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Hi Girls,

I used this site to help me plan my wedding and remembered there was a baby section, i'm just after some advice.

Me and my hubby got married last year and we knew we wanted to have a baby as soon as possible so i came off the pill back in May last year as i know it can take a while to get out of your system. Unfortunately during the past 8 months we havent had any luck.

I went to the doctors about a stomach pain which i get mid cycle, he didnt think to much of it and said its common in a few woman but i am still ovulating. However its really starting to make me stressed out (which i know doesnt help) Can anyone offer any advice on anything particalur you were doing if you were struggling to conceive?

I'm 25 lead an active life - starting to eat more healthy and loosing a bit of weight to try and help.

Thanks image xx


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi hon, I can't offer any advice about the pain although I know some people get a pain when they ovulate, so maybe it's that?

    Just wanted to reassure you really. It took me and hubby 8 months to conceive and we have no fertility problems. In healthy couples it can take anywhere from one month to 18 maybe even 24, so although I know its disheartening, do try and stay positive and it will happen for you.

    Are you tracking your ovulation? There's lot's of ladies on the Team TTC thread that are in the same boat as you that can offer help and support. Perhaps join there if you haven't already?

    I tracked my ovulation with sticks and we also used Conceive plus lubricant. However, on the month we conceived, I did none of that, I just relaxed, got a little drunk (it was valentines day) and I think being totally chilled out about it probably did help us.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi,

    I don't really have any help to offer only apart from to work out your ovulation dates, also use the ovulation kits and hump like hell! lol

    But i'm sure your already doing that! I also came off the pill last August and we haven't managed to concieve yet. I know stressing doesn't help but its another emotion that's hard to avoid!

    Good Luck!


  • Thanks girls, i'll try that TTC thread.

    Yeah the doctor said it was because of ovulating but theres nothing i can do other than taking pain killers which is what ive been doing.

    I've downloaded an app which you put in your period dates and it works out when my fertiledays are as well as when im ovulating. But it doesnt get any easier as the months go by without any luck and stressing is definately unavoidable but i just try to keep calm and think of happier thoughts.


  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    Come join the TTC thread - part 10 image xx

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    At least if you get the pain, you know that you're definitely ovulating and you know exactly when, too! That's gotta be some positive to draw from the situation!

    If nothing's happened after 12 months go back to your GP. Sure it won't come to that though!


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    it took us 15 months and I was 36 when I fell pregnant!!

  • Megs, i've joined the group image

    Picklepick, yes it definately is good that i am ovulating and know when, its just strange because sometimes its only slight pain which is fine and others its really bad have i have to curl up in a ball for ages (which means i dont feel like DTD) image

    Mrsleggo, wow 15 months? did you get annoyed etc or were you able to stay calm about it? After 8 months i'm starting to get stressed already hehe.


  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    I was watching a fertility programme (not actually ttc myself but had a little girl in May ) & the consultant said that humans should try & mate like animals so quickly, standing up & in a stressful situation e.g. at the in laws between courses at dinner! I love this advice, think its hilarious.

    Like the others say, relax (easier said than done I know ) as it can take a while. I do think that it helps the guy if you focus on making the sex sexy & not baby making but that's just cos that seemed to work for us.

    Best of luck xx
  • haha that does sound quite funny. How strange? Yeah thats what i've started doing with hubby as he did start feeling that it was just about baby making and i think he felt really pressured.

    I've also made him quit drinking as much as he did tend to binge drink on the weekends and i know drinking can effect his sperm count. Fingers crossed it works as then i can say i told you so hehe image xx

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