Group 1 car seat advice!

Hi lovely helpful ladies image Just looking at group 1 car seats and have narrowed it down to britax trifix and maxi cosi pearl... Wondered if anyone has these or has heard good/bad things about them? Personally I prefer the pearl but don't know if I'm basing that on looks when obviously safety is way more important - I'm worried that the pearl is a bit 'open' around the sides? Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks in advance xxx


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    Hi do you have the base for the Pearl or will you get this? It is what we are going for. Did the research back when bought our cabriofix and got the Which report which rated Pearl highly so bought the familyfix base to then do both seats. Just bought a babyweavers sp from Kiddicare as a back up for hubbies van and that deems good.
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    No don't have base but don't mind buying so that isn't a factor. Both are similar price when you add base but cost isn't an issue - just want my baby as safe as can be! That's good to know about which as they were advertised on the britax trifix which made me think ooh that must be good. I like the open harness etc on pearl and think the shallow sides will make it easier to get her in and out as only got a little fiesta. Do you know if it sits nice and high on the base? Would be nice if she can see out of window when bigger! Xxx
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    Pretty sure it does. I have gone back in last few weeks and re looked at it I was jist stuck by which colour, lol.But hubby said had to still have red as baby seat and ptam were. I have got a Yaris and base fits well in that. Only other thing to decide on is how they fit in the car.

    Though Caitlin is such a tiddler onenext week and still in the cabriofix. Technically stillgot 4killos to go but think she will get too long first
  • Georgie we've decided on the pearl too. We've already got the base but to be honest I think we would've chosen the pearl anyway. My issue is Chloe is 9 months, hates her rear facing seat as she's SO alert but she only weighs 16 1/2 lb so don't know what to do image

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    She needs to be 20lb or 9kg for forward facing not just 9 months but how much weight per month does she gain?
  • A lb every six weeks seems to be the average bless her! X
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    We are only now 20lb today and Caitlin is 1 next week!!

  • Oh gosh they sound similar then. I guess she'll have to stay in her cabriofix for now image
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