Best strollers for air travel

Hi Ladies, 

We are planning a trip abroad but I am not sure what to do about the pushchair? Our's will probably be too big and I don't have a cover for it so don not want to risk it being damaged.  We have considered buying a second hand one that would be for travel only but have no idea which one to go for? It has to recline so my son can fall asleep, must have a hood and fold compactly for easy travel. Any ideas?  


  • We took our maclaren (can't think what model it is but it's about ??110!). This worked fine. We gate checked it and bought a koo-di sun shade that fit over all of it to keep him protected from the sun as we walked round x
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    My friend got one that she was really pleased with and I have messaged her to see what it is as we are looking at the same.
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    Have you tried looking on gumtree? Ive just done a quick search on my local gumtree bit and there seems to be a couple Britax strollers which look like they fold up well and have a hood, rain cover and carry case (try looking up the Britax Verve) - ive never used one so cant give any practical advice about it, but seems like it would suit your needs x

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    Thanks, will have a look at that model now x
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    Just googled that one and its reviews are shockingly bad so stay clear...and sorry for bad advice xx

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    I just saw the reviews about it tipping over etc! Will keep looking image x


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    I just bought a maclaren quest to use when we go abroad.

    Has good lie back, adjustable footrest, nice and light to steer

    It's not the lightest to lift when folded but this is because it has the recline and footrest which some strollers don't have.

    I got it half price in kiddicare for ??92. Don't think u can go wrong with a maclaren x
  • Not sure if this is obvious (but I certainly didn't know until I was told!) that whichever one you choose has to be a "one piece" foldable stroller, you can't just use the stroller attachment on a travel system.

    So glad someone told me this I am due to fly with a little one in April and was totally planning on turning up with my travel system :-/

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    Mamas and papas have some decent priced ones and have offers on website xx
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    Ive bought a silver cross pop in the sale at mothercare
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    This might be a dumb question but why does it have to be a 1 piece stroller? If you get a pram that can either be used as a travel system or folds down with the stroller attached wouldnt that be ok ?
  • Hi, we're taking our 5 month old on holiday in a few weeks and bought a stroller from kiddicare in the sale for ??39 (it's their own make) as also did not want to take our regular pushchair (icandy). We did not want to spend a fortune on a stroller to use on holiday once a yr & it reclines. I ordered it Monday and it arrived tues. not used it yet but put it up and seems ideal for what we need . Here's the link ...
  • We have taken our travel system before (the wheels and the car seat) but it was a long distance flight? We needed the car seat for the other end as were hiring a car.

    Mine isthe maclaren quest too couldn't think ofthe name!!!
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    A lot of airlines will not allow 2 separate pieces which is why most people use a stroller. Also u have to think would u be happy for your lovely expensive buggy to be thrown around by the luggage handlers!

    Charlotte - are you happy with your quest. I bought it on a bit of a whim. I do intend to use it alot so wanted a good one that will last me
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    Thanks for your replies, will have a look at some of those mentioned.  I definitely won't take mine because of the damage risk which is why I am opting for second hand.  May just use the liner from mine if it fits. 

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    We are currently thinking about the same as we are taking Sam on his first flight in April (when he will be 23 months).  I went and tried a few in mothercare and really liked the Maclaren Quest and the Maclaren XT but they are quite expensive (nearly half proce of our main travel system) so I am currently scouring eBay for one as that way I wont feel too bad if it gets damaged!  There are loads on there!


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    Got a mothercare catalogue in the post, the graco evo mini looks perfect, I had ordered a baby style oyster was going to use that but a friend of mine had 1 and it broke so cancelled that, will probably get the new graco once I've had a look at it.
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