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  • I got my date in for next scan...24th August, that's just 3weeks today! Can't wait to tell everyone after it. Can't believe it's only 3weeks till the 12week point! Scary...!x
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Morning ladies!

    What an awful week!? I had Wednesday off as I was just so sick and exhausted, just walking to the loo took it out of me! I went in to work yesterday and got up from my desk only to be struck with the most horrendous tummy ache I have ever had, it doubled me up! This is a bit TMI but I think it was constipation - I have read that we can suffer with it and as I have IBS apprantley I need to keep and eye on it, The pain was awful!

    Still feeling icky and knackered and have no appetite at all which is really getting me down.

    We've got our private scan tomorrow, I'm so nervous image

  • Mrshappy123 u'l b so excited 2 get your 12 week scan appointment through. NowMrsWood bet u can't wait until 2moz, I know wot u mean about the pains they take ur breathe away. Well so far the lactulose have done nothing feeling sooooo bloated xXx
  • I gave in and had an early scan yesterday! image i was going to wait as no real probs and so knew i'd have to pay for early one but think i felt so fed up this week being stuck at home with tonsilitius and the general sick and tiredness everyday i just needed cheering up!!  I thought i want to check all this feeling ill is for right reason and all ok! so i rang up yesterday morning to a clinic that is just open in morning and said don't suppose any chance of an early scan today? thinking they would say no but said yes if you leave now can fit you in so we dashed off me with wet hair and no make up - husband grumpy saying how come you need so long to get ready most days but today you don't mind what you look like lol.  i was 8+4 yesterday, and the scan showed all is well, growing as should and good strong heartbeat with my cycle dates gave me an estimated due date of 15th march few days after when i thought but said it would be anytime around that date. Did cheer me up a lot and looking forward to 12 weeks when can see more and baby is bigger.  when we left the clinic hubby said what a cash cow they are making money out of worried people i said i don't care we knew we'd have to pay to be seen early and made my day and he was happy too partly because i have cheered up and because he knows all ok now he keeps looking at my tummy and smiling image I am less bloated this week and skin cleared up a bit and so has tonsil.  woohoo just need the sicky tired feeling to go but think i have 3-4 wks more of that.  The lady who did my scan said women either get constipated or go the other way and i am not constipated!  how is people's OH's coping with the early stages? my husband started off not that supportive he didn't think there could be any symptoms before no bump but i have been reading out bits of info for him so he knows now!

  • Aw Springbride2012 so glad your early scan went well. My husband has surprisingly been very supportive he thinks i'm having twins because of the way i am feeling but i've told him its normal. He wants me to go to docs again but i only went on thurs been off work as the exhaustion and nausea have gotten the better of me as soon as i move i feel like i'm going to throw up seems to be lasting most of the day image xXx

  • MrsGallacher - have you actually been being sick? luckily so far i haven't but the feeling sick and tiredness and er upset making me feel so rubbish.  I was supposed to go back to work today after my few days off with tonisilitus but tonsil still sore n still keep feeling hot and dizzy n think cos on top of general pregnancy symptoms i've got hardly any energy at all!! going to see if i can get a couple more days off to rest.  how did your work react? mine know im pregnant and not well at mo but is no hope you feel better soon just very snappy when i said not in and going to doctors.  doesnt make me want to go back in a hurry! image glad your husband is being supportive. maybe he is hoping for twins like mine was to get 2 kids out of way at same time!  has anyone come across the phrase said to them much that pregnancy is not an illness? my mum's said it to me few times when i see her and say i feel sick and rubbish everyday so i shut her up saying well tonsilitus is but still annoyed me. i know its not an illness it is a gift and im so happy i am pregnant but it does cause ill type symptoms in lots of us!! image

  • HeySpringbride2012 i havent actually been sick just feeling really nauseous which seems to last most of the day and wakes me up sometimes at night its a pain in the butt but it'l be all worth it in the end. It really depends who i speak to at work if my manager is not available and i speak to my buddy manager they are great but when i speak to my own manager it feels like i am getting the third degree always wanting me to call the doctors but nothings changed from the last time i spoke 2 them so whats the point. They make me feel guilty about being off, i work in a call centre so sitting alday staring at a screen with customers going on inmy ear just isnt what i want to be doing when i feel like this. No one has said that phrase to me yet but i cant remember the last time i felt like this even when i'vebeen hungover image xXx

  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Hello lovelies!

    So we had our private scan on Saturday and we saw and heard the heartbeat, and I burst into tears! it was the most amazing sound ever. She has put me back to 7-8 weeks which is what I thought anyway as my cycles are so long.

    We then had our first MW appointment yesterday which was good, lots of questions and form filling, blood tests, urine sample, blood pressure and they give you your bounty pack and notes - it took about an hour and a half in total but it makes it feel so real! there were all these other really pregnant ladies there with massive bumps and I felt like I wanted to say "I really am pregnant!" as I dont look it at all compared to them!

    I've got to go back for more bloods on 24th and as my Father has Diabetes and I have PCOS I've got to have the dreaded Lucozade glucose test image at 20 weeks.

    Still feeling really sick but my MW (who was lovely btw) said that Pregnacare sometimes makes you fell more sick but I must carry on taking it image

    Oh the joys!

    How is everyone feeling?

  • I had my midwife appointment today.  My scan put me 3 days less than I thought so even though 9 wks exactly since LMP midwife has taken it as around 8 and half weeks from the scan I had on Sat, my cycle was quite irregular.  I've been taking pregnacare, haven't for last couple days because I just don't want it (maybe my body knows it makes you sicker lol) so i've been taking folic acid and a vit C supplement.  Thats great about scan MrsWood I didn't cry but felt so happy like i could've.  Midwife gave me an NHS pregnancy book too which I've been reading today.  I said to her i've gone off fruit salad and veg and anything healthy and she said not to worry too much as better to eat something when feeling sick.  MrsGallacher - I think what is worse too is that people say about the sick feeling oh that should pass wk 12-14 ish and i am thinking oh so just 3-5 weeks to go then fab!! image my doctor said feeling bad means lots of hormones which means a healthy pregnancy but i think they say that to humour pregnant women and cheer them up image feel like I have been pregnant ages and have only known 5 weeks! but then i've always been impatient!!  i remember when my cousin said she was 3 months like it was a few weeks ago but it wasnt as she had her baby at the weekend.  My sister in law was 5 months at my wedding in May and now she's due end of the month!  I reckon once 3 months comes it all speeds up!  Strange to think by Xmas i'll only be 7 months when Xmas seems so far away but on the other hand September next month and will be xmassy bits in the shops soon and I shouldn't wish my life away! MrsGallacher - how are you finding being off work?  I know i'll change my mind when i have to go back but even though i feel ill today its gets to about this time and i'm sooo bored I am almost missing talking to people at work!  I will need to read this next week when my sick leave runs out and i'm at work feeling ill! x

  • Springbride2012 am not bored as yet just keep thinking I couldn't handle being at work feeling like this. Went 2 docs again on tues due to abdominal cramps that have been caused by constipation gave me a prescription for fybogel 1st time taking it yesterday and I was sick twice so don't know if it was because of that or pregnancy. Doc signed me off until tomorrow will go back on Monday if I don't feel any better. Really hope it doesn't last until weeks 12-14 dnt think I could handle it. On a better note got 1st MW app a week on tues xXx
  • maybe because i am feeling a bit better, i probably could have gone to work today as tonsils feels like gone back to normal but slept yesterday morn, rested in pm and went to bed and slept 8.30-6am so think that's why i feel a bit better!! first day for weeks i have not felt sick yet - touchwood!!  last couple of days i've felt very ill after breakfast but fine before, the few wks before that id started day feeling ill and today had breakie and still feel ok hoping not spoken too soon as know it can last 12-14 wks but as a lot of people don't suffer at all from sickness i'm starting to hope maybe sick phase will go!!  still feel tired think that will be ongoing now tho! if i stay feeling like this i wil be back at work on Monday.  I wasn't bored yesterday i think i was enjoying being able to take it easy also yesterday i watched hardly any tv just enjoyed the quiet think too much tv was sending me mad! MrsGallacher - maybe what the doc has given you is not agreeing with you?  felt sick from about 5 and half wks and am 9 and half now. i can cope with only wanting certain foods and being super fussy and having early nights but if i can get through day not feeling sick and not needing to sleep during day that would be soooo nice!! the midwife app will cheer you up even if you feel bad that day, i felt ill when went but it's so nice discussing it and getting the bounty pack! (assuming that is same wherever people live!

  • This morning after being to the toilet and wiping there was some blood been 2 docs this morning who have referred me 2 EPU got an app at 13:50 hope all is ok, fingers crossed xXx
  • Good luck mrs Gallagher, best wishes xx
  • Well back from the hospital and seen our wee bean image all is ok thank god was soooo worried this morning. Although they have put me back three days from measurements so I'm now due 2nd April not 30th March but think I will stay in this thread you are all lovely xXx
  • Thank goodness everything was ok! Yeah stay here, it's more fun! Plus who knows, the dates may change back!x
  • Well you never know the wee one mite decide to make am appearance in March image still a bit crampy today and had a wee bit brown blood once this morning supposedly it can be normal and it only seems to happen sometimes after I pee, strange. How's everyone else feeling? xXx
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    Hi Ladies,

    I get back from hols a few days ago and have managed to catch up on all your posts! glad all of you that had early scans are all doing well! sorry to hear some have nausea.

    I must be having a 'easy' pregnancy as don't feel nauseaus, just sore boobs and showing lots!!! can't really hide it anymore!

    Went for another reassurance scan today and am 10+4 and all well! baby has now doubled in size since the 8+3 scan I had. Hearbeat was 145bpm which is good. Now must wait for my nhs 12 week scan a week on Monday. Can't wait to tell everyboday, but with me showing already, it is hard. We are going to a christening tomorrow and I am sure people will ask.


  • Hi, glad your ok Mrs Gallacher, must've been worrying. my 12 wk scan is 2 wks tomorrow can't wait to check all still ok. been feeling a lot better back to work today. getting paranoid that im showing but think still all bloating because today i look pregnant but yesterday i looked the same as before pregnant.  Can't wait until i can tell everyone and can not worry if i look bloated or not and just think oh well people will think its baby! image

  • Springbride2012 you'll be looking 4ward 2 ur 12 week scan think mines works out 2 b about another 5 weeks image. Still really sick thought the once last week wiz bad but it's been everyday this week so far doc has signed me off until fri got a UTI aswel hubby always said I would have a bugger ay a pregnancy lol xXx
  • lol mine said the same! hang in there it does improve like this morning i don't feel sick at all and made it till 11pm last night! (first few wks after i found out i was in bed by 9/9.30 every night!) counting down the days till scan now!  my nan can't wait either i told her a couple of wks ago and said but you cannot tell anyone yet and i think it's killing her keeping it to herself image 

  • We said the same to his nana and before she went her holidays she announced it in the nail place me and MIL get our nails dun :-/ coulda killed her lol no been in yet xXx
  • I've got my scan a week tomorrow & I feel like a kid waiting for Santa!! Aaaargh! Found out my friend had her baby today so we'll prob all meet up over the weekend & it's going to take every ounce of will power not to tell them- I really want to keep it secret till after the scan.

    I've been feeling horribly bloated & fat image I can't wait till baby comes out of the pelvis into the abdomen, I feel there's not enough room in my stomach for everything just now, it's over crowded lol!

    Hope everyone else is well, I can't wait till wee get some scan pics on here!x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi ladies, been a bit quiet on this thread!

    I had my 12 week scan yesterday, and baby wa wriggling, turning and waving his arms at us!! it was lovely to see. The lady was not that great and would not let us hear the heartbeat!! but as the baby was moving, I was not worried. Baby has grown nicely and I am due 4 March. They did the nuchal measurement which was 1.4mm, then a blood test, and how it works in my hospital is, that they will call within a few days if tehre is a problem, otherwise they write within 14 days with the results. I hope all will be fine.

    I met up with a couple of friends yesterday and they guessed immediately looking at my stomach.

    Hope everyone is well.


  • that's great mubee!! i am patiently or impatiently waiting for my scan!! just this week to work then the long weekend and when i go back to work tuesday i leave over lunch for scan. i've not felt sick for about 10 days now and just a bit tired still in evenings last night i got into bed at 8 and fell asleep at 9 and woke at 6 think i needed it after a busy day! x

  • Ladies how long before 12 week scan did you get appointment through? I'm still really sick in the morning and in the evening and nauseous in-between image. Can't wait 2 feel better xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi Mrs Gallagher. I got my booking appointment letter a little while after seeing the GP and it was scheduled for my 8 weeks. At the 8 week booking appointment, the midwife gave me the date for my 12 week scan. And at the 12 week scan, I got the date for the 20 week scan, which I then changed by phone to 21 weeks as my husband would have been away.

    I hope you feel better soon. They say it does ease off for after the first trimester! xx

  • I got my letter through a week after midwife app which was 2 wks before scan date - the midwife requested a scan at 12 weeks while i was there. when is your midwife app mrs gallacher?  i feel shattered today done 2 long walks in the sun and came back and slept an hour n feel bit sick now but not too bad hoping just eaten too much and too much sun! i think lots of people start feeling bettr from about 10 wks x

  • Had my 8 week app last tues but we want 2 use a hospital in a different county so the midwife has 2 refer my details 2 the other hospital so mite take a wee bit longer 2 come through, I'll leave it until next week and phone the midwife 2 chase it up xXx
  • ooh should be soonish then!! had mine today!! was so nervous was such a relief baby was bouncing n moving about and waving arms and legs, couldn't see face properly at first as had it's arm over it's head! my hubby couldn't believe how much can see compared to 9 wk scan grown about 3 times size n can see nose and feet arms and legs that didn't have before. had the blood test too. went back to work and told them! been so nice to announce it, next scan in about 8 wks 25th oct image

  • forgot to add baby still due 15 march - same as earlier scan - we didn't say already had a scan incase lady thought we were super worriers!! image nuchal measurement was in normal range so hoping blood test is ok. feeling more relaxed now as risk lower, feel bit silly for being so nervous before but easy to say after seen all ok!! x

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