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Pharmacy First

Just making sure that people are aware of the scheme Pharmacy First, ours is run by Peterborough NHS trust,but I imagine other places do it. If you register your child at the pharmacy, you need your red book and the child with you, you can get free treatments for certain conditions without having to go to the GP; you get given a book and it includes sore throat, constipation, pain relief, earache, temperature, and head lice and a few other things. Think it covers children up to 16 years


  • lbarr10lbarr10 Posts: 586
    That's great, up in Scotland we have the minor ailments prescription which is a big help. Been able to get infacol etc free.
  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Boots also do a minor ailment scheme, sounds the same as pharmacy first - I've been getting aqueous cream for William skin- also if you have your maternity exemption card, mum also qualifies for the scheme too!
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