how much does your lo eat?

Hey girls

I'm waiting for the HV to ring me but just wondering if anyone could offer some advice or share how your lo's eat. 

Will is 4 weeks and up until Sunday was being bf so i just put him on whenever he wanted - which seemed to be all the time!  Anyway one thing and another i'm now expressing and using forumla in bottles.  For each feed i've been managing to get either 4 nearly 5 ozs (120-150ml) EBM or making up formula.  He seems to be feeding every 2 hours during the day but going longer at night 5 nearly 6 hours but each time he takes all of the feeds!  He doesn't really bring much back up but seems very contented after each feed.  Just a bit of reassurance that this seems right?   

Also i've noticed he sometimes wants something to suckle/shows the signs of being hungry because he has wind/needs a poo so don't want him taking too much milk if he doesnt need it.



  • Smiler85Smiler85 Posts: 283
    Hey Hun, I'm mainly bf so not sure how much Lotties takes but when she does have a bottle of formula she will guzzle 5oz no problem! Sometimes she will sick a bit back up but other times she doesn't. I'm sure that if will is content after each feed then he's taking the right amount.

    I'm pretty sure too that as breast milk is thinner and digested quicker than formula they can take more ... For instance we fed Lottie 5oz of breast milk but then she still fed from me straight after!

    Hope this helps a bit image x
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    That's good to know thanks hun! Yeh I have noticed the bm doesn't quite fill him up as long as the formula. Just spoke with hv and its pretty normal, she said he's storing the milk for his nights, obvious really! I shall chill now image xxx
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