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Sleep regression at 4 months

Has anyone else experienced this? I assume it may be a growth spurt but wondered if it was normal. Chloe has been sleeping 9-5 generally for weeks now but the last week she has been waking at 12&4 and also wont go to bed after her 6 pm feed Xx


  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722

    2 of my friends have had the same prob, 1 of them being up most of the night. From what I hear its pretty common. Chloe's been waking about 5-5.30 am occasionally, she's only 15wks tomorrow, but after she woke 2 weeks back at 3.30 I asked the hv & she said to just try & soothe her back to sleep without milk because as she's slept through for ages now she said she doesn't need it. Plus, if she had milk shed get use to wanting it in the night again. So far it's worked. I also leave it if she stirs or cries a little as sometimes chloe goes back to sleep herself. I only go in if she starts to really cry.
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Yes we had it. But wait for the 8 month one. That's a real killer!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We did it didnt last too long. Just go with it and keep to your routine as much as possible. We are just coming out of 6 month one. Thanks Gwen can't wait for 8 months, lol
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Lol. The 4 month one lasted about 3 weeks. Like Claire says just try and stick to routines as much as possible.

    Our 8 month one is up to about 6 or 8 weeks now. image But it's coupled with him trying to cut about 6 new teeth so it might not be so bad for everyone, fingers crossed x
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi ladies

    Obviously my little one isn't here yet, but someone has recommended The Wonder Weeks to me which covers this subject.

    Linky here

    You can get the book an Amazon

    It gets rave reviews, so it must be pretty good.

  • Hi all,

    yes I am currenlty going through it wih DS. Hes ebf and only sleeps for max 2.5hrs at a time. Hes been like this for the past 3 weeks image I am shattered and looking forward to it ending, need some zzzz's

  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Hi ladies, Mya is the same image she had been sleeping 6:30 - 7 (with a dream feed at 10) since 7weeks old but for the past week has been waking endlessly throughout the night. I pop her dummy back in and she settles, only to wake after a short period of time. She has been teething horrendously lately so think that my be contributing.
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841

    just to add, Mya has just started rolling from back to front but most the time she gets stuck. Since she started she has been sleeping on her side and quite often tries to get onto her front. I've read on the baby centre site that babies carry on trying to roll in their sleep and can wake themselves. When she wakes me she is always trying to roll, so tonight I might try her on her front when she wakes. She has been rolling fron to back since 10weeks old so I have no concernce on that front. 

    I also read that at 4 months babies start to sleep like adults with deep and light sleeping periods. I have been giving mya her dummy when she wakes, which has sent her back to sleep but now I'm thinking I'm creating bad sleeping habits :-/

  • piogau88piogau88 Posts: 16

     Hes been like this for the past 3 weeks image I am shattered and looking forward to it ending, need some zzzz's

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