reusable vs disposable

Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone's got any advice in the reusable vs disposable argument. I like the idea of using reusable but are they more hassle than disposable? Any views would be gratefully received. Laura


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    One of my friends uses reusable and swears by them. I was going to look into them but lo was small initially and i never got round to it. My main worry us that it takes trial and error to find disposables that fit so i worry about the expense and then not suiting her. See if you can get a trial or borrow them
  • lccarrinlccarrin Posts: 201

    We looked into this a lot and basically found that the cost and environmental impact of all that washing counteracts any benefits in those areas. There are some nappy laundering services who basically drop you off a bag of clean nappies each week in exchange for you leaving the dirty ones outside, which they then take away and wash for you, saving a lot of hassle and allowing them to be bulk washed, but there weren't any in our area. In the end we compromised on the enviromental front at least by getting 80% biodegradable ones from Amazon so they end up cheaper than supermarket ones.

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    All I know is being a first time mum, getting to grips with a baby their needs, the vomiting, the washing from that, the cleaning of bottles, and general every day cooking cleaning etc, I just wouldn't have the time for reuseable nappies. Would have loved to
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