1st Baby - What do I need?

Hi all, I'm pretty sure this has already been asked but I can't find the thread. We are TTC at the moment and after the wedding in March we are looking to start buying some bits that we will need for when the baby comes along to spread the cost. We already have a cot and moses basket from my sister and have eyed up a second hand pushchair/pram thing and a car seat but as to what else we need I have no idea. Can anyone give me a list of items? x


  • hey, you need a new car seat just incase the other one has been dropped or banged it doesnt seem to work properly. I went silly with joshua with clothes he didnt even wear most of them.

    sleep suits


    nappies- either reusable or not- i would reccomend pampers, tesco or asda little angels

    cotton wool



    sterilers/ milton tablets

    milk express machine

    cream for cracked nipples


    new mattress for your cot and moses basket

    erm i have had a mind blank, let me think and i might remember


  • baby changing unit or a mat- i prefered a unit was easier plus could store things underneath.

    one of those musical things that reflect onto ceiling

    i bought toys and rattles but he didnt play with them for a few months

    dummies- but get a good make.

    now when i put bottles you want good ones again like dr something (sorry cant remeber what called)

    if you go to mother care/ babies r us they will help you out

    you will need plenty of non bio washing powder/liquid- theres some special ones out there

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    Thank you soo much! My mum is sorting out the cot and moses basket so they will come with new mattresses ready image The list is endless lol! I shall write all this down and start shopping in a few months! xx

  • I don't mean to put a dampener on things but I would advise waiting until you are pregnant before buying/arranging anything. If for any reason you have fertility problems or it takes a long time to conceive (I think normal can be a year - 18months for a perfectly healthy couple with no fertility issues) imagine having a room full of baby things that would be a constant reminder.

    Also god forbid anything ever happened once you were pregnant and you had a miscarriage, say before the 12 week mark, I think it would be pretty heartbreaking having a load of baby stuff in storage/in the house.

    You can obviously prepare for a baby, but I would suggest putting the money into baby savings and once you are pregnant you can have fun picking everything you need/want. If you get it all now you'll have a long 9 months without getting to plan all these little things image x
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    I would agree about waiting till your 12 week scan before buying, but maybe putting money on the side. It may take a while, and it is odd to have baby things before being pregnant. We did not even call the room we will now be using as the nursery, 'the baby room' till it was meant for the baby, as we felt it odd to presume that it would be for a baby, and even then, it took us 1 year with a misccarriage at 12 weeks, then another year and I am now 33 weeks pregnant, but here are a few things that we have got:

    car seat, moses basket and new mattress, cot bed for later with new mattress, changing mat, nappies, sudacrem, nipple cream, muslin cloth, some vests and babygrowns, baby bouncer, feeding pillow, milk expressing machine, bottles, steriliser, play mat, cot mobile, baby monitor, blankets, fitted sheets, thermometer and of course stuff if you want to decorate the nursery at some point.

    I am sure others will give more ideas,  but here's to a fast BFP after your wedding!! x

  • I think it's a great idea to spread the cost, and as th others hav said, agree at way to do this is to set up n account. Also in terms of clothes, wai a while (hard, I know!) we have been given so many newborn clothes - second hand and gifts... Our baby won even get round to wearing som I'm sure!! A great tip I read on here is that if u get baby clothes as gifts take them back nd swap them for a larger size image xxx
  • I agree - put money by and buy later - You will be able to pick up bargains in the summer sales or winter sales for the things like Sterilisers, bottles etc.

    I found it frustrating trying to buy clothes for the baby before baby arrived as we were waiting until he was born to see if he was a boy or girl - and all the neutral clothes were drab beiges.  As it was, I bought lots of 'Newborn' sized vests etc that when he was born he didnt even fit and he went straight into 0-3mnths so they were a total waste!

    The NHS has a good list of the essentials: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pages/what-you-need-for-baby.aspx#close




  • Hi, I agree with everyone else about putting the money aside for now and waiting until your first scan. I know you're excited, but think of how much more exciting it will be to shop around when you're actually pregnant and have had a scan confirming all is well.

    If I recall, there is a good list of things on the Due in July 2012 thread for your hospital bag which includes the essential bits you will need for you and baby in the early days.

    Good luck with TTC and with whatever you decide to do x
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    Hi all, I understand that it can take a while to get pregnant which is why we were looking at buying say one thing a month. I defintely don't need clothes as both my sisters have children and have boxed up a whole load of hand me downs already. The problem we have is my OH is in the RAF and we are due a posting abroad in July/August time, I wanted to buy the larger stuff before we went from somewhere I know if that makes sense?! I also didn't want a language barrier between us preventing me from understanding them aswell. Thank you for all the advice you have given me though image

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    Put enough money for a particular item away each month and if you then get details of where your husband is going you can always then go and buy if neceasary.
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    There was a cost thread last week that should help you busget
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    Id also say put the money aside each month rather than buying now (especially things like moses basket / pram etc as you may change your mind on what you want by the time your pregnant).

    Also, could you order the items you want online and either get them shipped out to you, or sent to your siblings for you to then take back when you visit?


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    I think we might put the money aside then and buy all the big things just before we move. Moses basket and cot I have got from my sister so they are sorted. It would cost us a fortune to pay for things to be delivered to us abroad so I'd rather have the RAF pay for it all to be moved with the rest of our stuff...saves us some money! xx

  • Megs, I agree with the other ladies about putting money past.  With my first pregnancy we lost our baby at 16 weeks, and had already bought a couple of pieces of clothing, a bed in a bag set for the cot and the car seat had just been delivered, so I know from experience how horrendous and heartbreaking it is to sit and look at them afterwards.

    We are now pregnant again with our little boy, who we've nicknamed Flump, and have held off a lot longer this time.  I think it's fantastic you want to be so organised and are thinking about everything you need as it does cost a lot of money, but budget a set amount per item, and save it until its your time, then you can really go wild with the shopping - its the best feeling ever!!

    Good luck with you ttc.

    Sarah x

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    I started the thread about how much a baby costs etc:


    and LadyHeather started this one:


    I'm guessing you were referring to one of these, I found both really helpful, hope you do too image


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