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  • We're looking to buy the silver cross freeway in ebony lady in the shop said to watch out as alot of places will tell you that you need the isofix base but infact you dont they just want to make money, i'd say most car seats can be strapped in with the seatbelt.The lap bit across the car seat and the bit that goes over your chest around the back of the car seat xXx

  • Mrs gallacher, just a wee word of warning. I wanted a silvercross pram and car seat and went to order it and when the assistant was showing us how to fit it in the car we discovered not only did the car seat barely fit through the car door but the seat belt was in no way big enough to go around the car seat so we couldn't get it. We have a ford focus. We ended up with an Icandy apple and maxi cosi cabriofix car seat but the seatbelt is still a very tight stretch to go around it. We bought a base (not isofix) to resolve this problem. Make sure you def try the car seat and pram in the car before buying x
  • Thanks MarriedNow123 went back to the shop today to show hubby he doesn't like it seen another it's a babystyle and we've tried it out in the car all fits image cant wait to get it just need 2 order it but don't know when is too early xXx
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Hi girls,

    I'm on the Due Feb thread but just popped across to talk about carseats...

    We have bought the silvercross surf and got the matching car seat and also have a ford focus. I have since spoken to Mothercare who have told me to take my car down and they will check it it fits in. The assistant manager told me she had this car seat and drives a Clio (this car also has shorter belts) but there's an adapted way to fit it into the car which is still safe and secure and legal but avoids using an extension belt, which is not considered safe. So I will let you know how I get on when I go to see her. I guess if it doesn't it we will have to get another car seat. Luckily, we got the car seat free in an offer so can buy another as I really don't want to swap the pram as I love the Surf.x
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Hi girls, just an update regarding the silver cross Ventura car seat. I went to mothercare today in my ford focus and the car seat fits perfectly! I'm so relieved.

    It fastens in the car exactly like the brochure/instructions shows but just done differently...

    Basically the instructions tell you to put the lap belt across the front, fasten belt in clicker then pass the long part of seatbelt around the back. The way you have to do it in my car is pull all seatbelt out, pass lap belt bit across (but dont click in yet), pass long bit around the back of car seat and then click in and pull tight until seatbelt inertia works.

    I'm so pleased, hehe. Good luck to you all.x
  • Hey ladies hope your all well I'm feeling much better this week although was sick this morning. Had a call from midwife the other day from the health centre I was previously registered at saying they had my down syndrome results but wanted to confirm my address as I now live in a different county, she said all is fine it came back low just need to wait on the letter coming through to see wot it came back as. Got my 20 week app letter through ystrdy it's on the 12th nov and got my 16 week check this Wednesday. What do they do at this appointment? Is any1 finding out what they are having? I don't want to know want a surprise when they arrive xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Mrs Gallagher, the 16th week app is basic, they just took urine  test, and blood pressure and listened to heartbeat.


  • Thanks mubee wasnt sure wha tthey done. When did you all receive your 1st bounty pack i havent had mine yet think i'll phone midwife tomorrow get her to bring on along to my appointment on wed xXx

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    Hi Ladies, how are you all doing - it's been a bit quiet on this thread a little while!

    We have our 21 week scan this Monday, still feeling a bit anxious, and hope everything will be ok. We'll buy lods more after this if everything is OK.

    When are your next scans, how are you feeling, bumps growing... x

  • Hi lovely ladies! I was just thinking the same that it has been quiet on here.

    We have our 20 week scan on Monday at 9am - eeeeekkkk! so excited I could burst! we are going to find out but I am pretty sure it is a girl - has anyone else done the Bicarb test? you put a teaspooon on Bicarb in a glass and pee on it and if it fizzes its a boy and if it doesn't do anything it is a girl - about 82 women tried it on another forum I am on and 96% of results were correct!

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    no, have not tried it, but how to you pee on a glass with bicarb, do you mean put a teaspoon and pee in the glass instead of adding water? It that's the case, I'll try it!!

    Good luck for your scan too NowMrsWood.


  • Hi ladies I've got my 20 week scan on 12th Nov image eventually got my down syndrome result letter got a 1 in 100000 chance xXx
  • NowMrswood you must be sooo excitd!! ours is next thurs 3 days after yours when ill be 19+6. most are surprised we want to want to find out the sex not sure why but i want to be able to picture the baby image and plan!

  • Hi, I had my 20week scan last Monday & all is well! It's was great to see the baby again, it had the hiccups which was cute!

    Didn't find out what we're having! Managed to resist!

    Mrs woods I'm intrigued to see if your bicarbonate test works! Let is know in Monday what you're having!x
  • Good morning ladies!

    Well I can officially say that all the tests and old wives tales are rubbish as they all pointed us to a girl and we are having a boy!!! so so happy!

    He is a little on the small side so I need to go back at 26 weeks to check on his growth but apart from that he is fine!

    With the bicarb test you put a teaspoon on bicarb in a glass and pee on it, if it fizzes it is supposed to be a boy and if it does nothing it is supposed to be a girl, mine did nothing!

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Back from the hospital for our 21 week scan and all ok. I have an anterior placenta, which explains why I have not been able to feel many quicks and the placenta is lying a bit low, so need to go back at 32 weeks, but nothing to worry about with the baby, so relieved and happy.

    We also found our pram (new) but cheaper by £200 and a carrycot for a bargain! so going to get that now!

    Oh, and we did not find our if boy or girl, just going to get some neutral/white stuff to start with.


  • I have an anterior placenta too! I've felt lots iof movement but not against my stomach which makes sense.

    Got pram ordered at the weekend- I candy peach- cant believe we're at the buying stuff stage already!

    Got my eye on some nice nursery furniture but want it painted first, hoping to get someone in to do it in the next month. It's full steam ahead!x image x
  • I had a new development last night & this morning- I got kicked hard enough to feel it with my hand! It was pretty cool! Wish my husband was home to feel it too, he's away on business with work. image he'll be back on Friday tho image

    The anterior placenta must not be fully covering my stomach, either that or it's started moving which can happen!x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    MrsHappy, that is great to hear. I felt very little kicks, almost pushes on my side last night, but very gentle, but i am sure that is a small kick. As you say, the placenta can move.

    We are also going for Icandy Peach!!  we painted the nursery when me moved into our new house in December so just need to decorate it, which we will do in December.

  • I have an anterior placenta too, but it says on my notes it is high - don't know what that means?! I do get the odd kick but nothing that takes my breath away yet.

    I think we are going to go with the Quinny Buzz travel system with the new Maxi Cosi pebble - need to take my parents to have a look as they have very kindly offered to buy it for us.

    Its all so exciting image

  • Can't wait for my scan tomorrow! has anyone had any aches or pains? and anyone attempting to sleep on left side? im finding that hard love sleeping on my back!

  • I'm starting to feel a bit achey- I'm on my feet for 10hours a day at work tho (45 hours a week) & only get a half hour lunch, (poor me! Lol!) so think its starting to take its toll on my legs & lower back. I noticed some thread veins on my legs this week image

    Also hate it when I drop things now, it feels like the ground is so damn far away to pick things up from! Haha!

    I sleep on my left side anyway, why did u say left- is there something wrong with the right side? I never sleep on my back which is handy for me!

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi Springbride adn mrsHappy - I have been trying to sleep on my back now for a couple of months, and although I usually end of turning around on my back, I wake up, as I find that my heart starts to beat too fast. it has something to do with the vein called the vena cava being squashed by the weight of the baby, and it restricts the blood flow to you and baby, but to you first, which is why I wake up.  I had read about it somewhere. Sleeping on right, is not bad, but it is better for the blood flow to sleep on left side, apparently.

    Some days, I get a bit sore on my pelvis, but usually if I have been too active.

    Maybe try bending down using your legs, rather than back, when bending down.

  • Mubee u have a great bump! Is this your first baby? My bump is almost non existent compared to yours, still just feeling really fat image hopefully it'll become a proper bump soon!

    Does anyone know what they do at the 22week appoint? Do they start to measure bump size?x
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi MrsHappy123,

    thanks! I love my bump, and it sure is growing fast! yes, it is my first. Odd how quickly it showed, Even at 9 weeks, I had it a bit smaller than the first pic. Now it is obvious! I am 5"3, maybe that is why?

    At the 22 week appointment - do you mean the abnormality one - which can be done from 18 weeks I think - well, at mine, they measured baby, looked at heart, kidneys, spine, arms, hands, feet, all organs really and ruled out that everythink ok. At the next app, which I will have when I am 24 weeks, with the midwife at my GP surgery, I think they will measure bump externally and do another urine test and blood pressure test. 

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    Hi girls,

    Just jumping over from the Due Feb thread...

    I've just had my 25wk appointment (not sure if you mean this appointment mrshappy?) and they did blood pressure, asked how I was feeling, urine test, listened to heartbeat and felt which position baby was laid in (mine was head down but still move so much due to space in there). I asked if she measures me but she said that starts at the 28wk appointment. All areas may differ slightly though.x
  • Thanks Chezza! I live in Scotland & was told to make an appointment for 22weeks, personally I think it's a bit early & can't see why they'd need to check on me, must be different here!

    I'll expect a quick appointment then! image

    I actually thought it was today but then I checked my diary this morning & it's actually next week!! Baby brain strikes again!x
  • Thanks mubee too, just noticed your response after I hit reply!

    I'm 5foot 7 which is maybe why mine is hidden a bit more!

    Here's a tip for everyone- sign up to amazon family- they give u money off your first order then they credited my account with ??25 to be used in the baby section (when u spend ??50) so I bought a breast pump initially then with the ??25 off I bought an angel sounds baby monitor. Think it was ??65 and I got it for ??40!

  • No idea why the pound sign won't work, how odd!
  • hi, yeah i read aswell although not bad sleeping on right side is better on left. ive been getting achy sore pains behind left rib, feel like i pulled it getting up though, asked at scan and she said is normal all ligaments can hurt easier now!  very happy now had scan and all is normal and fine image and we are having a baby boy. felt quite emotional seeing the baby again and seeing my husband engrossed in watching him!  makes it more real now i can think we will have a son in a bout 4 and a half months and halfway now! bought first item for baby today just some bibs but a start! we are being handed down heaps so dont wana buy anything else until seen what we will have as they outgrow clothes so quick when babies

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