8 week old not going down anymore

So my beautiful baby had been sleeping so well, it was always a slight struggle to get her to sleep ( had to rock her, sometimes she'd need a wee top up) then sleep until 5, feed, be back down by 5.45 and sleep until i got her up around 8ish. Her sleeping hasn't been the best for about 10 days and about a week ago i changed her to a sleeping bag because the blankets (including saddle blankets) kept ending up over her face because she kicks and moves about so much. She has been much better at falling asleep with me just holding her, not being rocked etc and goes off very quickly and stays asleep but once i put her down she's only lasting 5-45 mins, I've tried holding her for upto an hour before putting her down. She doesn't cry when she wakes so i actually sat just rubbing her tummy and shushing for an hour. it looked like she was going to go.back to sleep a few times but then kept waking again. by the end of the hour she was really upset. Sometimes when she's feeding Im not convinced shes actually hungry because she doesn't seem that bothered and sometimes when i pick hee up shes asleep again within 30 secs. Its been anywhere up until 2am before she goes down and stays down and she's still been waking for her 5am feed. She's quite tall is rapidly growing out of her Moses basket and Im wondering if she's waking herself hitting and kicking the sides. sorry to go on just wanted to add as much info as i could x


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    Hi hun, we had to move Zak out of his moses basket at 3 weeks old for that same reason!

    I started off holding Zak whilst playing a couple of lullaby's then put him down, and replayed the lullaby's when he woke.

    After a few days of doing that, i put him straight into his cot and played the lullaby's and after a couple of weeks we didnt even need to play the lullaby's anymore...although sometimes he does like to have his hand held / hair or eyebrows stroked before off.


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    Hi hun. Thats good to know that even at that young age he went into the big cot without too much trouble. I might be brave and try her in it tonight, it cant be any worse than at the moment. I got her a soothe and glow seahorse for xmas but might try putting her down with that. do you leave a light on for Zak? When she was sleeping well the bedside lamp and tv were on in our room but i dont know whether thats disturbing her now instead. Also on a morning she waking for a feed about 9 and then falling asleep for about 3 hours because shes shattered, do you think.i should be waking her or just letting her try and catch up on her rest.
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    It sounds like she's getting overtired to me. We're having the same issues with our two week old. She won't go down unless we hold her for up to an hour, then she's awake again quickly after. They get into a cycle of getting overtired, sleeping lightly, waking to feed but only taking a little because she's too tired to suck making it seem like they're not actually hungry. We formula feed and she pushes the teat out of her mouth. And so the cycle repeats.

    We're trying to teach Gracie to self-settle. Sitting up with her for up to 2 hours every time she wakes is exhausting.


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    I thought the over tired thing too at first but shes getting plenty of sleep during the day and has a 30 min nap which she wakes from an hour before bath time. Also she's actually falling asleep really easily, within a minute of me holding her, she stirs as i put her down but goes back to sleep and then its after 5 mins sleep she's waking which is why i think it might be the Moses basket.

    Pleased to hear your getting on well with your little one x
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    I know what you mean about her getting over tired as the night goes on though x
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    i think sometimes they just need reassurance esp if you have just changed to the sleeping bag because she's probably gone from being really snug to having a bit more room. We had this with Will where he would sort of jump or his arms would fly out but he was too big to swaddle.  We just stroked his head or sang to him or put our hand gently on his chest (that worked brilliantly), or rocked him until he settled but before he went to sleep and he would go off to sleep again.  The cot could work as she wouldn't be hitting the sides which also might wake her up. xxx

  • I agree about the cot. Chloe was in her basket in our room until about 5 weeks old and went to sleep fine even with our TV on on a low volume but then started to become unsettled. So we put her in her cot with a nightlight. She slept much better but after a few weeks was unsettled again so now she sleeps in her cot with no light whatsoever and she sleeps from 7.30 - 5 and then 5-7 am. It's not a miraculous cure I know we're lucky too but it's worth a try. I hope you get it sorted image

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    Thanks girls. Going to give the cot a go tonight, can always go back to the Moses basket if its a complete disaster! What do you think about waking her on a morning she's now been sleeping 3 and a half hours because she's shattered. am i better to let her catch up on sleep or wake her so that she's not having so long all in one go? X
  • Chloe has never slept that long apart from at night do I'm not speaking from experience, but I think I would wake her for a little water just to make sure she's getting fluid as she's so young, but there might be some one on here who has a baby who has done the same - I hope someone can tell you from their experience image xxx
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    She woke up herself 5 mins after i posted image x
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    I had the waking after between 5 & 45 mins but it was in the day.  It drove me mad at the time but she just grew out of it. 

    At night she hated her basket and wouldn't settle in it so at first she slept in bed with me, then on her cot bed mattress in our room (couldn't fit cot in but mattress could slide under bed during the day then we put barricades round at night like a little nest.) then moved the mattress into her room and now she's in the cot and most nights goes down about 7.30 - 8.00 and sleeps til between 4 & 6 although we still have bad nights. Definitely try the cot it might help.  I think they are comfier than baskets as mattress tends to be better quality.

    I hope things work out for you as not sleeping is horrible.

    Oh & just want to add a lot of the sleep books scare you about how you set up terrible habits etc etc but honestly I've always put my girl down using a variety of methods including breastfeeding/rocking/cuddling and now at 6 months she seems pretty average for how well she sleeps. 

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    Hi EllieKate, yeah Imogen can be like that too, shes only being napping longer since not sleeping well at night. i have to say i don't take all that bad habit thing too seriously, i did and do the feeding/rocking to sleep but on a night she just happily nods off in my arms without any movement so it does make me worry about it less.

    She honestly hasn't been too bad and most nights Im still getting a 4-5 hour stretch and she even went back to her old routine one night a couple of days ago. Think its worse because Im getting to the end of 2 weeks on my own with her, my hubby works offshore and i don't have any family close by so its literally just me and her.

    Thanks for your reply hun x
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    Babies natural sleep cycles are approx 40 mins and this is when she stirs. If she falls asleep on you wait longer before putting her down so in a deeper sleep. For an 8 week old i would leave that long in the day if not sleeping at night.

    Also sleep patterns will change every few weeks. i have a 10 month old and we have a usual pattern but every now and then we go off it.

    The cot could be worth a try though..
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    Thanks cebpickle, I've tried various times of holding her upto an hour and a half but without any luck image
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    Ah no i mean for 10 to 15 mins. If you get near 40mins again she will be back in a lighter sleep
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    Oh i see hun, thats great. Thank you
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    Hiya, no I don't leave the light on at all.

    There is a very small orange light on the back of the monitor but its barely noticeable.

    Zak always slept well with our light and tele on (wanted to teach him to sleep through noises), but seemed to sleep so much betterl in the dark and quiet!

    We have a dimmer switch in his room, so when I take him up I only click the light so it's on just a bit, put him in the cot and give him a kiss, walk to the door and turn the light off then tell him it's bedtime and that he needs to shut his eyes and that ill come back and check on him later (I read somewhere that this would help reassure him that I wasn't leaving for good!!? Lol)

    Zak is 19 weeks old and has just started to skip his "early morning" bottle...we have had 2nights of 7pm-8am sleep image (yes I'm counting my lucky stars!)

    No sure if it has anything to do with being in the cot from such an early age but he's been a very good night time sleep for ages now

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    Thanks for all the advice and taking the time to reply.

    well i tried the cot last night, it wasn't any better but wasn't any worse either so i'll keep perservering. on a mission to try and get her to have as much sleep as she will today, she's a bad napper so will probably end up in my arms most of the day because unfortunately shes quite good at waking up during the day when i put her down too! X
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    Hi girls have been meaning to post on here for a few weeks.

    Using all your tips and advice and a little tough mummy love Imogen started sleeping much better within a matter of days. Just wanted to say thanks for all the replies etc, this wasn't our first sleep related issue and i know it won't be our last but it makes it much easier having all you fab mummies

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