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  • I think I have pregnancy body dismorphia, people keep saying wow look at your bump & I honestly think I look small!! Sometimes I catch sight of it in the mirror at night & I am shocked at the size tho. Still don't think it's that big mind u! image x
  • i find if sit on bed and look in mirror looks so much bigger when sit down!! and in baggy tops looks bigger than fitted things.  i used to manage  a team of women so i know what you mean want to bang their heads together at times and is very stressful at times managing people and a branch.  i have been training new lady this week and think i am missing when i could just go in sit do work and go now have to answer questions and talk lots all day! i am not normally this irritable lol i have been gtting up in night most nights for at least an hour and some mornings at 5 i get up and sit on sofa as know no chance of getting to sleep as cannot get comphy then i feel like i want my bed by mid morning!  not mentioned this to any mums though as i know they will say its bodys way of starting to prepare you for lack of sleep hehe! and will get less sleep when have baby!

  • enjoy getting car seat! we are going to practise putting ours in our cars today image

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    Hi ladies, last few posts made me chuckle - mainly because I feel like I'm still small but strangers are now commenting on my bump so clearly I'm in denial! My pjs are on the tight side now and my onesie that has always been spacious now doesn't have much room for growth! ????

    I'm planning on finishing on 1 March when I'm 37 plus 2. However got asked to travel from London to Manchester on 27th Feb for an over night stay to give a presentation. ??Talk about stress! I managed to get out of it but wasn't easy! ??

    Thanks for putting the list of dates together Mrs G, makes it seem a bit more real seeing all our dates listed in black and white.??

    Does anyone else forget that they're pregnant? I seem to be so busy at work that it moves to the back of my mind - worried that with only nine and half weeks to go i should be used to the thought that I'm going to have my own baby very soon lol!??

    Sending positive vibes to everyone having the various tests done and having pelvic pains etc. ??Mubee try not worry about the measurements. ??At my 20 week scan they said baby was too small, especially the size of its head and booked me back in for three weeks. Me and hubby worried so much and made it worse by googling it but when we went back little one had a growth spurt and had caught up. Sometimes I think that too much info just causes unnecessary worry. ??Im sure that as your baby is big, that's a good sign that you're growing a healthy one image

    My travel system isn't coming until end of Feb but might see if I can get it earlier as want to see it and start practising!

  • think wont seem real until baby is here and crying lol! i have today off as a holiday day so gona continue a declutter....been making the most of time to myself too as wont have that much when baby here!  when i am walking about at work i can see people looking at my bump so not much chance of me forgetting! although sometimes ill be engrossed in thinking about something or watching a film and he'll kick and i'll think oh yeah is a baby in there!!!  at health visitor chat she was saying well i am sure u have all been reading up on life with a baby and they all nodded and i sat there and thought eeek i've been reading heaps about pregnancy, birth, nursery planning etc....but before reading newborn bit always seemed so far away but maybe time i started!! image

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    Hi Ladies

    I had my GTT (glucose tolerance test) yesterday and was called today with results already, which are too high! so must go back to the hospital again on friday to be taught how to monitor and control with diet. All I can think is that I will need to be super healthy from now on, and maybe stick to porridge with some milk and water in the morning and lots of protein, veg, quinoa, and some fruits and totally cut down on sugar! harder to do than say. If anyone has any other ideas about what i can eat, do let me know.

    Very brave of some of you to still be working! I would be so tired from the travelling I think, and with my SPD, I think it would take more forever to get there.

    I had been reading about what to do when baby is here, but I now just want to see how I feel and open up a book if I have any questions, rather than reading a book as if I am studying for an exam.


  • Hey ladies think i'm the same regarding bump size i dont think i'm overly big but others are like 'wow look at the size of u' i'm like oh gee ta how to make me feel better eh.

    I returned back to work on Friday, on reduced hours for three weeks so will only have 4 weeks full time to work after that before finishing up so work have been good about it but they still havent put my maternity through my manager said not to worry. Cot arrived on Tues so going to have a clear out of spare room at the weekend start making it more likea nursery image Think my pelvic bone has slipped again as getting the same pain as before so will need to phone physio again.

    Bumpy thats no so good about the GTT results but at least u will be able to manage it now. Does that mean you have gestational diabetes? I havent had a call and had my test last thurs so must be ok.

    Has anyonedecided what nappies, wipes and formula your going to use? xXx

  • Not decided yet but someone told me today that aldi nappies were great! They're the cheapest as well, interesting! I'm doing an aldi shop 2moro, I'll check them out x
  • My friend mentioned that about the Aldi nappies said she wouldn't use any other xXx
  • Oh it's been quiet on here recently how is every1? 5 weeks on mon til I fin up can't wait image xXx
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    Hi Mrs G, all good here thanks. Hope you and everyone else are well. Five weeks left at work on Monday too, can't wait! Have to go to Brussels on Wednesday overnight so not looking forward to that but midwife said ok as its only one day but said to take my notes.

    Really enjoying my pregnancy yoga classes can certainly recommend.

  • Hi, i finished work on Friday last week, i brought it a week earlier than planned and now have holiday booked for a few weeks before the maternity leave.  On Friday with traffic it took me nearly an hour and a half to drive in so i did not miss it this morning!! will miss a few people from work but will still meet up and they got me a card and present which was nice n said they hoped i would return.  had my check up at midwife at 33 wks and measure 32cm so all good. anyone else finding now that every now and then the baby will move and press out and actually hurts just for a second but more ow then aww he's moving!  i hurt my back about a week ago when i half tripped over at home and still hurts walking about so i am planning things to get me out the house this week but also going to do some sitting with feet up and reading!!  i should now i have no excuses of no time do my yoga dvd and listen the hypnotherapy cds! anyone else feeling huge? i am nearly 8 mths and feel like i look 9 mths! maybe because i am short, already clothes i bought a few wks ago that are maternity are getting snug! but he's growing correctly according to midwife.  i do keep bumping my bump in doorways, on sink etc i never belived women before wen they said sometimes you will forget have bump and how wide you are but i keep doing that!! and then saying sorry to bump not that he even notices! i have started reading up on first week with newborn and that kind of thing and had second antenatal class at wkend which was good and trying to take it all in!  we both started having proper clear up at home and sort out, my hubby said he was nesting which made me smile as up until around 6 mths he was finding it hard to be interetsed or see why i wanted to buy things and prepare and now he's the opposite trying to help me get home ready and researching baby things image and offering me foot massages. hope everyone is feeling well and if still at work that work is not too bad, i had to rush and finish off training my cover as i left earlier than i originally planned so was a relief when by about friday lunchtime she knew my job and i could take it easy a bit! Bumpy - i hope brussels is goes well on Wednesday image    
  • Bumpy hope all goes well in Brussels image

    Springbride2012 I know wot u mean about 4getting about bump I usually 4get wen I pull myself in2 my desk at work n realise I can't go any further. Defo been getting the ow feeling usually wen baby sticks their wee bum out. What side does baby usually lie? Mines is the right n wen they to stick their bum out its right at my ribs very uncomfortable keep thinking it could b their head hope not got 32 week app on wed so will find out what way baby is lying, still plenty time for them 2 move if head is up my ribs xXx
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    Hi Ladies

    Less than 5 weeks to go for me now!

    Bumpy, hope Brussels went well and that you weren't too uncomfortable!

    Well, I get tired very quickly now. Standing for too long is difficult adn even 30 min of ironing gives me a very sore back. Hubby's been great and has helped with a lot of stuff such as cleaning, hoovering, shopping and we have a cleaner starting today, which should help with things too.  I sleep ok, but cannot lie down for long as my left side goes numb, and when baby moves it feels as if it wants to try to escape out of my stomach, it is so unconfortable.

    Apart from that, I'm controlled by diabetes with diet and taking 2 pills a day too. Going back for a scan this thursday and to see consultant, so we will discuss if I need to take insulin and it all is ok, or I need to be induced earlier.  I hope not! I have not put any weight on for the past 3 weeks on the scale, so it must mean that with this super healthy way of eating, I must be loosing weight and baby getting what it needs.

    Cannot wait for baby to arrive. Even if though we have such a busy 2 weeks, I am ready. the sooner the better, then the SPD will go, the Diabetes will go, I will walk normally again, and will be able to eat normally,.....but no sleep I guess, but at least I'll be able to turn around in bed and sleep on my right or left side, back or stomach!!


  • MrsGallacher - mine is head down and has been for a few weeks now with spine and bottom on left of tummy he pushes his bottom out lots too! what is uncomfortable is when he pushes out his knee comes out in a hard lump on right and can stay out for 5-10 mins ive tried to rub it to put it back but think he thinks is a game and pushes it out harder image i keep waking up as both legs keep going to cramp up then have to just sit up on sofa (no hope of sleeping in bed anymore its so soft the mattress and is a memory foam one which sounds nice but provides no support for bump or my back which i keep forgetting ive hurt and bending funny to get in fridge and things).  i have sympathy for old people who walk slowly image as i wandered very slow around shops at weekend and supermarket last night like a snail only way to stop my back hurting too much where i have pulled it. I have just over 6 wks to go now and agree Mubee in a way be nice to not have bump to be able to sleep on back and do things normally wouldn't think about like go on a nice walk without back hurting, ligament strain, getting out of breath! but on other hand.....appreciating last weeks of baby being on inside while i can rest as i am not great with lack of sleep. wondering how many on here are planning to breastfeed? been reading how at first some babies demand food every 2 hours and once fed winded got back to sleep i am wondering if the mum does all the feeding herself as the man cannot help (unless after first week try expressing..) when does she ever get any sleep?!?! think i knew you got less sleep once have newborn but im a bit worried about prospect of maybe not getting more than an hour at a time! have a lot more sympathy for anyone who has been pregnant and done all feeding themselves now! sorry if sounds negative but i am trying to prepare myself for worst case scenario! makes me see why couples bottle feed but then i know to do it yourself is better and cheaper so i want to try....Mubee - glad you have been able to control the diabetes and on plus side eating healthy is a good thing.  i have bought a lot of fruit and salad so i can make myself one of my favourite things today - greek salad. want to be as healthy as i can for my own sake and babies!  hubby has a cold which i had avoided but feel achy headache and yuk today so gona stay in was going to go shopping and lunch out to try and make most of chances to before get even bigger but after how much my back hurt just wandering around getting food last night i decided it is definitely a sofa day and catch up on programmes i have been taping!  I remember writing on here that i was 6 weeks pregnant then i was desperate for baby to come and be a mum putting i dont have much more than that left...eeek now feels like will be coming soon enough!! imageimage

  • how is everyone? has anyone been buying the sale bits in asda? we got bottles and breast pump yesterday and i am feeling positive and excited now we have nearly everything we need. found a steriliser on sale in argos getting this week then have everything (other than needing a new mattress for cot but won't need that straightaway). Hospital bag is packed, and other than nursery needing a tidy as bursting with baby stuff i am feeling prepared! My mind wants to be cleaning and nesting and my body is on the sofa image maybe i will get some energy this week! hope everyone is well.

  • Hi, I'm 36weeks today, only 4weeks till due date! Can't believe it!

    Feeling tired & wish I was finishing work now but still got 2weeks to go, it's a struggle!

    Had a wonderful pregnancy massage this morning, total heaven & would highly recommend!!

    Need to dash for now but hope everyone is well!x
  • mrshappy123 the massage sounds lovely, hubby has suggested i book one and i might just do that!! wow 4 wks!! all getting real now isnt it!!! hope u have a good week image

  • midwife today said blood pressure is high (annoying as been spot on up until now!) and needs checking regularly from now on and i must rest, so that's what im gona do!! image heart checker wasnt working properly either so she couldnt find heart beat for ages wish she had told me sooner it was the checker thing not baby that was the prob, just as well she did my blood pressure before checking the baby or who knows what it would have read lol

  • Hi ladies! I haven't been on here for a while.

    I hope everyone is ok - not long now ladies! I've only got 2 weeks left at work and I can't wait! created a list of all the things I want to do whilst on maternity leave, apart from sleep that is as my SPD is causing me lots of sleepless nights image

  • nowmrswood - what is on ur list of things to do? hope it includes lots of relaxing!! i made a bit list of al people wana visit n things wana do at home n find a lot of day is spent on sofa! image hope u have a good week! 

  • Its just things like getting the car valeted, baking/cooking, visiting friends, various cleaning tasks that have been bothering me for a while, re planting my hanging baskets, all very boring but stuff I just dont get the time to do what with working full time and the last few weekends have been taken up woth antenatel/NCT groups/hospital tours etc!

    I'm so excited!

    When do you finish?

  • i've finished now which i'm so glad about now as been told to rest, bet u cannot wait to finish! i used my holiday before the maternity leave rather than at end so im actually off as holiday for few weeks then maternity. ur plan sounds good!! i have done some baking and bought the food i need to try some other recipies and have read 3 books and had a few meals out and another one planned for later. u have reminded me i still need to arrange a hospital tour! image

  • Good afternoon ladies havent been on in about a week been busy getting house organised as had a viewer yesterday hopefully they buy our flat but cant see it and really dont want to be moving before wee one comes. Nursery all finished just need 2 get curtains re-sized and a new cupboard door hubby was busy all weekend doing it re-papered, painted and built furniture looks lovely i will try and put some photo's up later.

    Springbride2012 you will be glad to have finished up, 4 weeks yesterday until i finish cant wait as getting really sore now. I was going to breastfeed but have decided just to bottle feed instead so hubby can help from the beginning as dont think you can express for the first couple of days to a week prob depends how quick the milk comes in.

    Had midwife last wed (32 week check) all still well image measuring 33cm and fifths palpable 5 which i dont think means anything at the moment other than still head down and unengaged got next appointment next week for 34 week check scary that they are getting close together. Went to Physio on Thurs as still in pain, left side of pelvis had slipped again and my sacrium(think thats the name of it) had also popped physio managed to fix me again but now my right side of pelvis is in agony cant sit for long and cant get up when i have sat for a wee while xXx

  • mrsgallacher - does your midwife know you are planning to bottle feed? i think it is entirely up to the woman but now i see why people say that midwives are very pushy, mine saw my birth plan yesterday which says i plan to try to breastfeed she said well lets cross out try you will breastfeed. i said well i will see how i go but we have formula and steriiliser etc at ready incase and she said well no need for that you have no reason why you cannot women have managed for years. and i felt a bit pressured especially as these are the women who will be visiting after birth and at the hospital. end of day it our bodies and although i would prefer to feed myself if i find it too hard or like you said fact that husband cannot help out gets too much then i like knowing i have a second option!  i dont think its fair that on top of what the first week will be like that women have that added pressure put on them by the people who should be supporting you but maybe not everywhere in country is quite so down on bottle feeding! i am nearly 35 weeks now, dreamt last night my waters broke n actually felt relieved to get started but in reality hoping won't be too soon so i can rest a bit more! still got more tidying and cleaning i want to do as well but at moment priority is trying to reduce my blood pressure if i can before gets checked again later this week! midwife put i am 4/5 which i think means 1/5 engaged, his head is a lot further down than the check before she couldn't find it for ages n kept saying i can't find his head and i was saying well he has got one they can normally find it!!!  i asked my sister if she ever experienced that midwife and she said she did and she was same with her not very reassuring lol. Mrsgallacher - are your work being flexible and letting you do less hours? look forward to your nursery pics! image

  • I have spoken briefly to midwife regarding bottle feeding but will be on my birth plan, i know they try to push you to do it but its up 2 you they'll just have to accept it i'm not letting them stress me out about it supposed to be a happy time not them making you worry that baby wont feed. Just tell them NO if baby doesnt latch on lol. Thats wasnt so good your midwife couldnt find babys head but then if baby is early fully engaged he's heading in the right direction image maybe your dream is a sign he's going to come early i told hubby anytime after 37 weeks i dont mind. When i returned to work after being off sick i was on rehab hours to build them up back to full time this week and for the next three will hopefully fly in, this weeks went quick so far. Work havent mentioned reducing my hours nearer the end i think its a case of if you cant managed it we can bring your maternity forward but i dont want to loose time with baby at the other side i'll just need to take plenty of breaks and keep my head down xXx

  • good plan no point stressing yourself out. you're rght if i find i dont want to or cant i will have to just be assertive with them as you said it is not a time to put extra pressure on especially when first time mums and all new! hope your last weeks fly by my last few did especially when you start thinking hmm in a months time i really won't care about this place or what i don't get finished image thnk baby is only a bit engaged (guessing from notes..) but def further down which is good! 

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    Hi ladies hope all is well sorry not been on for a while, been busy with work. ?? Just had midwife and she says baby is too small, measuring 32 at 34 weeks so ??she wants to check at next appointment in two weeks that she's growing ok. ??However they've said that from the beginning and when I went for extra growth scans they said all was fine. But just checked my notes and she wrote that I measured 34cm today so in two weeks time I know they are going to say baby hasn't grown! Argh, so I'm just going to tell them that the midwife said 32 but wrote 34.??

    Anyway only three weeks left at work, same as Mrs G, can't wait to finish now. ??

    Anyone got a short list of names yet? We know it's a girl, hubby loves Evie with Rose as middle name, but I'm worried it's becoming common and also is maybe too short as a first name? I love Phoebe but surname begins with F so it doesn't go, other names are Elizabeth with Libby for short or Amelia but again I think that's very popular. ??So hard choosing a name. ??I did love Evie from the beginning but worried I'm over thinking it!

    Hope everyone is keeping well and not getting stressed out by work or breast feeding pressure! X
  • Hi ladies.

    Well I might be a Feb mummy and not a March mummy as we had our specialist growth scan on Tuesday and they are happier with his femur growth now but she noticed that his tummy hasn't grown much since the last scan two weeks ago, so have to have another scan on 20/02/13 and they have booked me for induction aswell as if his tummy still hasn't grown I will be induced there and then! scary!

    Will only get two days of my maternity leave to get all my jobs done as I am working up to 15/02/13 image

    I hope everyone is well and not too uncomfortable! I had chrio for my SPD on Wednesday and yesterday I felt like a new women! amazing! going every week now.


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    Hi MrsWood sorry to hear about the growth scan. Fingers crossed he has a growth spurt now but if not just remember that you're in the best possible hands and may get to meet your little one very soon. image any chance you can finish a few days early given the circumstances?

    Have my fingers and toes crossed, but I'm sure all will work out xxxx
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