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Hi everyone I'm 36 weeks and will be induced at 39 unless I go before. Because there are usually more complications / more chance of intervention with an induction I would of course prefer to labour naturally. A few people have suggested raspberry leaf tea or tablets but I wasn't sure about how effective they are (what will they help with exactly?) and if it's too late for me to start them? I've been attending diabetics clinic in place of midwife appointments so nobody professional has mentioned the raspberry leaf to me - what are your thoughts? Any advice gratefully received (ASAP as I'll be buying them today of they're any good) Thanks ladies! xxx


  • Hi. I Was induced at 39 weeks. I tried the tablets and they didn't do anything, but that's not to say they won't help you. I was absolutely terrified of being induced and didn't have much time to get my head around the idea, but just want to say its not all bad! My midwife didn't leave me the whole time! x
  • I don't believe they do anything, just like eating curry and pineapple. A girl from antenatal was induced, she was terrified but like the person above said it wasn't that bad and she had a good labour!

    im a strong believer baby will come when it wants!

    There are 2 other girls from my antenatal group who have been having the raspberry tea and they are over due now and just waiting!
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi. Raspberry leaf doesn't actually induce labour its just said to strengthen your contractions when u do. Unfortunately there is no tried and gauranteed method to bring on labour although its fun to try everything!

    i was induced with my first and coz i hadn't given birth before i had nothing to compare it too. Yes it hurt, took a long time and i was constantly monitored, baby had to come out so didn't really have any other option. Im still gutted i didn't get my 'normal' birth but hey hopefully this time!
  • Hi Mrs Brown.

    I've heard that the tablets are supposed to be more effective than the tea. Plus I've tried the tea and it doesn't taste very nice so I'd prefer the tablets.

    I think there was a discussion on RLT on the graduates 3 page just the other day, not sure if you were involved in that or if you missed it??

    However as Waited says, it doesn't bring your labour on any earlier, just makes contractions more effective when you are in labour. I suppose it can't do any harm can it, especially if it's going to give you a quicker labour x
  • Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to leave it and just see what happens. Thanks for your advice xxx
  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Hey, I drank the tea religiously from about 34 weeks, and really enjoyed it! However it did nothing for my contractions - I had them every ten mins for 90 hours!! So not convinced that it helps contractions. However, it is meant to help tone your uterus and my tummy has sprung back quite quickly (and I'm not a skinny girl!), I was back in my old jeans within a week of having Chloe and think the RLT might have helped. I'd say it won't hurt, so if you enjoy a fruity cuppa then try the tea! Xxx
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