Breast feeding and working full time

Hello ladies, my baby is 20 weeks old and I am feeding her by a mixture of breastfeeding and expressing into bottles. Unfortunately I start back to work in full time in April, just as Amelia-Rose turns 7 months. I plan to express bottles for her to be fed while I'm in work and am currently in discussions with my work re returning. There will be a lockable room and a little fridge provided for me to express and store it, but my work say they are under no legal obligation to provide me with time to express, so I'll have to use my lunch break. I trust that this position is correct, I work at a big solicitors firm who will know the legal position, but I am concerned that expressing once during the day will not be enough to provide her with bottles for the daytime (for the following day), keep my supply up and also stop my boobies getting engorged/painful/leaking, all of which I want to avoid! Has anyone who wanted to continue breastfeeding gone back to work and managed to overcome this or does anyone have any suggestions? I'd hate to have to give up breastfeeding/switch to formula just because I can't afford to stay home from work :'(


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    Hope someone can help, but had to comment as cant believe how mean your company is! Do they monitor your loo breaks aswell. You could tell them it could affect your health if you dont do it regularly?? Mistitus - sorry if spelt it wrong can put you in hospital if its really bad cant it. Surely they would prefer you to take time to express than risk you being off sick,

    I cant believe how badly some companies treat ppl - women in particular and get away with it! Are you in a union? or maybe you could look/talk to health and safety ppl xxx
  • Unfortunately I think they are right.  Everything I've read says they have to provide the facilities and risk assess - but nothing about the time.  However they should allow you flexible working to continue to breastfeed.  So that might mean altering your hours slightly to allow a morning and afternoon break.  

    Good luck and good for you for trying so hard to keep giving your baby breast milk!  But if you can't, you could still feed her morning and night and give her formula during the day. It sucks that they are being such dicks about it though!! image 

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    Hi pretty sure if your baby is under a year there is a legal obligation to give you timr to express and you need a risk assessment. I have some fact sheets from la leche league but not to hand.

    I have just gone back to work and am still breast feeding my lo who is 1 at the weekend. Due to being so close to 1 I have changed her mid morning feed to cows milk and have jigged other feeds about so I feed in the morning when I get in from work and bed time. There is nowhere to express at my work and this has worked for us so far and my boobs have adjusted after a few days.
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    Just looked an employer has to provide a nursing mother with rest breaks and there are health benefits to expressing
  • Have a look at breastfeeding network returning to work policy
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    Hey hun, I'm not sure on the expressing bit or on the rules... But Chloe is 7.5 months and still exclusively bf, so just thought I'd share her feeding pattern with you! She has milk on the occasions that she gets up early (6:30am feed this morn and fast asleep again now) but if she wakes up at 8ish we just go straight down for brekkie. Very occasionally if crabby she has milk at around 3:30. She has dinner at 5, then bath, milk at 6:00 before bed, then wakes up late evening around 11pm for more milk, and has just started sleeping through til morning - was having another feed at 3:30ish.

    So roughly she has milk 3 times a day, all 'out of hours'. My boobs have adjusted really well (although yesterday I had a very full left boobie!) and I never leak or feel sore, but she still has plenty of milk when she needs it. I know all babies are different and feed at different times etc, but there is definately a huge decrease in the number of feeds at 7m and 5m (this was when we started weaning which makes a big difference). Just don't want you to worry as going back must be stressful enough as it is! It might be that you don't need to express at all and can just feed her early morning and throughout the evening image

    Oh, one more thing... Is there anyone who could bring Amelia-Rose to you at work? I worked with a vet who still had feeding breaks where her over 2 year old daughter was brought to her. Also spoke to someone in tesco who had a young baby that was brought to her to bf? Xxx
  • i thort it was legal that they give you time to express and they have to provide you with somewhere to store your milk aswel. ask your health visitor or midwife.

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    You are lucky down to 3 times Georgi we were down to 4 and were looking to drop to 3 when Caitlin got poorly and would only have breast milk no food. Two lots of sickness in December and we are still on 5 feeds a day now. So things can change
  • Hi, thank you all for replying. Much appreciated. Ceb, I thought at first there must be a law allowing time to express, but I have looked around online and i can't find anything about being allocated time to express. You've given me hope though, Georgi, that the amount she is drinking will decrease when we start her on solids (at the beginning of Feb, 2 months before I start back) so I might be OK with breastfeeding her in the morning and evening then express a bottle at lunch time so my husband can give it to her in the afternoon as there is no chance my husband could bring her to me for a feed as I work in a different town and we only have 1 car X
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    I've just watched a breastfeeding video and it said that work places are obliged to provide you with a private room with a lock and a sink to express in and also a fridge, apparently there are leaflets you can get which explain this, the girl in the video said that she used the leaflets when she started the conversation with her employer because it explains what they have to provide.

  • Thanks Marbs, luckily my work is providing a lockable room and a fridge for storage, which I think is required of them. However it appears that allowing breaks for expressing is not obligatory, so they are not willing to. Hopefully it'll work out just expressing at lunch time. It's not for a few months yet (April), but I'll post an update on how it's all working out X
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    Tash, I know it's a pain in the bum, but would your employer allow you to take extra breaks if you made the time back at the end/start of your shift?

    Or could you ask for a couple of unpaid breaks?

    At least this way you would be providing them the opportunity to help you be flexible with expressing xx
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    Or divide your lunch break if you get a decent 1 like if you get an hour take it in 2 half hours. My work wouldnt suit me expressing in that way as I was working 10 hours with 1 half hour lunch break. But ive only just started maternity leave and im not planning on going back to the same ours x
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    Just doing it at lunch time should be fine.  You then have a choice if you feed lo as soon as you get home too or express again.  It will give your boobs chance to settle into it. I think if you expressed more frequently you would build up to keep needing to that often.  How many feeds do you do now and when?

    You could do early morning feed, express lunch time/ lunch feed next day, end of work feed and bedtime feed.  Then in the night if you need to. Don't forget by 7 months she will be on some solids too

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