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  • Mrshappy123 I'm in Scotland too and I've 2 book my next midwife app for 22 weeks they must do it different up here prob just be much same as 16 week check. I'd read about which side is better aswell got comfy on my right side then panicked something would happen so left it is with pillow wedged under belly xXx
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    Feel chuffed with today - went to John Lewis this morning for 'nursery advise' and she confirmed a lot of what we already know from reading/speaking with people, and gave us useful tips of various things to do or get - 2 hours for free and hubby enjoyed it too.

    Yesterday we got the carrycot for our Icandy peach jogger - 2nd hand, but looks brand new! and I got a medela Swing breastpump off ebay at a great discount and it has only been used 2x and some of the items are still in their packets. Also got 2 nipple cream tubes and 25 milk bags included for free!

    I'll keep a look out for good deals on things I am happy buying now.

    I don't think we will need to buy any clothes as given loads from 2 friends, but I did get 2 gorgeous snow suits.

    I love shopping!


  • Mubee they were a few good deals you got. I got the tommee tippee closer 2 nature complete starter kit for ??65 off of amazon costs ??99.99 from toys r us xXx
  • i am not sure what bits I will be given so not gona buy anything at moment, must be very exciting though! how is everyone feeling this week? i am 21+4 and bump looks like growing by day!! a coat that fit fine a week ago won't do up!  am off work with a cold at moment but wil probably go back in tomorrow, trying not to take paracetomel although i know its ok to so i will if i need to at work. am desperate to clear spare room now and might do a bit today, i know havent got any baby stuff at home (keeping things at husbands parents as we dont hav the space plus he didnt want stuff here till at least 6 mths pregnant) but at least clearing the space makes me feel a bit more prepared! is anyone else starting to feel more like they are actually going to have a baby in their home (sounds silly i know) but when no bump or small bump feels so far off and now people are noticing my bump and feeling the baby move lots feels more real!

  • Hi! Well for the first time the other day someone who didn't know me asked if I was pregnant! Yay!

    I've painted an undercoat on the nursery & cleared the room.

    I know what u mean, I think if my pregnancy now as 'baby coming' rather than just 'pregnant'! It's so exciting!

    In saying that, I'm not a big fan of actually being pregnant, I want my body back! Can't wait to get my baby in my arms image

  • Good evening ladies how are we all doing? I'm feeling much better thankfully and got my 20 week scan 2moz felt like ages away when I got the letter but it's flew in so excited can't wait 2 c wee bean again image xXx
  • Hi mrs Gallacher, how exciting, let us know how u get on!

    I'm doing fine, 24weeks now image still got hardly any bump! Not like a proper bump u imagine to get, just a fat rounded belly!

    Had 22week appoint couple of weeks ago & heard the heartbeat again which was nice.

    Getting flu jag in the morning.

    Has anyone else been reading the November thread, it's quite exciting hearing about everyone going in to labour etc! That'll be us soon enough!x
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    Hi All

    I've got my 24 week app with midwife on thursday. My bump is definitely there, and baby now wakes me up in the morning at about 6am for about 1 hour of kicking.It feels a bit like little electric shocks and my husband has felt loads of kicks too. Very exciting.

    I have started a hypnobirthing course with hubby - first session was last week, and very interesting.

    Yes, I love reading the nov thread. You feel you get to know everyone and get excited for them. it will be us very very soon, indeed!


  • Hi guys. How was your scan mrs Gallacher? Hope everything went well!

    My bump has popped out massively now, it's a definate pregnant bump! At last!!

    I did a pregnancy exercise DVD that I bought from amazon last night (used to do lots of cardio, body attack etc! Been struggling with it recently tho so decided it was time to step back!), it was really good! Got a good sweat on & got the endorphins pumping!

  • Hey ladies scan went well baby looked like it has a wee buddha belly lol but everything were it should be and healthy looking image was at the docs on fri as been feeling really lightheaded and dizzy bit doc says it's normal. Felt baby's kick for the 1st time a week past sun and lots more since such a strange feeling. Got 22 week midwife app 2moz so hopefully find out about antenatal classes xXx
  • Hi Ladies! How are we all?

    I'm so happy that we reached V day on Sunday, the 24 week mark - such a relief!

    Bubs did a complete flip last night and my whole belly moved up and down - very odd but I loved it.

    Got a MW appointment on Friday, is it sad that I always get excited about these appointments!?

    Sorry you are feeling poorly MrsGallacher, I hope you feel better soon.

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    Glad you scan went well Mrs G, hope you feel better too.

    NowMrsWood - a complete flip - wow! I'm yet to feel that. my baby is very active and kicks all the time now, and moves around, but not felt it flip.

    Would anyone know why, but everytime I go swimming, after 2 length in the pool, I get this terrible cramp at the bottom of my bump. I need to stop and wait for about 3 min or so and I just move and massage my bump, then the pain goes away and I can carry on swimming. It is the 3rd time now!

  • Could it be something to do with your pelvis Mubee or a stitch? maybe its your body's way of telling you to slow down a bit?

    If I have a busy weekend and do lots of walking, standing, bending etc then by Sunday evening my back and bump are really sore, I can almost hear my body telling me to stop, its quite amazing actually!

  • Good morning MW app went well BP fine urine showing a slight trace of protein so 2 hand another sample in today to be sent off to make sure b4 giving me antibiotics, docs again at 12 today been off work a week so need a line as still feeling rubbish, have been sick over the last couple of days think I'm jst gonna be 1 of the lucky 1s that's going to be sick throughout. Has any of ur MWs spoke to u about antenatal classes?

    NowMrsWood my wee bean done a complete flip the other day as well such a strange sensation full lower belly moved lol not done it again since they rend to always lie on the right side of my belly xXx
  • Glad to hear your MW appointment went well MrsGallacher but sorry you are feeling so unwell - Luckily I didn't suffer too badly, I only had morning sickness from week 6-12 and was never really sick but I have a massive phobia of being sick so I am working myself up about being sick when I am in labour, so much so that I have written on my birth plan to not offer me Pethedine or Diamorphone as one of the side affects is sickness!

    My NHS Antenatel class is on 19/01/13 for one day and my NCT classes start on 02/02/13 for 6 weeks - so exciting!

  • NowMrsWood did your MW arrange your antenatal classes? If so when was this? xXx

  • All the information on the NHS Antenatal classes are in my yellow notes folder, I just had to ring my hospital and they booked me on - it will be mine and Hubby's birthday weekend and we will be learning how to push out our baby boy - how romantic!!!

  • Hi, I have just had the 25 wk midwife app, few days early am 24+4 had glucose test and checked heartbeat and measured me and all ok, gotta wait for result of test though.  wasnt able to have breakie and to drink heaps lucozade n felt so rough, more normal now i've eaten!  lightheadedness is rubbish!  wish i could just not go into work today now but i am feeling bit better for eating and they don't pay time off sick.  got my MAT1B to keep them quiet!  told them last working day too. has anyone else decided on when to go on leave yet? hope you are better soon MrsGallacher x

  • Hi Springbride, I had my 25 week appointment on Friday and they just did all the normal bits i.e urine, blood pressure, heartbeat and she measured my tummy which is measuring spot on which has made me feel better as baby boy came up quite small at the last scan so we are going back on Monday for a re scan to check that he is growing ok.

    They did mention about the glucose test at my booking in appointment as my dad has diabetes but I haven't heard anything since, I might chase them up.

    I got my MATB1 form a few weeks ago and my last official day is 15/02/13 - so exciting! when do you go off on maternity leave?

  • Glad both of your 25 week checks went well image my next check is at 28 weeks seems like ages away but it's the week after Xmas need 2 actually speak 2 MW about that as it's the 2nd Jan dnt know if docs will be open. Got my MATB1 last week at 22 week check not handed it in 2 work as yet cant decide when to finish, at the moment it's the 15th March which is a week and a half before due date. Don't want to finish up at the start of march incase I end up being 2 weeks late but then I could b early oh decisions decisions xXx
  • I am planning my last day to be 31st Jan when I will be 34 weeks as think by then i won't want to do long drive each way and work all day. have asked if i can take holiday so maternity leave wont actually start until am 37 wks but they are stalling on an answer for me on that...  I have a friend who planned to give up at 34 wks thinking she would have 6 wks before baby and she went into labour the next day and had no time off!  hoping i will have at least a couple of weeks to relax before baby and wont be early or too early!! will prob be late now!!  NowMrsWood - my midwife only did my glucose test at 25wks as i had a high result when tested at 12 wks so they have to check incase it is diabetes it is in my family too so i am really hoping not but she said if i do have it, it should just be pregnancy related and go after baby born as i did not have it before, hope i dont though!!  she said normally they do not test for it until 28 wks if no signs of it in previous tests so maybe say at 28wk appointment if they do not mention it that you want to be checked?  i mentiond to midwife today sometimes baby is moving more than others and of course now i've said that baby has moved heaps today lots of kicking!!  i went to visit someone with a dog this evening and the dog jumped and yelped at something and the baby felt like it lurched from one side to other, he really jumped at the noise!! very strange feeling!!  I am counting down the weeks at work now, just under 4 till xmas and 5 in jan to work! having to look at prams as not able to borrow one now, so we are going to research some and try them out so we know what is best to get off ebay! we want decent wheels (but not too huge) swivel wheels, not to heavy or bulky, and easy to put down and keep in boot of my small hatchback! some looks so big n heavy. my hubby wants a proper off road looking one but although we will wana go for walks with baby i dont want one i cant even  pack into the car image i noticd most on this thread are keen on the icandy pram!  we are hoping to have pram (but keep at his parents) and sort nursery in Jan. how are everyone's partners coping? excited? scared? mine is both at moment if he is around a screaming baby (few new babies in our family at mo) he cant get away quick enough saying he hates the noise n will have enough noise of our soon enough...eek. has anyone got a definite name picked out? we still cant agree on one, just as well is 3 and half months left to go!

  • My hubby is excited and scared which to me is a good thong as he's never been good at showing emotion. Glad your feeling more movements. We've ordered our pram it's a babystyle oyster can't wait to get it, small frame with good detatchable swivel wheels. I like either Abbie or Ruby for a girl and Lewis or Josh for a boy but can't decide and hubby no sure xXx
  • My hubby is very excited but started freaking out last week about 'not having any stuff for the baby!'! I told him to chill, so far ive got a breast pump, pram, monitor, Moses basket, bath, top & tail bowl, nappies & change mat...think I'm doing quite well! Dunno why he freaked out, I reminded him it's a baby we're having, not an alien! Haha!

    I've gt 28week appoint in a couple of weeks. At that I get my antiD inj for bloods, whooping cough, they measure bump & talk to me about birth & feeding plans! Quite excited about it, is that sad?!

    Can anyone feel which way the baby is lying? I feel much softer at the bottom of my stomach but the sides are rock hard! Think he's lying across the way, feels very strange!x
  • Mrshappy123 ur very organised compared 2 me we've got pram ordered, Moses basket, steriliser kit and healthcare kit thing oh and a few babygrows still got loads 2 get. Baby seems 2 like my right side sometimes it goes brick hard n if u look at my stomach when I'm lying down it's kinda lopsided lol xXx
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    Springbride - we have gone for the Icandy peach jogger, but it's still all in the box. We got the carrycot second hand, also in a box. I'm not working, so am just relaxing, not need to worry about when I'll stop work.

    Have decided on a few names, not sure which ones yet - we are using them often to see which one feels right.

    We have got loads already for the baby:

    moses basket, cot bed, pram, car seat, sterilisier, babybjorn, bath, been given some baby clothes by a friend, medella swing breastpump, some blankets, cotbed sheet and moses basket sheets, swaddles, bottle warmer, my brestfriend feeding pillow, thermomether...lots of little bits all in the loft so cannot remember, but got everything second hand.

    Baby kept me awake for one hour from 4am last night, kicking, rolling etc. I love it! it's so reassuring.

    Finished my Hypnobirthing course yesterday and starting the NCT on Monday, and also been for a hospital visit.

    It's all so exciting!

    Hope you are all well, and keeping warm.


  • Glad to hear all is well mubee my goodness you do have alot, somethings r just not worth buying brand new for all the time they would b in them, cant wait until after the new year to get everything 1st things 1st stripping the wallpaper in the nursery and get it re-decorated imageimage.

    Has any1 started/finished their nursery? What them have you gone with? xXx

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    When we moved into our house a year ago, we repainted all the rooms, so what was to become the nursery was painted in a neutral maganolio. We also happen to have in there 2 large beech chest of drawers from our flat as all the other 2 rooms in the new house had lovely built in wardrobe, and we also put in there our large wardrobe. So I will be using one of hte chest of drawers top with a changing mat as a changing unit, and the put lots of clothes in it. Our second hand cotbed is also a beech colour so it will all match, We have chosen to little bear decoration from Next, which we will buy in Dec/January, with wall stickers, a lamp shade, cot mobile, 2 laundry bins, pole and curtain and what they call a 'bed in bag' which consists of bumper, sheet and coverlet/thin duvet for decoration purpose. That should complete the look and is neutral as we don't know if boy or girl.


  • We're painting our nursery this week! Got a mocha coloured carpet & doing the walls a light creamy colour, keeping it neutral!

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    Hi ladies, hope you are all well. Can I join your thread? I'm 24+4 (due??March 20) and have found out we are having a girl. It's our first so really excited but scared. ??Sickness has just about passed now and all else going well. Except that Mothercare have spoilt mine and hubby's week off together by not delivering our nursery furniture three days in row (Taunton collection on offer at mo) So have waited in for nothing wasting our time and getting stressed for three days image anyway hope all is well with you all. ??Have my 25 week midwife appoint on Friday so looking forward to that image enjoying reading your thread, sounds like you're all very organised and enjoying pregnancy!
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    welcome Bumpy! nice to have a new member on our thread. Hope they get your deliveries sorted out. It's not the first time I hear bad feedback on Mothercare deliveries.


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