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  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    If anyone else has anything to sell feel free to post on here too by the way! Xxx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    Hi Georgi

    Can't see the link, for the items with the labels still on it could be worth going back to the shops for exchange, any item I had like this the shop would swap for bigger size or alternative goods of same value

  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Argh this silly new site!! Will get on my comp and sort it! Most of the things with labels on are from a posh boutique shop in Dorset so can't exchange unfortunately, did manage with a load of next stuff though, they are quite good at that! Thanks for letting me know xXx
  • Georgi - totally seperate matter - i'm following your blog - do you reckon your banana loaf is a 'healthy' option? I'm doing the 30 day shred and trying to eat more sensibly but I fancy baking!x
  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Ooh! Thanks for following, afraid I've neglected it a bit recently! Yes it is fairly 'healthy' (for a cake!) as not much sugar cos the bananas provide the sweetness. You could leave out the nuts if you want less cals (although technically they are a good omega/protein boost). You also don't need much for it to really satisfy the need for something sweet!

    Let me know how it goes! Xxx
  • Great thanks, that's tomorrow's task! Gillian xx
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    Have a look at that hairy bikers recipe page on BBC website. They did low calorie fairy cakes with icing!! Think they replaced the butter with oil so they still be moist. I'm Guna gave to try! Xxx
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    Cute things by the way!!
  • Thanks Nat, after you mentioned their diet show the other day I've been catching up on the iplayer!x
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