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Taking a baby on holiday

I've just booked our first family holiday for october! My little one will be 6 months old then!
We are staying in a first choice holiday village hotel and they are providing a sterliliser high chair etc in the room for us.

I'm just wondering if any one has any tips for me,

When preparing bottles am I ok to use bottled water, obviously i will boil it first?

During feeds will I need to give the little one extra water? Does this need to be boiled and cooled or can I give her bottled water?

Like I say she will be just 6 months so I'm not sure how far along the weaning process we will be probably just the very early stages, so will just be on baby rice/porridge on a morning? Do u give the baby porridge first or her usual bottle first?
What age do you introduce lunch and dinner? and do you just give rice for these at first or intoduce jars/smoothed fruit etc?
Just wanting an idea so I can get an idea of what I will need to take with me etc



  • Hey

    One thug we took on hol with us which was great was a sun shade to fit over the stroller. It was just a giant big net thug and covered it all. Its by koo-di.

    Take light clothes....rompers are great. A rubber ring for the pool (one with a seat in it is good).

    When I started weaning Harry I introduced porridge to his 11am feed, he had some bottle first, then porridge then the rest of the bottle. Once he had taken to this we changed his timings slightly. So we would get him up and he would have milk. Then about an hour later porridge fir breakfast. Then we gave him lunch at 12 of pureed veg (they say introduce veg first so they don't get used to the sweet fruit!). Followed by bottle. Then bottled at his usual times until we introduced tea at 4. Once he was taking more food we decreased his milk and then introduced fruits. His schedule was something like this (it's actually hard to remember!)-

    7am milk

    8am porridge

    12pm meal and milk

    4pm meal and milk

    7pm bedtime milk

    I would still boil and cool bottled water just to be sure, I think evian is the best. And yes def offer her more water to drink during the day she will be hot plus having food as well can make her more dehydrated.

    Have a good time!x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi my little one is 6months tomorrow. We have been weaning since 20 weeks and are on two meals a day breakfast and tea. Some meals are fruit bananas are really easy and can get them there. You will be best using boiled bottled water for bottles we were told last week can use tap from 6 months in uk but not abroaf.

    We make some own food but if i was going away i would take some pouches like ellas kitchen with me.

    I give first milk feed in morning and then breakfast about 30 mins to an hour after
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Oh and when we went away took her sleeping bag for familiarity
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339

    Thanks, I've been looking at 0.5tog sleeping bags, as we going to cyrpus so even though we going in october it will still be warm! But like you say I want her to have some familiarity of her usual bedtime routine at home!

    Breakfast shouldn't be a problem, I'll just take the dried baby rice/porridge, its just if she is on tea then I dont no what to do, we are in an apartment with a stove, so I could always buy fruit/veg and cook it and make a puree with her milk for tea if she is on tea by then, which i think she probably will be! she is 14lb11.5oz at 14 weeks!

    I'm very excited for the holiday, as my husband has been in afghanistan since march and missed the babies birth etc so it will be the first time we get to spend family time just the 3 of us! I'm just panic stricken all ready that I'm going to forget to take something for the baby haha, I'm the worlds worst worrier!

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    I dont have kids but a friend of mine works for an airline. He always says to wheel baby out to the plane in the buggy if they will allow you to. That way the buggy is the last thing on and first off.

  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339

    thank you!

    Ive booked through first choice and they say you can order baby supplie to be left in your room via a company they reccomend, its a great idea and am tempted to do it BUT its £80 delivery for 5kg and £90 for 10kg!! Plus what if they deliever the items late and they haven't arrived when we have!!

    Powdered milk weighs about 2kg each and I will be wanting to take 3 for the fortnight so I'm not sure what to do!


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    What country are you going to they may do that brand of milk there.
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339

    Cyprus, I've emialed the in resort staff to ask if they have shops close to hotel to purchase milke from x


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