And its back to work I go :o(

Hey everyone, Im enjoying my last week with my LO in the sun before going back to work next week.


Cant believe 9 months has gone so quickly and how much she has changed and grown in that time. Im really not looking forward to handing her over to the nursery for 3 days image(


Any tips for getting through the 1st day!!! Ha!!!


  • Aaarrr it us hard at first but after a while my 2 days at work was my sanctuary! It was time to myself, to sit and drink tea! She will love nursery my little boy does, I'm sure he didnt want to come home win me some nights! All that playing they get to do. There will probably be tears (from both of you!) but after a few days it's all fine, and you appreciate the time at home with them even more. And she will thrive in nursery, they change and learn so much! Good luck with your first day x
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    Boooo image me too, I'm back Monday too and doing 4 days!! My mum is having her so I know she'll be fine but I'm gonna miss her soooo much!
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    Aw good luck ladies I am not due back for 6 months but have negotiated down to 3 days and got childminder sorted
  • I'm back at work in Oct and the thought of being away from my LO really upsets me.

    I know she'll love being at nursery as she's very sociable but I'm going to miss her terribly!
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    Thanks all!!


    She had a taster day on Wednesday, so I did the only thing that was going to keep me occupied and that was go shopping!! It was so weird though wondering around without a pushchair, I kept thinking I'd forgotten her!!


    When I got back she was outside  quite happy & didnt seem too worried!! Im so glad its such a relief that she likes the nursery image)

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