Morning ladies, I know there has been a thread on this before, but can't find it so asking again. We're looking to get a highchair pretty soon as Isaac is now 17weeks. Would like one that folds flat, reclines, has different height settings, isn't a nightmare to keep clean, has a removable tray and a tray insert. Would also like the seat to be big enough to last him until he's about 2 or so. He's a big baby, at 17 week he's already wearing some 6-9 month clothes and weighs over 18 lbs! So a small seat will be no good. Am I looking for the impossible? Any recommendations ladies? Thanks everyone x


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    I know I won't need one for ages but I'm looking at getting a Graco Duo Diner. Gotta spread the cost of these things!

    You can fold it, has trays, recliner positions, footrest height adjustable, 4 different chair heights and seat comes off to attach to a regular chair.


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    Oooh that looks like the sort of thing I'm looking for. Do you think it looks too girly for a boy? Found other colours on babies r us but they're more expensive and the one you found is a really good price.
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    No I think its fine for a boy. What looks like pink on the pic is I think actually more red in real life. The price is brill, think I'm going to buy one before the price goes up again!

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    Showed hubby when he got home. Narrowed it down to the graco one and the cosatto noodle. Went for the graco one in the end. All ordered and should be here next week. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    We have the chicco polly, 2 in one, cost ??80 it does everything u asked for above. We had a nasty accident one evening, and everything git washed, all the straps came off and went in the washing machine. William is nearly 9 months old, 19,7 lbs yesterday and i have a towel between the two cushions, which helps him sit a bit more upright, so there is definitely not a problem sizewise for your little man.

    i got myself in a right pickle chiising a highchair, but am very pleased with what we have!
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    Oh you'll have to let me know if it's as good as it looks when it arrives. Seriously considering ordering it as well.
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    Just had an email saying it should be here tomorrow, so I'll try it out and let you know.
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    Hi we have the graco duo diner in green/white and its fab u won't regret it! We wanted neutral colours incase we had a boy next and we did lol my little girl was in it till 18 months but then prefered to sit in a booster at the table but she had plenty of room left in it if she did stick with it! The legs fold up small but the seat doesn't so its not the most compact but if u have the space its great! Very easy to clean and was nice having the adjustable height so u could sit or stand to feed them. Im looking forward to getting it out the loft for kian!
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    Thanks waited, really excited to start using it. How silly is that, It's only a highchair!
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    Our highchair arrived yesterday afternoon despite the snow and we've been using it already. Love it! Isaac seems really comfy in it and even fell asleep in it after his baby rice last night! Really easy to adjust and use, the wheels make it easy to move about too. Only down sides are that It's quite big and bulky and the head rest seems lowish so not sure how long he'll be able to sleep in it after tea. Also the pink is pink, but still ok for a boy I think. But overall It's great, exactly what I was looking for.
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