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Hi mummys Wills in his last level and creeping up to the recommend weight limit in his jumperoo so having a think bout what next? I dont think he will be crawling anytime soon but rolls and sits really well and is veru strong with his legs. Are there any things you can recommend? I cant make up my mind about sit in walkers in the sense of how long would he be in it for. There are the 3 in 1 walkers which convert to bouncer and stand behind walker. Any suggestions would be great.


  • How about a door bouncer and a sit in walker. Chloe was in her jumperoo, then door bouncer, and now whizzes around the kitchen like a lunatic in her walker. She LOVES it just as much as she did her jumperoo. The door bouncers are really cheap too so not a bad idea to have both as I'm sure he'd love themimage

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    What is the jumperoo weight limit? We didnt have a sit in walker but my friend jusy gave us hers but for me it was a nightmare for me as put Caitlin at handle height to open all the doors and we hadn't got cupboard locks so be prepared for baby proofing

    i suppose for us it hasnt been the issue as Caitlin still well in the jumperoo.
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    Ive never had a jumperoo, but do have a door bouncer and sit in walker which is also a bouncer.We've got one of the push along walkers ready for when the time comes even though its a long way off lol

    - but i ditto what claire said, Zak has worked out how to pull things off of the side and loves to grab hold of the house phone and tries to eat it lol x

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    We have the jumperoo and luckily for us is still on the lowest setting so hopefully has life left in it. I do however have a sit in walker that was handed down from my nephews - sat Esmé in this last week and she absolutely loved it - her feet couldn't touch the floor so back to cushion underneath but better posture for her than the jumperoo and she was really happy in it so if you can get one cheap then I think you should be good with it. 

    Having said this my little lady still doesn't roll over!!!! She can sit really well but rolling just seems beyond her. I'm not complaining though - definite advantages to the non-moving baby!!!!


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    Ours is a graco one a bit like this (but mine is about 5 years old!!) 


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    I think you can get a door bouncer for about ??5 on Ebay. We have one & I've used it from 3 months but she loves it! She loves standing and this allows her to do it without holding hands. Very hard to escape from.

    We haven't got room for jumperoo or walker (aside from maybe a push asking if she likes them at toddler group).
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    Hummm mind swaying towards 3 in 1 walker again although i know im guna have my work cut out with him grabbing stuff! Its great when you can hand stuff down etc but ill look second hand me thinks.

    I thought the door bouncers might be lower weight limit?? Jumperoo springs have bren tested to safely hold 25lb but its more his feet as they are meant to be tippy toes.

    At least i still have baby einstein tv when i need to do thingsimage
  • I think Chloe got a bit bored Of the jumperoo and bouncer too as they are stationary. To be fair she's only in the walker in the kitchen as its tiled, so when I'm washing up etc she just goes in that and whizzes around. She loves it and I think the freedom to actually move around has massively boosted her confidence. Her face is scooting over to the washing machine when it's on. She just sits and stares!!

    Good luck xx
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    Whooo just won him his first convertible!! 3 in 1 car walker, bouncer and push along. cant wait to see his little face

    Guna loan the jumperoo out to my friend xxx
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    Sounds great. we got 3 push alongs for Christmas
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