Rubella vaccination

Hi Ladies, Only just thought about this as a result of another post regarding immunisations for babies, so thought I would share. My blood test at my booking in appointment when I found out that I was pregnant showed that I was susceptible to catching rubella, despite having had the MMR jab when younger. I had no idea that in some people, apparently the jab just 'wears off' leaving you at risk of catching rubella (I believe I still had immunity to the measles and mumps though). In other cases, a second jab was meant to be given but never was. I also didn't know that in pregnant women, rubella can be detrimental to your unborn baby, causing birth defects and even miscarriage. If TTC, especially if you work around children, it may be worth having a blood test to check your immunity so you can have the jab before getting pregnant. Here is a bit more info:
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