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Baby's 1st Birthday

Hi Everyone,

First of all! Happy New Year! 

My sister's baby, my adorable nephew is turning 1 in a couple of weeks (he's a Valentine baby) and as my sister is really busy I offered to take care of the planning for the first birthday party. I've been browsing the net for some options for kid's birthday invitations, but I'm not sure what to do exactly :S

I don't know whether the usual teddybears and jungle animals is considered overdone. We agreed on one jungle theme that's SO cute! But I was also thinking more of the lines of aeroplans and nautical stuff. I came across some lovely options and wanted to get your input on them. 


Here are the options my sister and I have chosen.

The Fun Jungly Theme with a Monkey on a Giraffe's Back Carrying a Birthday Cake! image 

 Source: Impressive Invitations / 

I know this is a little simple,but we love the typography design and the huge photograph (it could work as a keepsake) but in light blue as they have mentioned here : 


 We'll have to edit the birthday number of course. and maybe even add a circular photoghraph of the little tyke! Source: Kids Birthday Invitations 

I showed her this pinterest board ( and she fell in love with the elephant invite but sadly it was for a baby shower and not a 1st birthday =/ and there was no mention on where to get it. 

My last option would be to DIY some birthday invitations as a last resort. 

Would really appreciate some input!

Thank you! image 



  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I would say don't overthink it. You have a month so more important you get the invites to invite the guests. The giraffe and monkey is cute and you can then see if you can get other accessories over the same theme.

    Planes and nautical can come when he is older.

    What are you doing for actual party?
  • Hi, I agree with Ceb, the first one with the Giraffe, Monkey and cake is really lovely and perfect for his first birthday. That's one thing you can cross off your list of things to organise image
  • Hey CebPickle1 and Arubababy82! We ended up going with the illustrated one. Yep, nautical and planes will be something we'll consider in the coming years! 

    We ended up using this cake as inspiration. 




    I'll post the pics soon when I get them off my sister! image He loved it, he really REALLY loved it. Was so happy to see everything come together! We made hats styled as monkey ears and a giraffes horns(?). It was awesome!


    Thank you so much for your input!

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