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  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Brilliant Springbride!! it is reassuring isn't it!  I am also still waiting for result of blood tests, but think all should be ok as not heard anything otherwise from hospital.

    I still feel anxious, and have bought a foetal doppler and heard the heartbeat, so feel a bit better - for the moment!

    Are you showing yet? As you can see from my pictures, I am! everytime I meet with people, it is so obvious! We haven't told everyone yet, just a few and as I meet friends.


  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Hiya! I had my 12 week scan yesterday and all is well, I am 12 + 3.

    We have a right little wriggler in there, the sonographer struggled to get the measurements as he/she wouldn't keep still!

    How do I upload piccies?

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Congrats NowMrsWood! you can upload a pic by cliking on the tree icon in the message box. I did my 3 pictures linked together by cropping and using 'paint' programme then using powerpoint to group them, and saved it as a picture that I then attached.

    When we had our 12 week scan, baby was wriggling so much too, but it reassured me as at least I knew it had a heartbeat!! but all of a sudden it stopped moving totally and I said to the sonographer: "ooh, baby has stoppedd moving". I was really worried. She answered :"no, baby is still moving, but I froze the screen to be able to take the photo and measurements!"

    I smile now thinking how silly I must have sounded.


  • Hi Mubee, I had blood test tues lunch and they said if not heard by thurs am (which haven't) then is low risk and will come in post so as your scan was 4 days before assuming you would've heard by now image very reassuring just showed pics to my nan and my dad and they have big grins they new i was pregnant but no they had something to see. i could see my nan looking at my tummy, i have gone up a dress size, pre pregnant my size 10 trousers were getting too tight and had just bought load of size 12 clothes (over indulged pre wedding and on honeymoon as all inclusive...) and then when found out pregnant got some work trousers in a 14 n were really roomy and loose but comphy and few wks on they are getting bit tight by end of day! havent put on any weight at all but tummy def looks bigger and when i tried on my size 12 trousers that were fine about 3 wks ago there was no way i could wear them out i had to breathe in to do them up with my husband laughing saying u won't b wearing them for a very long time.  i think im gona have to buy some stretch top 14's to wear!!! strange to think how much we  are all going to grow by the 2nd scan!  Mubee - i don't know how you managing to not tell everyone, i couldnt wait!! I borrowed a doppler before the scan and should be able to borrow it again at some point. congrats NowMrsWood!  i keep looking at my tummy now and picturing the baby jumping around like they did on the scan! x

  • just realised how awful my typing spelling has become  when i read that back! i meant to say my dad and nan knew i was pregnant but i know they would want to see piccies! 

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Springbride - glad you have now got your secret out. You do seem to be growing fast! I was a size 10 before, and definitely do not fit into anything now,, but just my tummy has grown, and have not bought bigger sizes. I'm just wearing leggins with tops or dresses that strech over my bump.

    Well, mine is out too, as my Downs letter did arrive this morning and the risk is 1 in 8600 so, I guess that is a low risk....I have phoned a few more people today and put it on FB, so the world knows, which is making me hope everthing remains ok! it was scary though and my heart was beating fast when I typed the message.

    The Angelsound doppler I bought only cost me £20 and I have used it 3 times so far, each time I have heard the heart and when counting, it is about120bmp, so I think that the baby is doing well in there. I think it was a good investment.

    We have now started to look at prams and may go to John Lewis to compare some over the weekend....not going to buy yet, just doing some initial research.

  • I got my lettr today 1 in 6000 it said low risk. love how they say though but we don't test for everything like well don't think no chance of a problem! am a dress size up since june i think i look a bit bigger but people who only just found out said they cdnt tell n thought i was just pregnant not 3 months so that cheered me up! turned down ice cream today, if i keep overindulging ill be left with it after having the baby! image

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    great news Springbride. I think they have to cover themselves, as they are not saying there is no risk, just  a low risk, and do not want to be blamed. The way I see it, there is always risks with any pregnancy,but we just have to hope for the best.

    I was not as good as you today, made a milk and banana smoothie and added vanilla icecream...

  • Hi ladies so glad your scans and tests went well. Got my dating scan letter through today it's on the 19th so only two weeks on wed. My brothers fianc?? is preg with their third child but he called yesterday after scan to say baby has died they recon she is about 21 weeks but the baby is only measuring 15 weeks, she starter getting contractions earlier but they have eased off now if she hasnt went by thurs they're going to take her in. I have now also purchased an angelsounds heart monitor for ??20 should get it next week xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Oh MrsGallagher, that is my worst fear! that is why I bought the angelsound, because it gives me the reassurance I need, as these things do happen, but very rarely at that stage of the pregnancy. Not long for you to wait then. Try not to worry too much.

    We had a look at prams today and have our hearts set on the Icandy peach jogger. We were hoping to get a second hand but they seem to be hard to find as I think they are still quite a new model. We have also found a rocking chair for £50 today second hand today and went to pick that up. Some people say it is too early to buy, but if we see a good deal, we have decided to go for it.

    By the way, I use my angel sound with the mother balm from Neals Yard, and it works just as well, if not better than the gel, as I find the gel dries, whether the balm stays oily. x

  • Mubee I'd been thinking about buying the angelsound for the last couple of weeks but after hearing that sad news I ordered one, I think to keep me sane if anything. How many weeks where you when you started using it?

    If it's for your baby who cares what any1 else says buy away image i'v seen a travel system I like it's called hauck Malibu 2012 in black, my dads getting us the tommee tippee steriliser kit from toys r us and I've decided I want the 'I love my bear' accessories to decorate the nursery make it neutral as not finding out babies sex xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi MrsG, I used the monitor a few days after my 12 week scan, but remember that I had also been for private scans at 7 weeks, 8.5 weeks, 10.5 weeks, and then the 12 week one. My mother in law came today and i let her hear the heartbeat. She thought it was magical and just could not stop grinning!

    Never heard of the hauck malibu pram!I l like the love my bear accessories too, but as our room is very neutral, I think I will go for a bit of coulour. The johnlewis catalogue has curtains I like a lot on page 20. They are pictures of birds and owls in a variety of pastel colours. I am going to find out where they got it from, as it must be from John lewis if they have it in their catalogue.


  • Hope every1 is well i'm still bring sick everyday image. received my angelsounds monitor on sat couldnt find the heartbeat 2 begin with tuesday was the 1st day I found it properly image it's like a wee train, can't wait for my scan on wed xXx
  • exciting bet you thought it would never get near to your scan! my 20 wk scan is 6 wks today and got next midwife appointment in 2 n half weeks image

  • I can't wait only three more sleeps image should you see ur midwife again before dating scan or is the next time 16 weeks? 6 I'm sure your 6 weeks will fly in xXx
  • midwife app is at 16 wks n scan 20, think then a while to next midwife app but lots of them nearer the end!! how much is everyone showing now? i do in tight clothes but looser ones i look about the same, nearly 15 wks now image

  • I'm now 16 weeks image got midwife on Wednesday, can't wait!

    I got my scan date in too- 15th October (20 week scan).

    Still no bump, just feeling fat & moved up a dress size.

    Feeling great other than the occasional heart burn, I've found pregnancy very easy do far (I'm lucky by the sounds of others!) & don't really feel much difference between preggers/not preggers!

    I'm picked my pram at last- iCandy peach2, still to order it though. Going on holiday on Saturday for a week so we'll probably order it after that, exciting!!

    Have a good week everybody x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi Ladies, been away on hols for 1 week and managed to pick up a cough, cold and runny tummy!!!

    mrshappy123, we are also going for the icandy peach, but the jogger, not peach2  - what is peach2? We will order it soon.

    I have my 16 week midwife app this thursday and then my 21 week app on 22 Oct, which seems like a long time away.

    Bought some maternity clothes now and wearing them all the time. A lot more comfy than my normal clothes. I still fit into my summe maxi dresses, but its not the weather for them anymore.  I was going to take  a photo of my bump at 16 weeks and may put it up next to the others. I do love my bump growing though.


  • Springbride2012 i'm the same as you if i wear tigher tops i look more pregnant but i've always had a wee bit ay a podge at the bottom, weighed myself this morning still not gained any weight image and my clothes still fit but i am only 12 weeks 2moz. 2 more sleeps until scan xXx

  • Marbs11Marbs11 Posts: 392
    Hi girls I'm due feb 13 and I ordered the iCandy peach2 the only difference is its the new version they changed a couple of things like the hood and the chassis is very slightly different but you can get something off the iCandy website so the old version is pretty much the same. It also takes quite a while to get in so order sooner rather than later. Ours arrived last week, we got the stroller carrycot foot muff maxi cosi adapters and the jogger changing bag all in black magic and I love it image x
  • Hey ladies had my scan today image i'm 13 weeks today not the 12+1 I originally thought so def fall under the March thread new due date 27th March. Bit behind babies neck measuring 1.7mm no sure if that's good or bad just need 2 wait on results xXx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Hi Mrs Gallacher, sorry to crash the March thread but just wanted to let you know that when I had my nuchal fold measurements I was told anything less than 2.5mm is good... Obviously you need the bloods to go with it for more conclusive odds (if it's that test you're having) but sounds good. image
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Well done must have been relieved to see the baby. 1.7mm is low. I was 1.4mm and with the blood test, I came up as 1 on 8600 chances of DS, so you just need to wait for your blood test results, but so far all seems fine.

    I' ve got my midwife appointment - 16+4 tomorrow! hope all will be ok.


  • I was 1.8 and they says that was low so fingers crossed u should be fine! image x
  • Thanks ladies staying positive just need 2 wait on them checking it with my bloods.

    Mubee u'll be looking 4ward 2 ur appointment today let us know how you get on image xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Just back from Midwife appointment, a bit of a disappointment really, but all OK.Took no more than 10 minutes. No smile even once! She checked my urine adn blood pressure. And they with an odd looking doppler and lots of gel, listened to the heartbeat, which was not easy to find, but definitely sounded like a horse galloping, once she found it. What I did find odd is that at home when I listen to it, I use some oil, and it never sounded as clear (horse gallop),as it did with midwife. She said maybe waht I hear is a pulse or my heart, but it is always fast, so not sure what I have been hearing. Anyway, the heartbeat was there at 16+3 so I'm relieved.

    She asked me if I had any concerns, I said no.

    But really find that these appointments are just ways of the NHS saying they are doing what they should do, and I feel more like everyone else in a queue rather than being cared for, because I am a human being.

    So next appointment will be anomaly scan at 21 weeks at the hospital and then I go back to see Midwife at GP surgery at 24 weeks (24+3) as Midwife only works every other thursday.

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Mubee, your early MW appointments can feel a bit disappointing but they do get better. There isn't really much they can do so early on other than make sure your blood pressure, urine and the baby's heartbeat are all in normal ranges. Later on they'll start measuring your fundal height and feel your uterus as well as checking all the other things.

    I have a different midwife every time I go for my check-ups, some are more 'friendly' than others! The most important thing is the health of you and your baby though, I guess.


  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Picklepick, you are right, and thanks. As long as there is nothing wrong with the tests they do, that means that me and baby are fine, then who cares about a smile.

    I love your 29+6 pic of bump by the way - perfectly shaped bump, so interesting to see how your shape has changed from the first pic.

  • Hi ladies! How are you all?

    Hubs and I went looking for prams and travel systems at the weekend and I am sooo confused!

    The lady in Mothercare was really helpful but said that we need to make sure the car has ISO Fix?! and long seat belts!? I hadn't even considered this and it doesn't help that I need to buy a new car before bubs comes along as I currently have a Ford Puma!

    We are looking at the Quinny Buzz system with the new Pebble car seat - has anyone looked into this?

    Sorry so confused!

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi NowmrsWood,

    not sure about the pram you are mentioning, but I have a ford fiesta, and we are going for the Icandy peach jogger. My car does not have an Isofix, and it is no problem at all, as we have bought a carseat base called Easyfix which attaches with the seatbelt and then you click on the seat on or off it. The car seat we have is the maxicosi as it is the one that fits the pram, with the adaptors.

    I do not think you have to change your car, or have Isofix.

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