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  • Hey ladies good news after writing my post last night then trying going to sleep baby started bouncing about such a relief much more movement today he/she must have just been having a lazy day. Mrshappy123 has babies movements increased 2day?

    Hope all you lovely ladies have a great Xmas image xXx
  • that's great, i moan sometimes when i'm getting a good kicking but god is a good feeling if haven't for a while. I've noticed baby has no pattern like they say they do (other than usually lively at night!!) i asked my midwife is it 10 movements an hour or 10 a day and she said as long as 10 a day a day shd be fine and if worried to have a cold drink and lie down (if can!) MrsGallacher thats nice bet you can't wait to see what baby bits you have been bought image

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    Mrs G, glad all is ok!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, try to relax, as 2013 will be eventful! Xxx
  • That's good! I'm still getting movements, they just don't feel as strong which makes me think its due to lack of room..I'm not worried about it, just interesting to see how things change at the 30week mark! Feels more like rumbles now rather than kicks/punches! Lol!

    Everyone- have a fabulous Christmas! I'm so excited! image

  • mrshappy123, strange u say that last couple days the movements have mainly felt like wriggles and rumbles almost like having an upset tummy but bigger rumbles and some if I have had to bend about are like big bubbles popping like at beginning but then they felt like little bubbles, must be they are getting so long in there they are wriggling more as we move, i still get some kicks though big enough to make me jump and my tummy jump out! we put the cot up this evening so now double excited for xmas and 2013!

  • Good afternoon ladies hope u had a brill day yesterday and got spoiled loads image my MIL gave us our baby box it's so lovely full of lovely and practical things so can't wait 4 baby 2 arrive now getting a wee bit emotional thinking bout our wee bundle of joy xXx
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    Happy new year everyone! Hope you're all well and had a lovely Christmas. Back to work tomorrow but only eight weeks til maternity leave starts! Very excited that baby will be here this year. Midwife said I have low blood pressure but otherwise I'm good. Hope all is well with everyone else. Mrs G, how lovely, getting baby presents makes it all so real xxx
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    Happy new year ladies! hope you had a good one.

    Had my physio appointment for my pelvic pain yesterday, but she said there was nothing she could do as I seemed properly aligned, so she gave me a pelvic belt, which is useless, it it only works when you are walking, but if sitting down or going up the stairs it digs in to you, so have to loosen it. Instead I am now wearing some short bought from Australia, calle pregnancy recovery shorts, which are meant to help you in and you wear them under your clothes. not really helping yet, but just taking it easy.

    I will be 32 weeks on monday and we are going for another scan to see if my placenta has moved out of the way. Apart from that, baby kicks often and its quite painful, otherwise, most of the time now, it rolls around and moves and I feel pressure on pelvis or on my sides where it must be pushing. Not sure what position it is lying in though.

    And on another note, we have finished the nursery - just waiting for the curtains to arrive tomorrow as the first one that arrived had a fault. It is so sweet!!! really happy with it!! we went for the Next 'little bear' range, and got the bumper,coverlet, and sheets, quilt, musical mobile, changing mat, sweet dream bunting, wall stickers, nappy holder, lamp shade, wicker bins for laundry, and a nappy bin. quite a lot but the only furniture we had to buy was the cotbed, second hand, and we had all the rest in the room already (chest of drawers, and wardrobe) from our old flat, as our new house has built in wardrobes in all the other rooms.

  • Happy New Year ladies hope u've had a gd 1 image managed to stay awake until 4 this morning very proud of myself but knackered now. Can't believe our babies r due the month after next it's flying in. 8 weeks Bumpy not long, wot date u due again?

    Mubee we haven't even started nursery yet can't wait to get it done cot getting ordered this month so will start it once ordered need 2 get dining table moved thru 2 his mums then we can begin image Bought a couple of I love my bear accessories on Friday don't actually need that much more accessory wise for the nursery. Got 28 week check on thurs getting whooping cough did any1 else get this? xXx
  • Hi MrsGallacher, i had the whooping jab, didnt hurt at all although had a sore arm the next day and for a few days but small price for knowing i was vaccinated!!  Happy new year everyone!!  Your nursery sounds good Mubee!!  Ours is almost done so much in there now as been given so much by people who have babies who are around 6 months now. Have been washing the clothes given to us and got masses more to do, then need to start packing it away. we have cotbed, kids cupboard, chest of drawers with changing station on top, winnie pooh curtains and light shade and posters.  How was everyones xmas? was so nice having a break i kept overdoing it though and forgetting my body is slowing down now!  yesterday just getting ready to go out and getting dressed i got so out of breath i had to sit down then i felt hot and heart racing and sick, had to sit down for about an hour before i stopped feeling like going to faint, felt not too bad rest of day but went to docs this morn i still felt sick and wanted to check my bp and babies heartbeat - all good.  I was worried as baby seemed to thrash around so much while i was feeling ill he could definitely tell my heart was going faster and i was worried it might be causing the baby distress. Doc said feeling sick and lightheaded is all normal but found I have a heart murmer which is quite common during pregnancy and is why i am getting short of breath. apparently will go once had baby and is because of all extra blood that is needed to be pumped round but that if i get the racing heart regularly i have to go back to doctors for them to keep an eye on it so hoping i dont get that much!  I had a nice day shopping the other day (in flat comphy shoes) and paid the price, had swollen ankles really sore and throbbing and had to put them up all evening and still tingled a bit the next day, so third trimester is def making itself known image am 29+5 today.  Next midwife is next tues and have an appoinment for a workshop from nhs next week too.  All getting more real now!!  We have been given a crib i need to clear a space for in our bedroom image  Going to have an easy day today as the doctor gave me a note so i can rest today, so back to work tomorrow.  Is anyone else starting to plan hospital bags and birth plans yet?  My midwife said to wait until jan classes before doing birth plan but think i might do a draft one just so i feel a bit more prepared and give it a bit more thought.  The doctor said should the baby come early they have a good change 30+ wk which made me feel a bit better, told my hubby he said omg i hope doesnt come early lol and so do i!!  Hubby is being a lot more supportive now, had quite a few foot rubs which have been bliss!  Is anyone else having trouble putting their socks on already?  I am not the most flexible person non pregnant so now i am finding i really have to twist and scrunch up poor bump to get them on, think a job soon for him to do!

    Hope everyone is not too bad and having a good start to the year!  all exciting now (and bit scary!) will be single figure weeks soon!!!!!!! x

  • Not even thought about birth plan or hospital bag as yet prob wait until start of Feb. Got wee ones wardrobe and drawers on wed and ordered cotbed mattress and bedding yesterday. Had 28 week midwife app on thurs all went well measuring 29 weeks and the midwife couldn't get blood from me ended up having to get the phlebotomist 2 do it, back 2 docs yesterday to get whooping cough defo not as bad as I thought also ended up having 2 get another blood test as one they had taken the lab wouldn't accept coz ay the label. Got a letter through this morning have 2 go 4 glucose intolerance test on thurs dreading that as if I don't eat as soon as I get up I end up being sick and really don't fancy sitting about the hospital for 2 hours xXx
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    Hi Ladies

    I had the whooping cough jab at 29 weeks. It did not hurt, but my arm hurt for about 5 days after that!

    Springbride, yes, I am struggling to put socks and shoes on but that's also because of my pelvic pain.

    MrsG, good luck for your GTT on Thursday.

    Well, hubby has been ill with the Norovirus since 1am this morning, and has been sick 11 times since!! he has moved to the spare room, but I am not sure if I have disinfected everything that he has touched etc. I really don't want to get it! Also we were meant to have our 32 week scan on monday to check if placenta has moved etc, but I'll have to go on my own...hubby really wanted to see baby again. Well at least the Noro virus does not harm the baby, it is a matter of trying to stay well hydrated that is important.


  • Mubee - hope u dont catch it, good to know will not harm baby though.  hope your hubby gets better soon! we now have the crib up in our bedroom n need to start the task of sorting all othr stuff we have been given so we can see babies room floor! hope you are not kept waiting too long for your test MrsGallacher. i've been reading up on why shortness of breath is quite normal for week i am which is reassuring as i after rushing round tidying up this morning before visitors had to stand still for bit to try and catch my breath! hubby told me off for rushing about but u dont always know what is overdoing it till you've done it!!  what i read said even if the woman feels out of breath baby is still ok getting oxygen from placenta so that's good to know, i shall just slow down when i feel like it again!

    I am over three quarters of way through now image as we probably all are now or nearly are.  My replacement starts at work next week so i can have 4 weeks training them and i can get on with some other tasks i dont normally have time for, all i got friday was peop asking oh are you finishing soon shall i not send you any work when they heard about my replacement coming, i said er i haven't got just yet! image the other annoying question is the will you be returning? right now who knows but i have asked work to keep job open for me so i have the option!  Mubee - that's a shame your husband cannot go Monday,hope you enjoy seeing baby again though and placenta is where it should be.  

    I considered paying for one of those 3d scans you can get to see baby again as i do not need anymore scans at the moment but decided i'd rather wait and see him properly as not that long to go! x

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    Hi ladies, I've had the whooping jab too. Mubee, hope you escape the noro virus. My boss and colleague had it last week so have done well to escape it too. Good luck tomorrow at your scan. Let us know how you get on.

    Spring bride, sorry to hear about feeling faint. Hope it was one off and not happened since. Enjoy handing over to your replacement! Hopefully means less stress for you. Mine starts on 18th Feb for two week handover. I'm finishing on 1st March and due on 20th so hope I'm not pushing it! I'll be 37+2. When is everyone else stopping ?

    Mrs G hope the test goes well on thurs. horrible that you're still suffering sickness. Just think, it's all for a good reason image

    I'm starting a pregnacy yoga course tomorrow, really looking forward to it. Hopefully will help me prepare for the big day! I wanted to try Pilates but was told by instructor not to start during pregnancy but at least the yoga course is specifically for pregnancy and birth prep! I'll prob fall to sleep after a full day at work though.

    Haven't thought about hospital bag or birth plan yet but looking forward to sharing ideas!

    Take care everyone x
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    Hi all

    Back from the 32 week scan, and although my placenta has now moved out of the way, from the charts, the baby is measuring on the larger side, so I have to go for a GTT (glucose test) and another scan at 36 weeks. So hubby will be there this time, but there was not much to see, as they look at the head, and stomach, but could not see the whole baby on the screen as baby at the stage is too big to fit onto 1 screen. At least they are checking, but I don't think its anything to worry about as fluid is all fine, it's just the scale that reads on the higher percentile based on their statistics. Must be all the chocolate I've been eating! Another good thing is that the baby is head down now, so already positioned well.

    Hubby has stopped being sick since yesterday now, and I feel fine!!

    I'm not working at the moment, as was made redundant, so not handing over to anyone.

    You'll enjoy pregnancy yoga Bumpy, it's very slow and relaxing, I go once a week and do enjoy it.


  • Mubee glad your hubby is feeling better and you didnt catch it, good news your placenta has moved fingers crossed your GTT goes well, when are you getting it?

    Springbride2012 i kept contemplating a 3D/4D scan when offers came up but managed to control myself shall just wait until little ones here cant wait its cominground so fast.

    Bumpy i'm due to finish up on the 8th March i'll also be 37+2. Sickness seems to have subsided but everytime i say that  it comes back lol defo be worth it in the end.

    Got quite a busy week ahead got 1st antenatal class 2morro, meeting with manager on Wed to discuss returning to work on reduced hours (back still giving me jip signed of until thurs) got GTT on thursday and physio on Fri also cotbed mattress and bedding getting delivered at some point no doubt come one day when i'm out. Got it all for £200 saved £260 on Babies R Us website image xXx

  • Also ment to ask what is everyones plans for labour and pain relief? I want a water birth just using gas and air but want to hire one of those tens machines to hopefully last longer at home before having to go into hospital.

    Due Dates please correct if i'm wrong

    Mubee - 4th March

    mrshappy123 - 10th March

    nowmrswood - 10th March

    Springbride2012 - 15th March

    Bumpy - 20th March

    MrsGallacher - 27th March

    malibu-2010 - 31st March

    image image

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    Hi, re the birth plan, I am plannning on using hypnobirthing relaxation methods and breathing and using gas and air and a tens machine (which I found online for £7), and then at  the hospital, getting in the water pool. I want to be as mobile as possible,  not lie on my back if possible (on all 4s when baby is coming out, or in the pool) and as calm as possible.



  • Well had 1st antenatal class 2night wasn't all that exciting mostly about the different stages if labour which I had already read about but still quite informative. Next weeks about different types of births and pain relief hopefully be more interesting, hubby won't be able to make the next three classes due to shifts jst glad he was at the 1st xXx
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    Mrs G, I don't think I am learning very much either at my classes, as I've done lots of reading, but its nice to hear things repeated and all of us talking, and the most important this for me is to meet new friends with babies the same age and have a support network close by. Have a good day! x


  • hi, I have my first antenatal class this sat and taking hubby, is one on labour and later in month one on coping with newborn.  I did go to a few birth and yoga classes before xmas though and have been trying to practise the breathing when I use the birth prep cd listened to that twice so far once a week might try and up it when i am on maternity leave!  got a workshop tomorrow nhs invited me to says is healt visitors explaing options n chance to meet people due around same time which will be good then in evening tomorrow taking husband with me to an nct info evening says has goody bags and snacks so luring him along with hope of those! is no one so far thinking of epidurals?  I am thinking gas and air, seeing if water is an option - i believe is only if free at time at your hospital if nhs, and think i will want an epidural as i don't like pain!! not that anyone does but think i just have no idea how much it is going to hurt until it happens! had my 31 week appointment this week and am measuring 31cm and baby is now head down.  Am looking forward to having afternoon off work tomorrow for the nhs workshop and to the other baby related things this week!  We are going to practise putting car seat in hubbys car this weekend and he is keen to start properly on hospital bag - he likes to be prepared, i wondered when his preparedness would kick in for baby, he wants to carry on sorting nursery at wkend as we have sneaked some non baby bits back in from clearing things out and want it nursery things only again!  getting very excited now! haven't had indigestion for ages, touchwood! and have been eating spicy things and late in evening, and no more faintness i am taking things a bit slower now though if i feel out of breath.  Had today off work pre booked as holiday and been nice to just chill out a bit and carry on clearing out clutter at home, out with the old and make room for new! image

  • Hi girls hope u are all well! I'm almost 33weeks now, keeping well but tired (insomnia) and I've started to get pelvic pain! Not too bad, just feels a but achey when I walk!

    Quick question- how long before your due dates are u all stopping work?x
  • Hi, I am leaving 34 wks, got holiday lined up to take so my maternity leave starts from about 36.5 wks.  how long do you have left mrshappy123?  I went to a talk by health visitors yesterday and an information evening for NCT gave me things to think about and a nice goody bag! looking forward to first antenatal class of the 2 NHS ones tomorrow.  Im 31 wks today and sometimes have lots energy and feel great like not pregnant then other times i wake up so achy and wish could just go back to bed!

  • My plan is to work up until 37+2 so just under 3 weeks b4 baby is due work have been great said if I feel nearer the time I can't manage it can be changed straight away.

    Got GTT yesterday had 2 take blood from hand again as my arms jst don't seem 2 b giving it up, jst need 2 wait on results fingers crossed all is well.

    Had Physio 2day 4 ma back pain my pelvis needed re-aligned my left side was sitting higher than my right Physio has now corrected it but whether it stays were it should be that's a different matter.

    Babies mattress and bedding arrive yesterday for cotbed, cotbed coming on tues so just need 2 get cot mobile and curtains and we can start decorating nursery soooo exciting xXx
  • Oh ment 2 say incase u don't know Asda baby event starts online 17th Jan and instore 21st Jan image xXx
  • I'm working till a week before due date, 39weeks! Want as much time at the other end as possible! Hope I manage! Got 6weeks to go...this week was hard. Not really physically, more emotionally- everyone had January blues & it's hard to keep everyone motivated when I'm on the final count down myself. If I need to finish a week earlier then I will tho.

    What's the asda baby thing? Is it good discounts on baby stuff?

    I start ante natal in February cause hubby away the whole of January with work, looking forward to them but not expecting to learn much xx
  • Baby event has some good deals like tommee tippee 260ml bottle set that were £25 being sold for £10 and money off sterlisers and things like wipes for £1.  We have made a note on calendar to get the bottles! had a mini panic yest as realisd hadn't felt baby moving all day so lay down when i got home n tried pushing at tummy and talking to him and nothing, but luckiy my sis in law lent me her doppler when i was first pregnant, been trying not to use it as is mixed opinion but i used it last night and found his strong heartbeat and must'v woken him up as then he was lively for rest of evening but what a relief! apparently their sleep patterns can change or if lie differently cannot feel them as much but i wanted to check all ok! mrshappy123, apologies if you have said before but what type of work do you do? is it full time? good on you to try and work almost right up! if mine comes when due i should have 8 months at home before maternity pay runs out and need to find work, ideally would like longer off and it is not even as if my job is particulary stressful but im getting irritable already some days if i've had a bad nights sleep and if back starts hurting by mid afternoon from sitting all day.  i did ask my work early on wd it be poss to reduce hours so i could work up longer or work from home for last couple wks to save 45-1hr rush hour journey each way but they wre not helpful in slightest and all woman kept saying was shed worked up till going into labour then back to work full time 3 wks after and i thought well that's you not me you choose to have a big house n a flash car i'd rather have less and take the maternity leave and be at home while you get the chance!

  • I'm a pharmacist, it's a busy branch, stressful at times! The pharmacy bit is fine is managing a team of women that's been stressful this week! Haha!

    To be honest I was thinking about it all last night, I think I'm going to finish a week earlier than I had originally planned (ie 2weeks before due date), it makes sense. I work 10hour days & often don't get a rest. I currently have 7weeks till due date & I'm starting to struggle! Not so much physically, more just with the pressure of the job. It should be a happy time! image

    God I can't stand women like that- back to work after 3 weeks ?! Seriously get a life! Why bother having a baby?! I intend to take as much time as I can & go back part time.

    Think I'm going to pick up the car seat today, excited!!x
  • I know what you mean about January though mrshappy123 People in my office are all onto new year diets and planning their holidays for year and new yrs resolutions and saying how cold and snowy gona be and they want a new job this year it's like christmas never happened, is hard to see past baby coming for us though isn't it?  and then I know v slim chance of going away for a holiday this year! and certainly not dieting at mo! so i can't join in much conversation! as for people being all pleased with thmselves if have given up drink for 5 days or whatever i think its been over 7 mths for me now!  i know when you can drink is a lot harder to not but maybe that's my irritability coming in like if someone asks how i am i say im fine bit more tired in evenings again but fine in general and then they go on about how tired they are because out till 2 am in a club or something and i think i don't wana hear how much fun you had i sat on sofa n went to bed 930 hehe but all be worth it cannot wait to be a mum and hav done my clubbing years. another thing about work - im not uncomfortable walking yet (prob as i don't hav to be on feet for work i think i would be if i was) but already if i get up to get something from someones desk they are saying oh i could've brought to you which is sweet in a way but i'm thinking er i can still walk!!  and is good to not be sitting all day so i say no that's fine honestly...wonder if to them i look hugely pregnant now whereas i am used to seeing myself with a bump! image don't think i'm waddling yet but starting to wonder if i look like i am to others a bit hehe. hope everyone has a good weekend!

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