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Due June 2013

Hi, I'm Elaine and I am due 8th June. We had our scan yesterday amd everything is looking really good. We will get our 20 week scan on 18th Jan.  I am now 12 weeks and 6 days.  We have put down a deposit on a Mamas & Papas Zoom travel system and have spent today buying lots of cute baby bitsimage Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy pregnancy and hope there are some other ladies due in June too. x




  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145

    aww congrats!  I was due June last year (although lazy bum boy didn't come til July!) so nice to see the 2013 up image  Wishing you and other June mums happy, healthy pregnancies xxx

  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Congratulations! I was due 8th of June this year, and my little girl arrived on the 10th image Hope some other mummy-to-be's join you soon xxx
  • im due June 2013 estimated due date is 19th June but i have my scan on 17th December so will find out actual due date then, June seems to be the moth for us as we first got together in june 2008 and got married June this year (2012). I LOVE JUNE image

  • Hi Mammy Moore, how did the scan go? Has your edd changed? x

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    Hi ladies, my name is Kelly and I'm pregnant with our first baby, due 24th June 2013. Had our 1st scan on 14th December which was amazing, our 20 week scan is on 4th Feb.

    Hope you are both well

  • Hi Kelly, have you been able to listen to the heartbeat yet? I had an appointment with antenatal consultant last week and they decided to have a listen, it was brilliant sounded so strong and healthy. It's all so exciting though I wish the weeks would speed up a bit as I can't wait for my next scan. Really hoping I can persuade hubby to find out the sex. Not many of us on this thread compared to some of the other months. x

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I have but only because we have a Doppler on the ward where I work so I've managed to find it a couple of times myself its fab, I recorded it in my phone so I can keep listening!

    No there aren't many of us, September must have been a quiet month!

    Hubby doesn't want to find out the sex at all and to be honest I'm quite happy not to as I think it will give me more motivation to push the baby out haha!

    I really want to start buying some baby bits now!

  • Avo81Avo81 Posts: 55
    Hi everyone!

    I'm due 6.6.13, all ok so far, just can't wait til 20 week scan on 14th jan image we're not finding out what we're having, want a big surprise on the big day image hopefully will keep me pushing when I'm knackered! Heard heartbeat at 16 week checkup, was amazing, just waiting to feel baby moving around now- I thought I've felt a few things in last few days but nothing that I could say 100%, so waiting for that moment where there's no doubt! Good luck everyone, stay healthy! Xx
  • i've thought I've felt things the last few days but not sure either, waiting on something a bit more definite. I've been buying loads of bits and pieces and my parents have kindly bought our travel system for us. Hoping if I find out the sex I can make the nursery a bit more personal and would like to have some gender specific clothes, everything I've bought so far it white, cream, beige or grey. It would be nice to see a bit of colour.  x

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I have just bought a gorgeous furniture set in the mothercare sale. It's called Taunton I absolutely love it and it had ??400 knocked off!!

    I've also just ordered a beautiful Moses basket from natures purest. I have been looking for a Moses basket without a hood everywhere! I am totally in love I can't wait for it to be delivered! The furniture doesn't come til 31st May so we don't have to store it all this time! Also nearly bought a silvercross pram in sale too but changed my mind as we thought it looked a bit boyish!

    Not bought any clothes yet I will do next payday image

    Hi Avo!

  • You are so organised, we haven't even thought about cot yet.  We are borrowing my aunties crib for when the wee one is in our room and have bought a new bedding set for it, just need to get a new matress, though need to wait til she drops it off so I can measure it.  We are hoping to start the baby's room soon though hubby needs to finish painting the living room before I let him start another project.  There are some really loevly bedding sets in mothercare but we're trying to decide on a theme for the baby's room. We had been thinking creams and try and bring in some beatrix potter influences but now I'm swithering as I like yellow too and mothercare have a lovely circus set with nice bright colours.  Still loads of time as hubby planning on stripping the walls, changing the woodwork and putting new doors on so it will be a while before I need to choose paint colours.  It's all so exciting and it's scary how quick time seems to be passing, it's only about 17 weeks until I'm hoping to start maternity leave. x

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    Haha! Well the only reason we've bought the cot, drawers and wardrobe now is because it was in the sale as a bundle! It's nice to get one of the expensive things out of way though! And the reason I ordered the Moses basket is because my sister in law bought hers from same company and when her cousin was pregnant not long afterwards the one she wanted had gone and I would have been gutted if that happened to me, I absolutely love it its gorgeous!

    We are going to paint the nursery a pale grey colour I think with the white furniture and then buy bedding/ curtains etc. once born. Because I know that if I decorated the nursery neutral I would want to change it as soon as baby is born! Seen lots of bedding sets I like for girls but none for boys so far!!

  • Hi, I had my scan on the 21st - docs dated me at 5th July but scan actually showed I'm a week a head and apparently due on the 28th June! We've told all the family over Christmas and are slowly getting round friends, I'm yet to tell work going to do that in the new year. We've not even thought about buying stuff and I don't think we will until the next scan which is on the 12th feb. Hubby really wants to find out and I'm happy to either way so we are going to see if its pink or blue!

    Hope everyone is well? I'm starting to get a bump well that I can see especially after I've eaten!

  • Hi everyone, sorry to crash but just wanted to say that when I was pregnant I bought the mothercare little circus bedding set from mothercare, which is lovely, but kind of regretting it now as probably won't get use from all of it. My little girl is 9 months, and initially used a Moses basket. When she moved into her cot she went straight into a sleeping bag because she's a little wriggler, especially at night, and I was worried about her getting covered under the blankets. With hindsight I would have managed fine with 3 or 4 stretchy sheets, sleeping bag and cot bumper (although didn't use that until 6 months due to risk of SIDS). I've never used the blanket and cover which came with bedding set!
  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    Hello again mrsashfield! Hope you've been well! There's only 4 days between us now. How funny we were on the waiting to try, TTC, due in July then due in June thread together ha! We must be good luck for each other!

    I have a bit of a bump too, my work uniform makes me look mahoosive!!

    I'm really looking forward to my next scan after that I'm gunna book a 4d scan for around 26 weeks. My friend had one and showed me te DVD it was amazing, saw baby open her eyes, suck her thumb, everything! Still not finding out the sex, Liam says NO!

  • That's a good point abt the bedding as I quite fancy trying sleeping bags.  That sounds fantastic with the 4D scan, would love to do that but hubby's car is playing up so spare cash currently being used for that then buying all the baby bits.  My god babies need a lot of stuff!!! Hi Mrs Ashfield, hope you are keeping well. My bump seems to be particularly prominent this week but I'm thinking Christmas has a lot to answer forimage. x

  • I think we are Kelly! image Hi Mrs Coleman, so has anyone got any plans for tonight? Ours is going to be low key, seeing friends a takeaway and then I'm going to try my hardest to stay awake! image x
  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    Nothing exciting, going to our friends, getting a takeaway and then deciding whether to stay at theirs or go down to local. I'm really not bothered where I am when I'm only drinking pop! I doubt I will have trouble staying up I have been an insomniac for over a week now, really getting to me, had constant headache for 5 days!

    Happy new year anyway ladies, roll on 2013, the year we meet our beautiful babies!

  • hi again, i had my scan on the 17th and i was 8 days further on so i'm now due on 11th June (2 days after our 1st anniersary)  we've just put a deposit down on the pram so far but my parents have bought quite alot already. our next scan is the 22nd January, hopefully i'll find out what we are having so i can prepare but hubby doesnt want to know, somehow i think he'll change his mind before june lol.


  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I absolutely cannot wait for one born every minute to start again tonight, it has been one of my favourite programmes since it started! Hubby watches it too! It's filmed quite close to me, in Leeds.

    Will you ladies be watching?

  • OOh i didnt know it started tonight, am going to try and get hubby to watch it as he's never seen it before  image I loved watching the ones they showed recently a year or 2 on.

    I told my work today... ! so thats a big relief and one less thing to worry about for now. I can take a year off, i get 6 months full pay, then 3 months statutory and 3 months with nothing. Really hoping to take the 1st 9 month off and then i should have ecrued a bit of A/L so that i can go back part time for a month or so.. really dont want to think about that all yet  image  the babies not even here!

    We didnt do much new years eve, went over to a friends and then got a take away on the way home, we were in bed asleep before 12 though,. yesterday was spent taking all the decs down and lazing about. Glad its wednesday only 2 more days left at work till the weekend  image




  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879
    Hey, I'm Rachel and I'm due with our first on the 26th June. We had our scan just before Xmas and it certainly made it more real.

    I'm not sure about watching one born tonight (my friends with children advise against it) but I've seen it before and still have a while to go before its happening to me....

    I told my work today too! Which was quite stressful as initially they said I would by be able to work due to the lifting, but I think I convinced them I know my limits and I'm pregnant not ill. We'll see how it goes with the next rotas.

    We haven't bought anything yet (im a bit paranoid as soon as I do something will go wrong), but I do have a plan of action for clearing out the spare room!

    I'm next seeing the midwife next wed, looking forward to hearing the heart beat.

  • Hay Rachel, What job do you do? As far as im aware they cant make you not work you would just have to do light duties.

    We havnt brought anything either yet, not becuase we are superstitious, weve just not really discussed it - i think we may wait till our next scan as we are finding out what we are having! well thats the plan anyway.

    I watched one born and even hubby watched the last 10 minutes... what do you girls think of 'active birthing' then? I must admit im very intrigued and will definately be reading up on it.


  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879
    Hey, I only work casual hours as a duty officer as I'm officially a student (was supposed to be qualifying in July) so I may just not be offered a lot of work now they know.

    I did watch it in the end, I liked the lighting in the room! Wasn't sure about the hanging thing, made me think of pole dancing.

    We are gonna save a bit more and buy bits from April may. (also gonna c what we can borrow from friends) we only started looking at it for cost and size purposes.

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I watched it really enjoyed it. Made me really excited to give birth, maybe I'm weird! I liked the look of that active birth too. I want a natural birth and I don't want to be laid on a bed. I want a water birth I think. I'm thinking of going to hypnobirthing classes with my pregnant friend! They are supposed to help you deal with the pain. Could be a load of rubbish but I think I will give it a go!

  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879
    Two of my friends have said about hypno birthing. They have a book and dvd for me to look at.
  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I think it's worth looking in to!

    Is anyone else suffering with headaches or have done? I've had headache every day now since Boxing Day. Some days I feel really ill, other days I can put up with it. I've taken paracetamol on bad days but it hasn't really helped. I see midwife on Tuesday I'm hoping she can shed some light! But its really beginning to get me down, I'm having trouble sleeping on a night because of the pain in head and then struggling to get off of sofa during day as I feel so rubbish!

  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879
    I had a few headaches over Xmas but they have been ok the last few days although I have been busy with work. Think mine were caused by too much lazing infront of the tv. Hope you feel better soon. X
  • Morning!

    I had headaches at the beginning but nothing since, are you drinking enough? it could be dehydration.. im sure the midwife will be able to help you with it on tuesday.

    I got my downs syndrome results back im at low risk 1:8000... anyone else had theirs?

    Kelly do you remember i said about my IVF friend who was pregnant? well she had her 6 week scan yesterday and all is good image she is exactly 8 weeks behind me. I am so pleased for her! and it will be great for us being pregnant together..

    Im 15 weeks today and definately starting to get a bump, i was in the bath last night and couldnt stop looking at my stomach.. its so strange seeing it change shape.

    Has anyone started thinking of names? we have a few we like now - Zak (not decided on spelling yet) and Logan for a boy and for a girl we like Kira and Evie.


    How do i add a ticker to my messages? Ive made one but it doesnt seem to save in my settings image 


    Edited to say.. ive done it image can you all see it? x


  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride
    I've tried drinking more and more water but it has made no difference to my head just has me peeing a million times a day. My mum said she had bad headaches in her pregnancy coused by low blood pressure. I'm gunna check it tomorrow at work if I get there. They have honestly been so bad I haven't been able to drive some days.

    Yeah I got mine last week, 1 in 100,000! Nice to have one less thing to worry about.

    That's absolutely fab news I'm so pleased, it couldn't have worked out better for you both! I know you were worried before her treatment!

    I saved my ticker in that signature box on my settings and it just worked, other than that I'm no help I'm not very technical!

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