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I've just started weaning my little girl, I've just been giving her some heinz breakfast cereal on a morning which you mix with water ( ive been putting milk in it) and she loves it!!! I've been making up 2 teaspoons of the cereal with enought milk to make it to the right consistansy and she eats the lot, her little mouth stays open for more when she has finished and she even looks a little disappointed when I give her her bottle and not more food!

My question is, should I give more of the cereal and let her drop a couple of oz's of her milk? I no milk is the main source of nutrients at this age but she seems more interested in the food than milk in the morning, all her other feeds are remaining the same and she is happy to take all of her milk then its just the breakfast feed image 


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    How old is she? And are you using some of her milk in the cereal? All of the advice i was given was to not cut milk at all til 6 months. Have you tried giving the milk before the cereal? If she still wants more cereal then you can increase quantity either up to 3 spoons or use a bgger spoon. The other idea is to add fruit piree to it to make it last
  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339

    She is 20weeks, yes I'm making the cereal with some of her milk and she loves it! All of her other feeds throughput the day are ok and remaining the same +/- 1/2oz here and there its just her morning one where she seems to want something more substantial than just milk x

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