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  • Welcome Bumpy hope you are well,nothing worse than waiting in for somethong for it not to arrive oh i hope that doesnt happen when i order my cotbed from mothercare.

    We are going to do nursery neutral as well with the 'i love my bear' accessories. Just saying to hubby today its scary how quick its coming round i remember saying in September we'll wait until after xmas to get everything and its now December and we'll arrange everything next month image xXx

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    Thanks ladies. Think neutral is best for the nursery. Hubby painted ours ivory this week and the furniture will be white when it finally arrives. I think we'll then add some pink accessories but won't go too 'pink mad'!

    Mrs Gallacher, love all your name ideas. It's so hard picking a name that the baby will have forever. Hubby and I love Evie Rose but I think Evie might be becoming popular now which I wanted to avoid.

    Mubee, is your NCT starting tomorrow? Enjoy, I haven't decided yet whether or not to go for NCT so will be interested in hearing how you find it. X
  • Hi bumpy! (that's my hubby's nickname for me right now!) welcome to the group!x
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    Thanks MrsHappy, Bumpy sure suits me right now too!

    Mothercare failed again to deliver my furniture tonight after I rushed home from work but they are going to sort out a Goodwill gesture so we'll see what happens.

    Hope everyone is well. Lovely royal news today! X
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    hope they sort out your delivery Bumpy and try to negotiate some major big gesture of goodwill, maybe using the excuse that you have lost a few days of work waiting at home etc.

    Good news about kate and Will, but a pity they had to announce it so early! She's not even 12 weeks.

    Good NCT session last night. 5 couples in total and it was interesting and fun. Looking forward to the next session and getting to know everyone better.


  • Aw Bumpy Evie is a lovely name image did you get your delivery in the end?

    Mubee glad your NCTsession went well its all coming round so fast.

    I'm thinking of changing the hospital we are going to have the little one currently booked in at a hospital 26 miles away our reason for picking the hospital was its local to our work so we thought it would be easier for scans etc but the closer its getting and the problems my midwife has had getting scan details would rather be booked in at our local hospital 4 miles away. Read on the NHS website you can change at anytime so hopefully wont be a problem. They have a virtual tour of the delivery room with en-suite and the delivery room with birthing pool, got quite excited watching them lol xXx


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    Mrs Gallagher, go with your gut feeling, and I would suggest you do go with what is easier to get to, not work,as you won't be at work, and the car journey can be quite unpleasant. I really loved the hospital visit we did and it had a birthing pool in each of the rooms in the midwife led unit, and it made me excited too and relaxed. Now I think, whatever will happen on the day will happen, but at least I can start thinking that it will go well and that I will be comfortbable.

    I am getting a really sore pelvis -  does anyone know whether I should got the see a physio or osteopath for Pelvic girdle pain? I've booked a app with GP to a get a referral for one privately, but I assume that as Pelvic girdle pain is pregnancy related, the insurance will not cover?

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    Thanks Mrs Gallacher still no delivery from Mothercare. Now one week late, and it was ordered next day delivery. They apologised and now said it won't be until Monday. We'll see! Agree with Mubee about hospital, go with whatever is easiest for you.

    Mubee, glad you enjoyed NCT, are you going to do nhs classes too or just do NCT? Sorry to hear about sore pelvis. Suggest see what gp recommends but not sure if medical insurance will cover it as I think pregnancy related issues are not covered, but worth investigating. Hope it eases up, try to rest as much as poss.

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    Bumpy, I'm not going to do NHS classes as with Hypnobirthing and NCT, I think I will have covered enough. Our hospital does offer a waterbirth 2 hour session, so we are going to go to that in early Feb.

    I have made an app with GP and will ask to be referred to Osteopath. Even if the insurance does not pay, I will go anyway, as I would rather not be sore. It seems to be better when I sit straight on a kitchen stool, but gets worse when I sit on the sofa.


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    Wow Mubee you're really organised. You'll know everything! I'd like a water birth so going to look at the hypnobirthing class too. Hope your doc app goes well and that your pain eases up. I've been having lower bump pain when I walk this week but midwife said today that it's growing pains, so all ok image

    Hope everyone else is doing well too x
  • Off work again feel like all I do is moan really don't mean 2. Got mum 2 b Physio class 2moz morning as lower back is so sore midwife says its just the way baby is lying. Getting moved to the hospital nearer to home just need to drop notes off with midwife today so she can sort it, she was lovely when I asked was expecting loads of excuses as 2 y I couldn't. She also booked me in for my antenatal classes 1st 1 on the 8th Jan image can't wait.

    Bumpy just read ur other thread can't believe u still haven't got ur delivery that's terrible did you get your call back today?

    Hope every1 is keeping well xXx
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    Hi Mrs Gallacher, sorry to hear about your back pain, hope the class tomorrow helps. Good plan to move to a closer hospital, glad it seems easy too.

    Mothercare finally delivered tonight. Hooray. Was so upset yesterday, it just really got to me but all ok now and they are sorting out a good will token.

    Just glad this happened now and not in March!

  • That's good you got your furniture bumpy! I ordered mine last week from mamas & papas - hoping it comes before Xmas so I can start building it over the hols! How sad!

    That's a shame about your back mrsG! Hope u feel better soon! image

    I had an achey back/bump a few nights ago & actually started wondering if I might have been in labour at one point! Thank goodness it came to nothing, dunno what it was! Got my 28week midwife appoint tomorrow so I'll mention it to her but I'm pretty sure it must've been braxton hicks or wind or something! Lol!

    Can't believe I'm in the 3rd trimester now...I'll be 29weeks this weekend! Eeeek!

    Ready for finishing work now! I work in a job with long hours on my feet constantly with little or no breaks (get the violin out eh?!) & Xmas is our busiest time. Feeling stressed & tired. Working with bitchy women doesn't help much either. I'm getting 'vibes' about the fact that I'm popping out tomorrow for my half hour appointment!! The problem is, I'm the boss, so it's not like u can really do much about it! I can understand they're worried about being left unsupervised but it's for half an hour...come on!! I was really looking forward to my appointment but now I'm seeing it as a stress-thing! Hope I don't end up cancelling it just to make work life easy!

    Sorry to be a moan, hate being all negative! Especially when I'm feeling good otherwise. After Xmas I only have 7weeks to work so yay!!

    I started writing a list of hospital bag stuff this week too, exciting!

    Someone I know told me a birthing story that happened today to a woman she works with- she went home at lunchtime to see her pregnant daughter (who had called to say she thought her contractions had started) & ended up giving birth to her grandson on the bathroom floor during her lunch hour!! Needless to say she didn't go back to work! How exciting...& a bit scary! 2nd baby though so hopefully that won't happen to us first timers!!

    Hope you are all well! image xx
  • Aw Bumpy thats great you got your delivery you will be able to relax more now glad they are giving you a good will token after all the unnessesary stress they have caused u.

    mrshappy123 how did your appointment go? hope you didnt cancel it, how r your colleagues/employees going to cope when you actually go on maternity leave better them getting used to it now. Oh thats some birth story would be great if all our labours were that quick but in the hospital.

    Physio class was alright gave a couple of excercises to try and help the pain, back was killing me by the end of it lol. To give it a couple of weeks doing the excercises and if still not working to call for a 1-2-1 appointment so physio can check pelvic alignment xXx

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    Hope the exercises work MrsG, I've got my fingers crossed.

    Sorry to hear your work problems MrsHappy, hope it all worked out today. Agree it's exciting getting the furniture, now just waiting for it to be put together!! hope yours arrives in time for the hols.

    Xmas party tomorrow then only one week left at work before the break! Luckily I'll be off until 2nd Jan.

    Is everyone feeling really big now? I feel like I have really shot out in the last week! Third trimester, gosh that's scary xx
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    Mrs G, sorry your back is still sore. Keep at the class for a little while, it may be that you need to strengthen your back. But hope it is ok.

    Mrs Happy, hope your work colleagues get used to your going to some appointment. Try not to stress, it is their issue, not yours and you are allowed to go to all antenatal appointment without anyone causing any problems. Scary birth story, but I think it is meant to be slower for first timers!

    Bumpy, glad your furniture has arrived!

    I had my 28 week midwife app (am actually 28+4), and measuring 29 so ok,and happu to hear that as all my friends I see say that my bump is huge, but I think it is just fine, and all other urine/blood pressure tests are fine too. She told me I need to feel at least 10 kicks a day, or else it could mean something is wrong with baby - not very encouraging or reassuring! I tend to feel kicks in the morning if I lie still in bed, and some during the day if I am still for a while. I also got a physio app booked in for 31 Dec, but in the meantime, today, I had a reflexology treatment for my pelvic pain, and OMG what a difference! I am sitting very comfortably on the sofa typing with no pain and feel a whole loads better. I have another app booke for first week in January, and am going to keep going. She can also turn baby if baby is in the wrong position later on, and the relaxation is pure bliss!!

    I have my third NCT class tomorrow and then a lunch with the 4 other girls - looking forward to getting to know them better. Then on Saturday, another day of NCT learning about breastfeeding. And dinner at friends on Friday night and Sunday - busy weekend! I think I am going to go to bed now!


  • Hi guys, went to my appointment today, measuring 28weeks as I should be which is good! Annoyingly the midwife 'ran out' of antiD!! Couldn't believe it! Seriously?! I booked the appointment weeks ago. This means I now need another appointment but I refuse to leave work again, I've booked it for my day off to make life easier!

    Other than that, all is well. Got details to book antenatal classes etc but hubby away for whole of January with work image so going to book them for mid February (3weeks prior to due date!), I'd rather not go at all than go without him so I'm willing to risk it!

    Friday tomorrow, woohoo! Think I'll have a glass of ginger beer after work!image x
  • Bumpy how did your xmas party go? i'm not feeling too big when i'm sitting i dont look pregnant but when i stand up it just seems to expand lol still all at the bottom.

    mubee glad your reflexology treatment went well sounds like a good thing to have image

    mrshappy123 thats terrible that the midwife didnt have a stock of antiD especially as you say you booked the appointment well in advance. Aw thats no so good about your hubby being away all of January but at least you will hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to attend a couple of classes. i've told hubby as long as he attends the 1st (labour & birth) with me i'll be happy image xXx

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    Glad everyone is measuring well. ??10 kicks a day, are you feeling them Mubee? I mainly feel movement when I'm laying in bed but not much throughout the day. ??Glad your treatment is helping with the pain.??

    My Xmas party was good, it wasn't that busy so managed to dance quite a while with the girls but did feel a bit conscious about my bump. ??It is showing now but still fairly small. MrsG mine is also really low too, I suppose it will slowly get higher as the baby grows.??

    We've booked our classes, two full days on 2/3 feb and I'm also looking at hypnobirthing classes. We have a new birthing centre opening next to our hospital in jan but the midwife said that because its midwife led there's no pain relief except gas and air so you really need to prepare. So I need to have a serious think about whether I'm strong even to forgo the drugs Xx
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    Hi Ladies

    We've just gone to pick up from one of our neighbours in the street, loads of baby vest, body suits and grobags!! I am doing loads of washing and trying and folding into piles to see exactly what we have been given. And also some toys etc which I am going to spray or wipe with the dettol stuff. It is so kind of people to just give things away! It's really exciting!

    Bumpy - some days I feel loads of kick, other days not as many, but this morning for eg, I woke up at 8am and must have felt at least 15 kicks and movements in about 30 min. Then when I get up and move, i don't feel so many. If I sit down I usually do. But not everyday, so I don't care what the midwife says, my baby is moving, I am sure all is fine.

    I really enjoyed my hynobirthing classes. I do listen to my rainbow relaxation and affirmation, maybe once every 2 days and hubby and I do the scripts together maybe 3 times a week. When I am in bed at night, I do the breathing and pelvic floor exercises. I think the aim is to learn to breathe and relax. Well done for dancing!! I did not manage that at all at my hubby's xmas party!


  • mubee that was lovely of your neighbours to give you stuff there's no point in them throwing them away for all the time their baby would have been in them. Nothing like the midwife trying to make you panic like you say if you feel baby move/kick a couple of times a day your happy, my little one is a right little squirmer. The hypnobirthing class do you book them through your midwife and what do you do at them? xXx

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    Mrs G, I booked my hypnobirthing class with someone locally that was giving me reflexology before getting BFP, so it is a private thing, nothing to do with midwives etc. We covered theory about birth,  breathing, relaxation, visualisation, scripts for partners to read to me to relax, how to let go off the fear of giving birth and lots of general stuff about giving bith naturally without pain relief and waterbirth.


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    Mubee how nice of your neighbours! ??

    I'm really interested in the hypno birthing classes. Found out today, that although they are private I can book them through my birthing centre as they are held there which is good but only dates hubby and I can both do is 19/20 Jan. I'm due 20th march so just hope I'm not leaving it too late to start the practice that you have already been doing?

    Mrs G my classes are going to be about 190 pound for two full days but includes the books and CDs that you need. ??Just need to speak to hubby tonight and get him onside.
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    My classes cost £250 including book and cd and workbook, It was 4 session and 1 refresher end of Jan. So £190 is good. x

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    Thanks Mubee x
  • Hi, I have got the hypnobirth cd to give a try....will let you all know how good that is!!  I hav used pregnancy relaxation cd a few times and is good I sleep well after!! Although he moves a lot at night when I am trying to sleep!  We have finally decided on a name and been given curtains and lampshade cover for nursery and in process of finding a cot.  Not sure when I last wrote on here but we have got second hand pram travel system now a graco symbio and love it, keeping it at his parents.  Have ordered a bag to use for hospital and a really cute sleep bag for baby and a cute changing bag and am starting to look into what is needed for hospital... going to wait to do birth plan until been to classes in Jan that are in our area... image Still feeling better than i did in first trimester and beg of second although starting to get a bit more tired in evenngs than i did before in second trimester now i am struggling to watch tv past 9, although annoying I then have to go to bed and end up awake from about 3-4!  we are both getting really excited now, am 28 weeks today and had my midwife appointment and all fine and the whooping cough jab today.  Glad now i prepared for xmas early as we are both in sorting stuff for baby mode!!  I have just got Xmas eve monday morning to work now before xmas break, back jan 2nd then 4 and half weeks to work, have sorted my holiday so I can leave end Feb but not actually start maternity leave for a few weeks after.  I have grown heaps in last few wks, midwife said I am measuring correctly for 28 weeks though so i tell anyone that that says haven't i got big, well I am 6 and half months ish! is everyone ready for Xmas?  and thought that next xmas will have a baby about!  We are going to de-clutter our home over xmas to start preparing for when we get all the baby stuff here and need the room! image I find the same that sometimes he kicks like mad and then dont feel anything for a few hours, i think the things they say about how many kicks is scary as makes you think oh god haven't felt the baby for ages and then when do it's a relief!  I think they sleep a lot and don't move all the time their mum is moving about! image

  • meant to put leave work beginning feb! i think i will have had enough by 34 weeks!

  • we have found and bought a bargain cot on ebay for £20 and been given a changing station and baby carrier, and I have just ordered a changing mat! getting so excited now as feels more real now about to prepare the nursery!!  hope everyone has a fab Xmas image image 

  • Springbride2012 that's a great deal on the cot we're going to order ours in January and hopefully get everything else during the month as well. Mother-in-law has made us a baby box she's going to give us it on Xmas so we can see word she's got us and we don't double up 2 much. All set 4 Xmas still doesn't really feel like it can't wait 4 next Xmas will bob sooooo exciting.

    Not had much movement 2day which has worried me a bit had a little more since I've lay down but if its the same 2moz think I'm going to phone the midwife c wot she says xXx
  • Mrs Gallacher I hope everything's ok! Let us know please! I've actually noticed the same this week- I'm now 30weeks and there's been much less movement, I wondered if it was maybe just baby getting bigger? Can feel him just now but just not as regularly as I had felt him (or her!) x
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