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Was just having a search through for a 'due may 13' thread and couldn't find one,so thought I'd get one up and running! I'm approx 7 weeks at the moment, had a BFP a week ago last Sunday and an early scan last Tuesday and so far so good. This is my 7th pregnancy, we m/c earlier this year, we were due 28th jan 13, a week after our 1st wedding anniversary. I have 2 girls, 13 and 5, and a boy,8. I've also had previous m/c at 16 weeks and 22 weeks. So I have my fingers firmly crossed this time! So.......where are you all?!? image


  • Hello great to see a May 2013 thread, we just got our BFP last week and currently into the 6th Week this will be our 1st baby all very exciting Due 29th May 2013. I met the midwife on Monday who did a full health check with Bloods, samples, etc.. then have a booking in appointment at the local hospital on the 24th October where they will book 1st scan, she did ask me about having a test done for Downs syndrome as offered to everyone I am not sure what I think to that


  • Hey ladies was wondering when this thread would appear as it was a year last week since I got my BPF! I was due on 29.05.12 and Isla was born 22.05.12! I wish you all the luck in the world and a happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • Me too, my little one was born on the 27th May & is 4 months today!

    It's a great month for a newborn as the nights are very short.  4am isn't quite so bad when you can see the sun coming up image

    Best of luck with your pregnancies xxx

  • Aww Congratulations on your little ones, did your preganancies go quickly x

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  • Too quickly! I really miss being pregnant! x
  • I'm also a May 2012 mummy - been waiting to see this thread.

    God it feels so long ago that I was posting on the may 2012 thread.

    At the time I remember it thinking my pregnancy was lasting forever but in hindsight it went quickly.

    Congratulations to you and hope u have a healthy 9 months

  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553

    Just saying a quick Hello don't think there are many of us on here, I am not feeling alot this week no pian, sore nipples or sickness wondering if I should be concerned image


    hope everyone is well

  • Ah MrsH I wouldn't be concerned - I'm feeling no pain this week but had a scan this morning and all is ok.

    Can I join your thread please?? I initially thought I was an April mummy but a scan today to find out how far I am has confirmed I'm 8&2, due 14/5/13.

    This pregnancy was a real shock for me and hubs, we had a little girl called Chloe on 18th April this year!!!!! We are over the moon now and can't wait to see Chloe's reaction to a baby, she'll be approx 13 months.

    I have my 12 week scan on 31/10. We are having the downs tests etc, we did the same with Chloe.

    Hope everyone is ok.

    Shell xxx
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    Congrats to all you "Due in May" mums to be, I was a "Due in May 2010" mum and had my little girl "Nell" end of April 2010. It seems so long ago!!!

    And Shell, wow I remember reading your birth story when you had Chloe....2 babies under 2...eeek!!!

    Dawn x  

  • Hi Shell!

    You're going to have your hands full lol!! My EDD is the 14th May too, although we are expecting that to change when we have our next scan on 25th October.

    Had my booking in appointment on Tuesday, I will be having shared care with the consultant at the hospital due to late m/c in the past.

    Midwife also said I'm ok for a c-section, as long as consultant agrees, which they will.

    Mrs H don't be worried! I'm sure every thing is fine. My sickness has calmed down a bit and is now coming in waves rather than lasting from the moment I open my eyes to bed time lol.

    I have started with a bump already, can't fasten my jeans so am improvising with a hair bobble looped through the button hole image

    Thanks to the ladies from the May 2012 thread for your lovely words! And. Ongratulations on your babies.

    Claire xx
  • I know I'll have my hands full won't I, I can't think how we'll cope but I know we will because others do. I won't be going back to work after this baby, we can't afford two lots of nursery fees so works out better for me to be at home.

    Chloe was a really hard young baby but is brilliant now. She's weaning at the mo and will eat anything, has rolled over completely herself a few times, is trying to get her knees under her tummy to crawl now, and is fast asleep by 7.30/8 each night, so I'm hoping I'll be able to copeimage

  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553

    Aww wow congratulations this is so exciting,

    I got a letter for my antenatel appointment 24th October which I think is the booking in appointment ask questions etc..

    feeling a sharp pain today which is weird but comforting to know that something is there a colleague at work who had her little boy this year said it could be that its sat on a nerve. Looking foward to getting a scan date will be having the blood test for downs


  • Hi everyone

    How are you all doing? Did you have good weekends?

    We didn't really do much, I'm so tired all the time! Sent hubby out with Chlie in Saturday afternoon just so I could have a nap!!

    My tummy is definitely getting bigger, I did still have a little tum from having Chloe in April but it's got bigger and is firmer now! So that's a nice reassurance. The sickness has eased, just the tiredness causing me problems!

    so when are everyone's 12 wk scans? Ours is 31/10

  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    Hello hope you all having a good week,

    My tummy feels like a washing machine since saturday churning and smells bleugh last week I loved those pasta pots this week no way, today had porridge and bread. Just in bed with a peppermint tea to help keep things at bay lol

    image x
  • Hello ladies

    Seems so quiet on here....not many of us due in may it seems!

    Still having waves of sickness, and actually could sleep for a week at a time!

    I'm put off things I love by the smell too MrsH

    Had a manic weekend with my son, he has 2 holes in his heart and was struggling with his breathing on Sunday so ended up being admitted to hospital.

    Got our scan next Thursday, looking forward to that.

    How is everyone else feeling? Xx
  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    Hi just checking in hope everybody is well,

    I am now 8 weeks pregnant starting to get a bump. Still a bit queasy just had a crisp sandwich tonight to help keep my tummy at bay lol image
  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    Bella I hope your son is ok what a shock to find something like that out xxx hugs xxx
  • Mrs S we have known about Bens heart since he was tiny, he's just never had a problem before now, hopefully it won't happen again.

    I love crisps normally-haven't been able to even look at them for about 2 months now without feeling ill lol.

    Still not many of us here...is there anyone else out there?! Come and say hi!
  • Hi everyone,

    How are you all doing? I'm ok, feeling quite sick at the mo but other than that all good.

    Had a week of barely any sleep as Chloe has got her first tooth through. I wondered why she had started waking in the night (she's now 6 months and has slept through since 4 months) anyway yesterday a tooth appeared. So proud of her as she hasn't cried once with it, just kept waking up through the night for her dummy, so I guess it hasn't really hurt her, just disturbed her sleep. So proud if her!

    We also took her swimming for the first time yesterday too. She LOVED it!!!

    Well we have our 12 week scan on Wednesday so am a bit nervous. Just found out all in one go that my cousin was a) 9 weeks pregnant and b) lost the baby on Tuesday so am super anxious and gutted for her as we are really close (godparents to each others kids) and our babies would be literally a couple of weeks apart image

    We are having the screening tests in Wednesday too. It'll be funny because we'll have to take Chloe with us and she'll be in her pussy cat Halloween costume so no doubt that will make the nurses chuckle!

    Will of course pop a pic of baby c on here when I can and will let you know how we get on once we get home.

    Has anyone else had their scan yet???

  • Good luck today shell! x
  • Well scan done and all ok! Baby is due on 12th May 2013 - that made me cry because its my best friend from primary school's birthday - bloody hormones! So here is baby Crook...



     So weve started telling family today and then in a couple of days will be telling work/friends/Facebook!!!!

    How is everyone?



  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    Congrats Shell. Are you going to find out the flavour this time.. I would guess and say its another pink one image
  • No i dont think we'll find out,but that could all change yet! Im trying to figure out a ticker but my brain is clearly not working!

    Id love a blue one - one of each and then no pressure to have another but then i always wanted a sister so i imagine that would be nice for Chloe image



  • Yay so glad everything went ok!! Gorgeous scan picture!

    I had my scan last week, and we are due on .....12th May!!

    I'll add a picture too when I can figure out how to do it xx
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    Aww congrats shell!! 12th may is my hubbies birthday image. Your scan pic looks like Wills 12 week one and I didn't have any sickness with him either image

    Best of luck with the pregnancies ladies xxx
  • How is everyone doing? image
  • Hi!!

    I'm doing fine thanks how are you?

    Had really low blood pressure for the past couple of days do my mum has had Chloe overnight. Spent yesterday being sick even though I've had no morning sickness at all in 14 weeks, so I guess it's to do with tgd blood pressure.

    We still can't decide whether to find out if we're pink or blue.

    Also we are looking at double prams all the time - haven't a clue which to go for!!!

    How is everyone else??

  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553

    Wow Shelly that is a gorgeous scan pic so clear,

    I have my 1st Scan on wednesday I don't think I will sleep on Tuesday night it will be like Xmas morning lol excitment

    is it 1 1/2 pints of water I need to drink does anyone know does this need to be plain water or can I add fruitjuice I am not good with just water

    Has anyone been told to have the flu jab I am not sure midwife told me to but heard it can make you feel ill and I get colds but never really flu

    Hope you feel better soon Shelly and hope everyone is ok x

  • Mrs H how was your scan?? I hope all went well and sorry I didn't reply about the drink - I've stopped getting mail notifications for here for some reason??!

    I'm back to full health now so that's good and Chlie has got her second tooth so I'm getting some dleep at night - last night she slept 7-6, bottle then slept til 8 am so can't grumble about that! Thing is she now looks so old with teeth image It's meant she's really lost that new baby look, she now looks cheeky!

    I think we've pretty much decided were going to find out the sex this time. We had a surprise with Chloe and hubby REALLY wants to know this time and I'm not bothered so I guess it's fair to find out if I'm not bothered. Plus we've been looking at double prams snd have decided on the bugaboo donkey duo and can then order either two pink hoods or a pink and a blue image

    Hope everyone is ok xx
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