet almost dont wana waste it asleep but think ill be in bed 10 latest tonight if toby lets me!

  • Well all went well at docs able 2 drive again and cleared it with insurance so going out with my friend 2morro 2 the shops her baby is 2 weeks older than Cameron. He seems to be doing well with his feeding usually get about 3 n a half 2 4 hours during the day and night and about 2 hours in the evening. Got weighed 2day he's now 8lb 12oz getting a wee chunk can't believe how much he's changing.

    Hubby went back 2 work on Monday so trying to get into my own little routine having a snooze in the afternoon seems 2 b helping with the tiredness of being up during the night. Can't wait until thurs night as hubby off Fri so he'll be doing the feeds but I'm the same as u Springbride wide awake n up making the bottle.

    Hope both ur soreness goes away soon I'm still abit tender but not 2 bad. My names Heather Gallacher for FB if u wanna add image xXx
  • thanks for adding me Heather. afternoon naps not hapening for me something always knocks or rings me if any chance im dozing off!! alwys to ask how i am! er tired go awaway lol! was meant to go to baby group this morn but felt too sore to walk up road so bit fed up!! i can drive from next week when off strong tablets. he was up alot last night n feel like zombie today hes asleep now but i know wont b for more than half hour he was sceaming for feed i made it looked in n fast asleep... im so dspearte to get out of house now hes 4 wks friday n other than going to hubbys parents last sunday which hurt sitting in car n going to register him which hurt going up lots stairs couple wks ago  i've been nowhere since had him! im normaly ok but hes waking up more in night for longer not less so might try hungrier baby formula. have nothing planned to look forward to i think is the prob no days out no evenings out nothing i said to my SIL n she said but u have a lovely baby that should be enough i said er... well u have 2 lovely kids n u are always moaning that is weeks until your next planned night out and wish you went out more so are your kids not enough haha. my neighbour ofered to take him for an hour earlier so i could sleep but i felt silly and said no mainly cos she runs the baby group so she would be taking him there where i wanted to take him thought bad enough she takes him out for walks in pram i would rather be first one to meet other mums with him rather than i go and they say oh yes we have met your son already!! i'm his mum! image hate being a grumpy moo lack of sleep and me don't mix! image

  • hope you are having a good day MrsGallacher with your friend. Toby is weighed again Monday so will see then if he weighs much more!! he is filling out in face!

  • just watched an advert for childrens hospital...that made me put my grumpy mood into perspective of thinking what i have to be grateful for!!  Have asked my mum if she will take me and Toby out for a drive to a place with nice view nearby to get me out for a bit image  how are others finding being a stay at home mum? is strange to not go out to work but nice but miss social side looking forward to when i can meet up with work friends!

  • Enjoyed my wee day out I'm knackered now tho but resisting a nap as hubby off 2moz so I've told him he's on night feed so I can have a decent sleep image. They always say sleep when they do but I find after tidying up and doing the housework just as I go 2 lie down he wakes up. Can't believe how much Cameron's changing already its scary.

    Lorraine did you go out a run in the car with your mum? U'll be glad 2 b able 2 drive again from next week xXx
  • Hi, yes we went for drive, it rained hard so stayed in car and looked at view, then to my sisters in evening. flipping sore yesterday fron sitting in car for a while though!! was nice to get out though. going to speak to friends about organising things in few wks time so have things to look forward to! im same u clear up sort bottles, eat lunch n things sort washing do jobs need doing like phone calls n then time for next feed!! i know they say ignore housework n sleep when can but place wd be a tip in a  day or or 2 and no clean cups or blankets n things for him! got him 3 and he brings up milk on them most days!  yes next week i can drive to my mums and m nans n maybe over to my sister in laws thats a bit further so ill see how sore i am! image

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    Hi ladies hope you and the babies are well and you're all on the road to recoverY. Ive been so busy not had time to come on. Finding the feeding a bit crazy. Have been breast, bottle and expressing feeding since the beginning so been in a never ending feeding cycle. I'm now giving up the breast feeding as Evie is on so long and never happy.  Today I fed her twice for 90 mins and still had to give a formula top up image

    I'm now trying to switch from Aptimil cartons to formula but amconfused about the 30 minute wait time. I've asked some friends and some make bottles in advance, but I'm a bit worried about this.  How are you making up your formula, on demand? 


  • hiya Bumpy, i fill sterlised bottles with cooled boiled water half of what need in them and put on side. then when need boil kettle and fill and check water is quite hot still (saves waiting 30 mins for water to cool a bit) make it and put in bowl cold water to cool enough to use so takes about 6 min in total image or could make up one at time and stick in bowl hot water to warm up. i do that sometimes. not sposed to make up lots but think lots do i sometimes make up 2 in fridge but mainly make as needed. how r u other than the feeding? have u been out and about? how old is Evie now?think in march we all ended up having them around same week even though due dates were spaced out! has she smiled yet? sounds hard you will find it easier when just bottle image x

  • BumpyBumpy Posts: 60

    Aha thanks that sounds much better.  I'll try that from now on. Is there a reason you can't make it with boiling water and cool straight in water? I did this earlier as was caught out but not sure if I should avoid it. I think the important thing is to make it hot to kill bacteria and then to use it as soon as possible once mixed so can't see why you have to,wait 30 minutes If you cool properly and feed immediately??

    Otherwise we're good thanks. Evie is one calendar month today. We don't really have a routine at moment. She feeds between 2 and 3 hours in day and 3 to 4 hours at night not really predictable yet.  But maybe that's becauseit the feeding has been so mixed.  I'm going to use the last expressed bottle later and then go fully onto formula so hopefully I'll then get a routine going. How often and how much are you feeding?

    She hasn't smiled yet but isn't far off it!  How is Toby


  • yeah can do that but takes longer to cool so i mix hot with cooled boiled as longas still feels hot enough to kill bacteria. dont have to wait 30 mins only if not cooling it with bowl of cold water, thats how we do it! how r u getting on? toby over 2 mths now. feeding ev 2-3 hours in day and he's sleeping 8 hours at night now! and smiling lots! are you on facebook at all? i am on there - Lorraine Fear if you wanted to add me is a pic of Toby at mo, if i happen to change it will be prob to one of me and my hubby (i'm blonde) prob not too many Lorraine Fears on there though image

  • ooh just checked is another Lorraine Fear! says she's from Liverpool though, i'm from Dorking if you wanted to add me

    How are you doing Mubee? x

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    Hi Ladies

    I just thought I'd pop on here and have a look. Sorry I haven't been on at all, but life got quite busy haha.

    Jessie and I are doing very well. She is now 19 weeks, smiles all the time and is just adorable. I never thought I would feel so much love for my baby, But looking back, I can just say that the first 6 weeks were hell, because of breastfeeding nightmares, and the next 6 ot 7 weeks after that were better in one sense because we decided to bottle feed, but then we had issues with sleeping in the day. This has now been sorted out and we then had 5 weeks of when she refused to eat. Some days she would only eat 10oz...and screamed each time she saw a bottle. We think she had silent reflux as we now put gaviscon in all her bottle and we use cow and gate comfort.

    She now eats with no problem and is following the growth chart as she should.

    I did a baby massage course, and will be doing swimming and baby sensory soon, as well as Rhyme time. I am considering baby signing too.

    What activities are you all doing? and how are you all doing?


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